Scouring Pad Magic Sponge

The Implication Of the Scouring Pad Magic Sponge

The scouring pad magic sponge is that one side is the nano sponge and the other side is the scouring pad. Both of these materials have good cleaning properties. Its main material is the magic melamine sponge. And it has taken into account the fine characteristics of the scouring pad. The combined advantages of the two make it more competitive for some cleaning work. That has led to good market demand for the products.

scouring pad magic sponge
colorful scouring pad melamine sponge

The Material Of the Scouring Pad

The material of the scouring pad is Polyester. Polyester is also called polyamide which is a kind of synthetic fiber. The most outstanding advantage is that the wear resistance is higher than all other fibers. Its wear resistance is 10 times higher than the cotton and 20 times higher than the wool. The wear resistance can be greatly improved by adding some polyamide fiber into the blended fabric. When stretched to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%. It can withstand tens of thousands of flexures without breaking. So, the use of polyester as a raw material for the scouring pad magic sponge also has a lot of good performance.

The Model Of the Scouring Pad Magic Sponge

The common sizes of scouring pad magic sponge on the market are mostly 1062 cm, 1073 cm, or large magic sponge. However, we accept customized size requirements. And the thickness of our products is changeable.No matter from the products’ volume or thickness, we believe our scouring pad magic sponges can meet your requirements. At the same time, the side of the scouring pad can be printed on “logo”, such as your company’s name.

scouring pad magic sponge
magic sponge scouring pad sponge with different sizes

The Performance Of the Scouring Pad Magic Sponge

This product mainly focuses on double-sided double effect and effective decontamination. Due to the rough of the scourer, the scouring pad magic sponges have more friction. This fine characteristic lets this kind of magic sponges can be easily competent for cleaning work. The use of scouring pad melamine sponge is mostly used in a kitchen. Because they are great for cleaning up oil objects.Such as washing dishes or cleaning the kitchen stove. Of course, you can also easily remove the incrusted from the teapot or remove rust from metal surfaces with the side of the scouring pad.

Effective Stubborn Stains Cleaning

For some of the dirt that sticks to the surface of the objects, the scouring pad also has a good use effect. Easily understand, for those that are easy to clean, you should better use the side of magic sponge cleaner. For those that are difficult to scrub, you should better use the side of the scouring pad. I believe that the scouring pad magic eraser will help you clean your home more efficiently.

scourer melamine sponges
magic melamine sponge with scouring pad

The Excellence Of the Scouring Pad Magic Sponge

First of all is durability, because the product has one side of the scouring pad, so the who compound sponge has a longer service life. With the help of the scourer, the magic sponge is not easy to fall apart. The second is better degreasing. The advantage of the scouring pad is not stained with oil and the material is soft after water. After using detergent, the effect will be greatly improved, and clean the oil in the kitchen as soon as you wipe it.

More Safe Cleaning Product

The scourer magic sponge is more healthy. It is easier to wash at the same time, this will greatly reduce the pollution of oil on the products and effectively reduce the breeding of the bacteria. The second point is that the products are not easy to damage the surface coating of objects. The scouring pad wondersponge can easily wipe off stubborn dirt and not easy to damage the surface of the pan.

The Shape Of the Scouring Pad With Magic Sponges

There are two popular shapes of the scouring pad melamine sponge on the market. One is the square shape and the other is the “wave” shape. The square shape can divide into right angles and rounded corners. In general, these two kinds of products can satisfy most of the customers’ needs. But taking into account the requirements of some customers, we can also customize the scouring pad melamine sponge. But customization services generally need to consider your order quantities. At the same time, we can provide a printing service on the scouring pad. For example, the logo of the customer’s company.

magic eraser with scouring pad
magic sponge scouring pad with different shapes

The Color Of the Scouring Pad Magic Sponge

Like other compound the magic sponges, the scouring pad magic sponge have a series of colors. As the main component of the product, the magic sponge only has three color choices which are white, pink, and grey. But the colors of the scouring pad can be more. Like orange, yellow, green, etc. Different color combinations correspond to different people’s preferences. I believe that there are so many colors of products and must have one can get you, love.

The Packing Of the Scouring Pad Magic Sponge

In general, we offer sealed transport in plastic OPP bags. Because it is the lightest and cheapest. But also we try our best to do the packaging according to customer needs, such as boxes or paper bags.

melamine sponge scouring pad
melamine sponge scouring pad with customized package