Magic Block Sponge

Magic block sponge refers to the rectangular eraser cleaner. It wears the look coming into our sight. Topeco Clean magic block sponges are multifunctional. Not only for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and living room but also it can wipe stains on car interior, shoes, garden furniture, and so on. It is a cleaning tool with the most effective cleaning ability and softest appearance.

magic block sponge
white magic sponge

New Shapes of Magic Block Sponge

As technology improved, the magic block sponge gets many new looks. Wave-shaped edge, round and rhombus embossment surface, compound magic sponge with scouring pad or PU. The magic sponge blocks have pure white, pink, and light gray. But the scouring pad and PU sponge can be produced in any color you want. These new designs make magic rectangle sponge more beautiful and hold more conveniently and lift cleaning capability. Meanwhile, one compound magic block sponge includes two functions, which make the cleaning job more effective.

extra thick magic block sponge
Topeco Clean’s magic eraser sponge round embossments

What Is Extra Durable Magic Block Sponge?

May you will curious why it is more durable? It looks no distinction from others. Although the appearance looks similar, the more durable magic block sponge feels more elastic. What’s more, the truth is the higher density of melamine foam. The ordinary magic original sponge only has 8kg/m3. However, the more durable block has 16kg/m3. The cleaning ability and toughness are double twice as the original magic block sponge. That is the reason why high density magic sponge consumes slowly and show more durable characteristic.

Topeco Clean high density magic block sponge
Topeco Clean’s 24kg/m3 magic sponge with high density

Large Magic Block Sponge

In the market, many manufacturers can provide sizes with 100x60x20 and 100x70x30mm. These sizes can’t be enough to satisfy the changing demands of customers. Magic block sponge is a consumable. A small block is unable to finish the cleaning job once sometimes. Compared to the extra-large magic sponge blocks, small blocks have higher costs too. To reduce the cost of customers and get a better user experience, Topeco Clean launched larger sizes, 120x70x25, 110x70x40mm, and even 2800x1200x250mm. Topeco Clean can produce any size that you need.

large rectangle magic sponge
180*90*20mm large magic sponge

Tip of Using Large Magic Block Sponge

For a large magic block, you can buy and cut it by yourself according to different cleaning work. It is a way to save money and eliminate waste.
Please use a scissor to cut it to obtain smooth edges. Otherwise, an irregular edge will reduce the useful lifespan.
Put rest magic block sponge at a dry place after cutting.
Keep it fay away from kids and pets.

cut magic block sponge
cut magic melamine sponge by yourself

Main Uses of Magic Block Sponge

Magic block sponge is suitable for almost all of the housework, applying to various surfaces cleaning. From chopping board to countertop of the kitchen, from the dining table to sink, from wall to floor, magic sponge blocks can scour surface stains without any pressure. Besides, all kinds of furniture home appliances are also easily accomplished, from stove to microwave oven, from the refrigerator to washing machine, from sofa to closet, and even decorative ornaments. Also, some small tools can use microfiber magic sponge to clean dirt and rust, like knives and forks, scissors, and shovel. In addition to the above usage, I will introduce some particular application methods.

melamine cleaner magic block sponge
polishing stainless steel by magic nano sponge

Magic Block Sponge For Cleaning Kid’s Products

As new parents, you will understand that it is painful to deal with the baby’s high chair and even potty chair. The stains will stick on these plastic chairs and hide into grooves of the surface. Just water is hard to rinse down them. If you use detergent to brush, the covers will become rough to hurt the baby’s skin. You also need to wash the detergent residual thoroughly on the high chair- baby’s the dinner table. Magic block sponge can lift away tiny stains just with water easily. The soft material is gentle for surfaces.

magic sponge with white block
magic white sponge cleaning bayby seat

A Good Helper For Painting

Many friends and also I had a dream to be an artist when we were kids. After growing up, you may still keep it as a hobby. Sometimes, the paint will be wiped to the wrong position unexpectedly or flow down suddenly. Prepare one magic rectangle sponge in advance to deal with this emergency. Magic block sponge can remove paint on canvas and color palette, not leaving streaks. It is like a miraculous big eraser to help you finish a masterpiece.

mirco nano magic block sponge
wiping painting by magic original sponge

Removing Nail Polish

What is the favorite thing girls prefer? Varnish nails together!But the nail polish will escape from the border of fingernails. Cut one small piece of magic block sponge and put it beside. When nail polish comes out, you know, rub it down. Or you don’t like the color and style, rub whole non-dry or dry nail polish off directly, varnish favorite nails polish again.

high density magic block sponge
removing nail polish by high density magic sponge

The Advantages of Topeco CLean’s Magic Spongge Compared To Rags

Rags are the most commonly used cleaning tool. But facing grease and sauce and little sticky stains, rags are hard to be cleaned even though adding detergent sometimes. Wet rags can’t be dried quickly, especially in winter. Stains can exist in rags for a long time, which causes rag liable to mildew to endanger family health. However, the magic cleaning block sponge merely works with water. After using, sour it under running water, the inside grime will come out with it. Then shaking extra water off is okay.

Topeco Clean's magic block sponge
the stains in topeco clean’s magic sponge coming out directly under water

Magic Block Sponge Quiz

Now there are so many manufacturers produce magic sponges. But some quality is disappointed. The ungraded sponge is excessively soft and worn-out easily. Open the outer package, there will be a thick chemical smell. Authentic magic block sponges have a certain elasticity. The higher density is, the greater the elasticity will be. It will not tear without reason unless you want to do it intentionally. Besides, the crumb is also very tiny when using. Through more than one hundred tests of tearing and cleaning, Topeco Clean observes the technical process and guarantees good quality to all magic sponge on sale.

premium magic nano sponges
premium magic sponge of topeco clean not tearing by wringing it

Quote of Magic Block Sponge

In addition to quality, price is the most serious consideration for the buyer. Our company is one magic sponge supplier for many online shops on Amazon and eBay. Besides, for wholesale or OEM, pls contact and provide us with the size, color, and packing requirement in advance. Don’t miss a chance to get an incredible discount. We should not persistently pursue low in price, but also can’t give up an excellent opportunity to save money. If some information makes you confused, you can find us now.

magic cleaning nanosponge supplier
effective customer service