Nano Magic Sponge Eraser

Topeco Clean nano magic sponge eraser has become a necessity in our daily cleaning life. The multi-functional usage, cheaper price, and convenient storage, which characteristics attract many users a lot.

What Is In The Nano Magic Sponge Eraser?

What does the nano magic sponge made of? This question may puzzle you long. It is easy to find out the internal raw material of the magic sponge online. The nano magic sponge eraser is made of 100% melamine foam. In the beginning, this material did not appear first in the field of cleaning. Environmentally friendly melamine foam at first applied in the industry field. In the field of chemical research, it is used for flame retardant and thermal insulation items. In the physical field, it is used for sound insulation. Melamine foam is the active ingredient in many abrasive cleaning sponges. It can also be used as the main sound and thermal insulation material for bullet trains due to its high sound absorption, excellent thermal insulation properties, and lightweight.

Afterward, according to scientists’ findings and its excellent usage effect, cleaning functions have been discovered by people. They said the melamine foam is the best cleaning material. Because of the inner porous structure, the nano magic sponge eraser can strongly absorb stains on any gloss surface.

nano magic sponge eraser
high-density magic sponge

How Long Do Reusable Nano Magic Sponge Eraser Sponges Last?

The using effects of a nano magic sponge eraser are just like a pencil eraser. Its service life depends on how many times you use it. Because it is an expendable cleaning product, the nano magic sponge erasers will be used less and less. The rougher the wiping surface is, the greater the wear and tear, the greater the consumption, and the shorter the service life. It is recommended that you cut it into small pieces when you use it, so it will last longer. In addition, quality is also very important, good quality and poor quality will be a big difference. You can choose a high-density magic sponge, the service life of it will be much longer. Generally speaking, the nano magic sponge erasers can be reused 3-5 times for cleaning smooth surfaces.

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cleaning compressed magic melamine sponge

When Should You Throw Out Your Nano Magic Sponge Eraser?

Compared with cleaning cloth, the nano magic sponge eraser is not very durable. Not because the magic sponge is not good at cleaning, but the functions in it. The cloth lasts longer than the sponge, but the cleaning function is not as strong as the sponge. The replacement rate of sponges is higher than that of rags, and it can be said that sponges have the highest replacement rate among cleaning tools. Because the sponge inherent an open pore rate of 99%, when absorbing stains on the surfaces, the magic sponge block will wear away gradually. This is a normal phenomenon. The cleaning principle is the same as pencil erasers. At the same time, this avoids the growth of bacteria.

If the nano magic sponge eraser is covered with paint or heavy oil stains that won’t come off, you can consider throwing it away. If the surface of the magic sponge is covered with mold, you also have to throw away the sponge for safety.

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Best Nano Magic Sponge Eraser For Shoes

A Nano magic sponge eraser may be the best way to whiten your sneakers. No need for any detergent or cleaning cleaners, a piece of magic sponge can return you to a new shoe. Cutting the magic sponge into smaller blocks to reduce loss. By physical decontamination, the sponge for cleaning shoes can effectively remove dirt and mud from the surface of shoes. It is suitable for the rubber of soles and uppers and even many fabric surfaces. The sponge works like sandpaper to make your shoes look brand new. It is also because of the powerful cleaning power, so when cleaning first try a small area in a small area to see if there is color loss.

shoe cleaner magic sponge eraser
best cleaning sponge for cleaning shoes

Magic Cleaning Tool-Nano Magic Sponge Eraser

It is so difficult to find magic cleaning products with multifunctional usages that can do an amazing cleaning job just with water. Topeco Clean magic cleaning sponge is just that. A piece of nano magic sponge eraser to get the whole house cleaning, multi-purpose is its biggest attraction. What’s more, it commonly used for many years in a wide range of household cleaning products and is considered non-toxic. The nano magic sponge eraser has many advantages unmatched by sponges and other common fiber materials. Many cleaning products in topeco clean have got international quality recognition. We have our own authoritative SGS group.

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Do Nano Magic Sponge Eraser Have Chemicals?

No. The material of the nano magic sponge eraser is melamine foam. It is non-toxic and non-harmful. If you are still worried about the safety of a magic foam sponge, here are a few facts to help out you at ease.

The magic sponge is non-toxic. Many people believe that the magic sponge is toxic due to excessive formaldehyde. But after a series of experiments show that there is no formaldehyde exceeded the standard, it has good physical stability itself, insoluble in water. All parameters are in line with the standard, you can rest assured that the use. One of the characteristics of formaldehyde is extremely soluble in water, usually wash dishes with nano magic sponge erasers are first soaked in water before use, and the pore structure of up to 95% or more, is easy to absorb water. So even if the nano magic sponge eraser inside some formaldehyde, is dissolved in water after the residue is very little. And formaldehyde use is not in a confined space, and so on does not enrich how much, it has dissipated.

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Nano Magic Sponge Erasers-Scale Removal Helper

Nano magic sponge eraser is a well-deserved cleaning product against limescale. I used to struggle with the limescale on my faucets at home and the sponge saved my house.

The high-quality sponge is not fragile, wipe on the faucet with limescale a few more times, and both mold and limescale can be easily fixed. Especially the gap between the wall and the faucet, The sharp corner of the sponge can remove any dirt and scale easily for you. In addition, you can DIY the shape of the magic sponge as you want. Cutting it into smaller pieces or block is no problem.

sacle removal magic cleaning sponge
sacle removal magic cleaning sponge

Why The Nano Magic Sponge Eraser Is So Crisp?

The nano sponge itself is relatively brittle. Similar to the eraser, the more you use to find the smaller. So many people say that the nano sponge is not durable, slag, or fragile, these are normal phenomena. It is not the quality of the problem, you need to pay attention to the technique and pinch strength can be. Poor quality sponge because of the addition of stone powder, can largely reduce the cost. Adulterated screens and poor-quality sponge tension are small and very easy to tear, easy to damage, and deform.

Choosing a high quality and high density is more important. I believe Topeco Clean is a sponge manufacturer that can be trusted. We provided OEM service and product inspection service. To view more please click here to find out how magical the sponge is.

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What Can Nano Magic Sponge Erasers Do For You?

The nano magic sponge eraser can be used everywhere.

Cleaning umbrellas. Water stains mixed with airborne dust can leave marks on the umbrella. Use the sponge lightly wipe the stains located, the magic cleaning effect will show you soon.

Clean floor. When there are dripping oil stains or ketchup on the floor, it is more difficult to clean with a mop. Try a sponge, a small piece that is highly absorbent and easy to clean.

all purpose magic sponge
all-purpose magic sponge

Which Size Is Suitable For Daily Using

The size 10x6x2, and 11x7x4 may be the best sizes for daily use. While density is also important. 8kgm3 or 16kgm3 will suit cleaning best. It is possible to choose the above size and density for daily consumption. The premise is to find a good manufacturer. There are many stores selling sponges on the market, and the quality of products varies. The above information about the nano magic sponge erasers hope can help you to make a decision. If any problem, please feel free to contact us! We will be glad to serve you.

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