Magic Sponge Singapore

The Introduction of Our Customer from Singapore  Today, I want to share a case of magic sponge Singapore and analyze the quality customer, Thomas, coming from Singapore we received.  We initially met on the E-Bay platform in October last year. During the conversation, I learned that this customer needed a batch of nano sponges. Then I popularize our product … Read more

Magic Sponge To Australia

As a manufacturer with top brand strength, the clients of Topeco Clean come from many countries. Many clients already purchased our customized magic sponge repeatedly. They have strict requirements for product quality and service. And that is what we have right now. Today, we want to share a case about the magic sponge of one Australia client. The Introduction For the … Read more

Magic Cleaning Sponge To UK

Magic Cleaning Sponge – UK Clients Every year, Topeco Clean exports customized magic cleaning sponge to the UK almost four times. After several business collaborations, we become friends with strangers. Once one customer told us that he really appreciate us. I asked for the reason. He said, ‘ of course, products are great, and you … Read more