White Magic Sponge Eraser

A white magic sponge eraser is a powerful household cleaning product in life that we can use to handle almost every mess around the home. Have you heard or used it before? This white sponge block with many usages is used by the people, becoming hotter online or offline. It can fix defects in the home cleaning back you a house like new!

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Can You Use White Magic Sponge Erasers In Your Pool?

I believe that everyone is no stranger to white magic sponge eraser. The use of the sponge we all know more or less. So have you tried to clean the pool with a sponge? Let’s get to the bottom of it. White magic sponge eraser, as a popular cleaning item now, enjoys a reputation of being praised by people. The sponge is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Strong water absorption is why be applied in cleaning pools selected by so many people. The internal open pore structure of the white magic sponge eraser can clean up stains easily.

So how to use the white magic sponge eraser to clean the pool? The cleaning steps are just like cleaning the bathtub at home. You can use a big sponge block clean the surface of the bathtub. If you are tired of bending down to clean with a big sponge, DIY your cleaning tools using a white magic sponge eraser is a good way to save your time and energy. For example, you can use a mopping bar and tie a large sponge to it. This use feels like mopping the floor with a mop. But the cleaning effectiveness is much better than ordinary cleaning tools. Of course, getting a new cleaning nano sponge mop from topeco clean also brings you a surprise using experiences.

After draining the water in the pool did you feel that the floor tiles in the pool were sticky? It is because of the scale. At the time, a soft white magic sponge eraser can help you well. It is of physical decontamination, cleaning just with water, with no need for any detergent or chemical cleaners.

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White Magic Sponge Erasers-Make It Easy To Clean Glass

How are you going to clean the glass in your home for a long time without cleaning it? Have you ever considered using a white magic sponge eraser to clean the glass? If you have used it how do you think it works? Many people worry that the sponge will scratch the glass, but it is not. Although the melamine sponge is said to be an effective abrasive and the raw material is dense amine resin with hardness, it is soft to a certain extent. The 99% open pore structure of the nano cleaning sponge fills its interior with small interconnected holes, which determines its soft qualities. Therefore, we use household cleaning sponge cleaning does not scratch the glass.

When you clean, soft and good quality will pay the whole price. The clean step is so easy in that it is not needed detergent to clean. You just need to hold one sponge block wet with water to scrub located stains on the glass. Do not need too hard, more than a few times the effect is obvious. Wipe the finished sponge just need to rinse with water and then dry it can be used again. And, after wiping with a wet sponge, if there are residual beads of water on the glass that can be gently wiped with a dry sponge, the whole glass is clean and bright without fingermark.

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Can You Use White Magic Sponge Eraser For Car?

When it comes to nanosponges, I’m sure you’re no stranger to them. Because it can help us clean shoes, furniture dirt is very popular, and some people even put it on the car cleaning above. So a nanosponge can wipe the car shell? Will the white magic sponge eraser the car will not hurt the car paint? Although the nanosponge can wipe the shell of the car, it is generally not recommended to do so. The main reason is that wiping the car shell with a white magic sponge eraser can damage the paint. The strong physical decontamination power of the white magic sponge eraser may damage the paint layer in contact with the paint. This is not because the magic sponge contains something corrosive, but because of its natural characteristics. So it is best not to use the white magic sponge eraser to rub the surface of the car.

But it is appropriate to use the white magic sponge eraser to wipe the interior of the car. Mr. Topeco sponge for car interior cleaning products does not contain any chemical ingredients. When cleaning, only water is needed to clean all kinds of dirt in car interiors. It saves a lot of cleaning tools. Due to the special decontamination mechanism of the nano magic sponge, it has magical decontamination power for many stains that cannot be wiped off by traditional cleaning sponges, especially on uneven surfaces. It can penetrate deep into the fine crevices of the leather and remove the dirt easily with just water and without detergent, which is safe and healthy.

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White Magic Sponge Eraser For Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

Flowers look good but preserving them fresh is not easy. How do you keep your flowers fresh at home? Do you fill a vase with water and put the flowers in it? This is a common way that people use to keep flowers fresh. But it is easy to see that this way can only keep the flowers fresh for two days. Then, using a white magic sponge eraser to keep flowers fresh is a great option. Sponges have strong water absorption. The water stored is enough to keep the flowers fresh for two weeks. So how exactly does it work? Let me tell you about it.

Get three sponges and use a knife to drill some small holes in the sponges. The diameter of the holes is approximately the same as the size of the flower stems. Then put the sponges in the vase, pour in the water that has flooded the surface of the sponges, and wait until the sponges have fully absorbed the water. Then insert the flowers into the sponge. The water absorbed in the sponge can provide sufficient nutrients to the flowers. This method not only helps to keep the flowers fresh but also saves time in caring for them. Moreover, after the used sponge is taken out and washed with water it can also be used to wipe vases and homes. This is the reason why the multi-purpose sponge has been so hot. It should be able to wipe almost all items.

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Where To Buy The White Magic Sponge Eraser

Today white magic sponge eraser are becoming more and more popular and are a household name. There are also many brands of magic household melamine sponges on the market. Topeco clean, one of the popular import and export companies in china, enters the household cleaning products market have been over 10 years. We provide OEM service here according to personalized requirements. We are pleased to help customers to make their orders. If you prefer which type of product, please feel free to contact us! Topeco Clean is a manufacturer with professional production and marketing of magic sponges and other cleaning tools, exporting to many countries such as the USA, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Of the high quality and enthusiastic service, we received many highly favorable reviews from our clients.

The cleaning products here are many and varied including magic eraser sponge, nanosponge, melamine sponge, compressed magic sponge, magic sponge wall cleaner, a magic sponge brush, compound magic sponge, and magic sponge sheets, etc. If you have any questions, contact us feel free.

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