What Can A Magic Nano Cleaning Sponge Do?

Magic nano cleaning sponge is versatile, that can remove almost all stains in daily life. Cut the magic nano cleaning sponge into different sizes according to the various stains, and the effect will be better. The following is a brief introduction to several familiar fields:

Wooden Office Desks and Chairs

Most offices use wooden office desks and chairs. The texture of these wooden tables and chairs often hides a lot of dirt that is difficult to remove with cleaning towels. Magic nano cleaning sponge can tick away the stains inside.

Car Interior

Car interior has a lot of uneven surfaces, usually when cleaning to consume a lot of water and detergent, but also after cleaning for a long time to dry, especially troublesome. Magic sponge car interior can remove stains with a dab of water, and it can also be used to clean stains on leather car seats.

magic nano cleaning sponge
magic sponge car interior

Clean of Magic Nano Cleaning Sponge

Due to the long-term accumulation of rust stains and water stains on faucets and cabinets in a humid environment, completely removing some of the long-term stubborn scales is unable to do. Even using a variety of cleaners. We can use a magic nano cleaning sponge to wipe, just water, no chemical detergent, easy and fast. Magic sponge cleaner is also ideal for cleaning kitchen utensils, which can be cleaned perfectly.

clean of magic nano cleaning sponge
white magic cleaning sponge bathroom

Magic Nano Cleaning Sponge Floor Cleaner

When decorating modern houses, composite wood floor or solid wood floor will be chosen. There are some silk-like lines on these floors surfaces, good-looking and non-slip. But doing thorough cleaning is more troublesome. The normal sponge mop can’t clean them well and remove the stains in the texture. These dirty very likes to hide in grooves. If you often love to cook in the home, the grease of the kitchen drops or splashes on the floor frequently. Treading on floors and trudging through the shoe, the ground is covered with a black besmirch After a long time of accumulation. Even though you mop the ground with strong strength, it will not become clean. And with magic sponge cleaner, you only need a small amount of water to clean the floor.

magic melamine sponge mop
magic melamine cleaning sponge mop

Sink in bathroom, glass, mirrors, floor tiles, wall tiles, stainless steel pendants, ceramic products, and so on, you can also use Topeco™ magic sponge to erase all kinds of stains.

All kinds of graffiti on the walls, floors, and elevators of office buildings, the magic nano cleaning sponge can wipe them with water alone.

Magic Sponge For White Shoes

In summer, white shoes are loved. But they can easily get smudged, dirty, and old. And they are hard to be cleaned. Using magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner, you can remove stains as easily as wearing new shoes.

white magic shoe eraser cleaning
white magic cleaning sponge white shoes

Topeco Clean magic nano sponge has many applications. Only you can imagine, there’s nothing it can’t clean. Buy magic sponge, choose Topeco clean. A professional melamine sponge manufacturer.

bathroom magic eraser clean sponges
multi functional magic cleaning sponges Topeco