Magic Eraser Material

Since the magic eraser material has been on the market, it has been the focus of public attention, so today we will take you to find out what it is.

What Are Magic Eraser Material?

Before guessing the function of the sponge, we first need to know the production materials of the magic wipe and its cleaning principle and function. Magic eraser, also known as nano sponge, as long as it is made of melamine foam. The principle of pure physical decontamination, relying on the sponge within the nano-capillary open pore structure, in the wiping process automatically adsorbs stains on the surface of the object. The process is like numerous super micro vacuum cleaners at work. The magic is that only water is needed and it helps degrade without relying on any chemical detergent at all. Thus wiping away any stains. In simple terms, Magic Wipe is the use of the attractive effect of liquid surfaces on solid surfaces, i.e. capillary action to achieve physical stain removal. In addition, except for the cleaning power, the price of the sponge is also very cheap.

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All About Magic Eraser Material

Understand magic eraser material that will first look at the history of melamine foam. Melamine and formaldehyde are polymerized to produce melamine-formaldehyde resin. After adding inorganic fillers, this material can be made into molded products, including tableware, household goods, flooring, etc… These plastics have many advantages, such as not being easy to catch fire, water resistance, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance. They also have excellent insulating properties and mechanical strength and have a wide range of applications in the construction and manufacturing industries. Before it was used in cleaning products, it was used as a chemical raw material. It is a white monoclinic crystal, almost odorless and harmless to the body when used scientifically.

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What Can Magic Eraser Material Do For Us?

Remove lint from your pants. If you forget to bring hand towels and you have to deal with lint on your pants. You can try a magic sponge. Just dip the sponge wipe it in water and rub it lightly.

Storing sewing needles. Cut the sponge into small pieces and stick sewing needles on it. Simple and useful.

Act as a simple soap box. The size of the sponge is very close to the soap. The soapy sponge can be reused. It is very suitable for cleaning the sink.

Make ice packs: sponge absorbs water and put it in the freezer, wraps it in a towel, and uses it to cool down with a hot compress.

Cleaning vegetables. Easily remove the small thorns from the surface of cucumbers. Remove stains from the surface of apples and peaches.

Clean window balcony crevices. Cut a few slashes vertically, sprinkle a little baking soda with white vinegar, and scrub.

Floor anti-scratch. Cut into small pieces and stick them on the legs of chairs. That is practical and cheap. Can also reduce the damage to the chair. Can also play the effect of sound insulation.

Long time playing computer games, one-handed often hold the mouse of the old Internet users, in the palm diagonally below the bone will be worn out a blackened mark. This is because we hold the mouse when the wrist is not dependent, so prepare a magic sponge pad next to the mouse, and then put the wrist on the sponge will feel much better.

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Why is Magic Eraser Material So Popular?

Who doesn’t want to create a clean home for the least amount of money? The reason why the magic sponge block is so popular is that it is cheap and particularly effective. The magic cleaning sponge is very good for wiping shoes, washing cups, brushing dishes, etc. The thick dirt on the object with the general sanitary ware is difficult to wipe clean, with the magic cleaning sponge gently wipe a wipe, for minutes to completely remove stubborn stains. And the whole cleaning process is very efficient and hygienic, we need to prepare only a few pieces of magic cleaning sponge and a little water. Topeco clean magic eraser will help you a lot.

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Does Magic Eraser Material Take Off Paint?

The answer is: YES. While the microfiber magic sponge is handy for removing dirt and grime from your car’s cup holders and dashboard, don’t use it to polish the exterior of your car. The sponge is as hard as abrasive paper when activated by water. Don’t be fooled by the sponge’s appearance. The abrasive nature of an eraser can damage your car’s paint. But a light rubbing is achievable to remove dirt from the surface of your car.

Although magic eraser material does not suit the car’s paint, cleaning the car interior works. A must-have tool for every home, the best magic eraser sponge is remarkable for its versatile use. Whether it’s a small scratch or seemingly invincible dirt and grime, these remarkable white squares will have your home clean in no time.

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Magic Eraser Material Got International Recognition

Melamine foam is a new type of low-density, flame-retardant, sound-absorbing chemical material. It has a wide range of applications in civil, industrial, construction, transportation, and other fields. Especially in flame retardant, high-temperature resistance, in the absorption of low-frequency noise required for the use of environmental conditions. It has become an irreplaceable material in the domestic new material industry and has an important development prospect in the 21st century. Topeco clean melamine, which is widely used, is tasteless, non-toxic, and harmless, and is a new type of environmentally friendly and clean product in the 21st century. The material has passed the international SGS environmental protection certification and is harmless to the environment and the human body.

Can You Use Magic Erasers Material On Fabric?

Yes, you can. For stains on toys and sofas, magic sponge erasers can be very effective in removing them. It is much easier to remove stains quickly by rubbing a wet magic eraser on the stained fabric. Sponges are an expendable product and will be slowly consumed while cleaning. This is normal. Choosing a Topeco Clean high-density magic sponge will last longer.

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What Should You Not Use Magic Erasers Material On?

Although sponges are suitable for most surfaces, some special delicate countertops should not be wiped with a sponge if possible.

Magic erasers are abrasive, so try to avoid using them on delicate countertops such as marble and granite. Not only can the unique opening feature inside damage the sealant, but the eraser may make the countertop look dull. All of these cleaning products can do more harm than good.

If you rub stainless steel too hard with a magic eraser, it will make it look duller. Although the surface is shiny after rubbing, you will find that the surface of stainless steel will dull as time slowly passes. If your stainless steel appliances have scratches, try sanding them off.

The magic sponge melamine feels like a soft sponge, but its properties are not like those of a regular sponge. Using a sponge on non-stick pans and pans can cause surface scratches on the pan. When a non-stick pan is scratched, some of the coatings can get into your food.