Best Kitchen Cleaning Magic Sponges

The best kitchen cleaning magic sponges cleaning principle is the principle of friction and adsorption. The magic sponge is not like ordinary sponges, especially the kind of cleaning block with PU on one side and Pasteur cloth on the other side that many of you are using now, relying on the fiber filament friction. Rinse off the floating dirt with clean water after cleaning. The magic sponge, on the other hand, effectively combines the two functions. It is a three-dimensional mesh and porous structure, the particles are hard in addition to the pores up to more than ninety percent. When wiping the item first rubs off the dirt while adsorbing it into the pores, so the surface of the item is immediately clean. The wide range of uses is also liked by everyone, and the effect of use can only be fully understood after use.

melamine sponge pad
melamine sponge pad

Best Kitchen Cleaning Magic Sponges For Faucet

A faucet in our home away after some time is like being covered with a layer of cloth, not shiny. There is always a limescale attached to the faucet to clean it up. Every time you clean it with a rag, you feel cleaned up, but the scale is still there. Because the faucet can’t see the depth of the scale when it’s wet. In addition to sponge cleaning tools, there are many cleaning supplies, but are they as effective as the best kitchen cleaning magic sponges? For example, household steel wool, although the use of cleaning power is very strong, will damage the surface of the object. For stainless steel and copper faucets, using wire balls to remove limescale will only scratch the surface layer. If you use a rag to clean it, its effect is not much, which is equal to a waste of effort.

Then a product that is both practical and powerful in cleaning is worthy of your attention. Please try the best kitchen cleaning magic sponges. When it comes to nano sponges, you must have heard of it. It is famous for its efficient cleaning. The reason why magic sponge works so well is that internal porous can absorb almost every stain. Magic sponge wipe is a good and labor-saving cleaning tool. It can especially show its powerful cleaning ability when dealing with stains that some rags are not good or can’t handle. Because it only needs water to remove stubborn stains, the thing being cleaned to achieve the effect of removing the old like new. When wiping the faucet, the sponge not only removes surface stains but also polishes its surface. Save a lot of cleaning steps and cleaning agents.

Best Kitchen Cleaning Magic Sponges
Magic Sponges For Faucet

Best Kitchen Cleaning Magic Sponges For Sink

Are you still worried about the dirty and do not know how to clean the sink? Both porcelain and stainless steel sinks tend to accumulate limescale. Yellowing and moldy sinks are major problems in the home cleaning process. Next, I would like to recommend a cleaning single. I hope it will be helpful to you. After reading you will be stupid to try it.

Wanting to thoroughly clean the home sink is not difficult, a packet of sponge blocks can help you get rid of it. Topeco Clean sponge is cheap and cost-effective, available in supermarkets and online. The point is that his cleaning ability is surprising. So how exactly does it work? Let’s take a look.

Take a bought sponge, wet it with water, and the sponge will absorb water. Use your hands to wring out the excess water, do not rub it with your hands. Just leave 30-40% of the water in the sponge. When wetting is the need for water. Then use a dampened sponge to wipe the stain from the surface of the sink.No need for any cleaning agents or any sanding tools. You will find that a few gentle wipes will slowly remove the stain from the sink. Rub a few more times in hard-to-clean places, old stains, and rust stains can also be wiped off. If the sponge gets dirty in the middle of wiping, just rinse it off with water. Then continue wiping again. The effect after rubbing is immediate.

Best Kitchen Cleaning Magic Sponges For Sink
melamine foam clean sink

Best Kitchen Cleaning Magic Sponges For Ceramic Tiles

The walls in the kitchen often have a lot of spoiling stuck to them. For example, frying is sprayed with oil stains, washing dishes spilled dirty water and chopped meat spilled meat froth. If you clean for a long time, the spoils have aged hard to completely wipe clean. Yellowing oil stains on the walls are unsightly and breed bacteria. Using a rag with cleaner can also be wiped, but it is a waste of time and more tiring. The sponge will easily break down the stain on the wall when it is wet. The structure of the sponge when wetted is like abrasive paper, but with a soft appearance. The effect also does not scratch the surface of the sink.

But, since this magic sponge wipe is a consumable product, it will wear and peel off when used. So you need to control the moisture properly, too dry is more likely to lead to peeling consumption. Cleaning so well is the reason why the magic sponge is so popular in the market.

magic melamine sponge carborundum kitchen sponge
magic eraser melamine sponge oem foam

Best Kitchen Cleaning Magic Sponges For Hearth

The hearth in the kitchen is also a major cleaning challenge. Using disposable paper towels is more wasteful and wipes are harder to clean. Only the best kitchen cleaning magic sponges are best for this. Why? The sponge is cheap and a small piece does not take up much space. Internal material–melamine foam has got international quality recognition like SGS, MSDS, and CRS. It is eco-friendly and safe. There are many opportunities to use melamine foam sponge blocks in the home, and kitchen cleaning is the sponge’s strong suit. The magic eraser cleaning block relies on the nano-level capillary open pore structure within the sponge to automatically absorb stains on the surface of objects during the wiping process. And it also has a 99.9% natural antibacterial effect.

melamine sponge manufactur
nano cleaning household sponge eraser For Hearth

It Is Safe To Use, Feel Free To Use

Many articles online are reporting that the intrinsic ingredients of nanosponges are toxic, but they are not. Many experiments will put the sponge in a small container for testing if said sponge contains formaldehyde. And the reliability of such experiments is questionable. The melamine foam itself is not toxic, has good physical stability, and is insoluble in water, but not toxic does not mean that you can eat it. As long as in the normal range of daily use and are not harmful to our health. After a series of experiments said that the nano sponge does not exceed the formaldehyde standard. Various parameters are in line with environmental standards, all said to be safe to use.

melamine sponge customized for kitchen
it is safe to use at home


The melamine sponge can be used in many spaces in life. For example, ceramic dishes, tea sets, and bathtubs. Glass products such as windows, doors, decorative glass, vases, lamps, and stains. The sponge can handle it all. The sponge can clean almost any stain, so it is called a magic sponge wipe by everyone. From household items to outdoor items cleaning, sponges are everywhere. If you are still hesitating to buy a best kitchen cleaning magic sponge, I hope this article will help you make a choice.

melamine sponge nano eraser
multifunctional melamine foam sponge eraser