Magic Eraser Ingredient

The topic of magic eraser ingredient arise a lot of hot-spots issues among people. In recent years, there are many cleaning tools on the market, the magic eraser is one of them. For the debate about it, let’s all talk about it today.

Is Magic Eraser Ingredient Safe?

The answer is YES. Generally speaking, the regular manufacturers of business production and sales, which the formaldehyde content qualified magic eraser sponge as cleaning supplies are non-toxic. And it has passed the international SGS, MSDS, and CRS, and environmental certification and quality recognition are generally used to wipe household items are guaranteed.

However, there are many people who believe that the magic sponge ingredient contains formaldehyde, and they claim that formaldehyde is harmful to the human body. In fact, this is not the case. Referring to the “Health Standards for Formaldehyde in Residential Air”, the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde in residential air is 0.08 mg/m3. But someone just put the sponge in a large beaker to measure the formaldehyde content, and the measured results show that the amount of formaldehyde in the sponge exceeds the standard.

This result has been questioned by many professionals. They said, according to that measurement, all the materials of household furniture put into the large beaker are estimated to exceed the standard. Putting the magic sponge in a large environmental space in our lives to measure is the right thing to do. Rather than putting a bought sponge in a small airtight box to measure the formaldehyde concentration.

magic eraser ingredient
the magic sponge is safe to use

Magic Eraser Ingredient-Melamine Foam

The magic eraser ingredient is melamine foam, while ordinary dishwashing sponges are mainly made of polyurethane. The magic eraser sponge is made of nanotechnology foamed melamine, so the surface of the magic eraser looks so fine and soft that it is difficult to see the opening structure. This is also a visual difference from ordinary sponges. A good material directly determines the quality of the magic sponge eraser. The high-quality sponge has a better anti-shock effect. A fine feel, good resilience, durability, and non-deformation. This material gives you clues to identify the authenticity of the sponge.

melamine household cleaning sponge
melamine foam

Magic Eraser Ingredient-Internal Structure

The magic eraser ingredient is eco-friendly and has excellent cleaning power. Internal open pore and open cell structure are the mystery behind that. Super tiny microfiber makes the magic eraser can absorb most stains on the surface. Its interior is a three-dimensional mesh pore with a high opening rate. So it can have good water and oil absorbing properties when cleaning. It can absorb dirt quickly and remove dirt without detergent. What’s more, the magic eraser ingredient has high noise absorption and high sound absorption coefficient, which is suitable for sound absorption treatment in large places (cinemas, concert halls, etc.).

Magic eraser ingredient and construction is the key to the cleaning action. The actual application is made of rather hard polymers which form a slim three-dimensional mesh. Some research results show that the cut-off surface of melamine foam is composed of fine protruding structures, and these structures are quite hard. By wiping the surface of the object with a sponge, the small protruding structures are actually polished. This effect is like fine sandpaper.

cleaning wipe with open pore structure
white melamine sponge eraser

Best Magic Eraser Ingredient For Cups

The white sponge block is actually a good helper to wipe the cup, and the sponge is a non-toxic and safe cleaning tool as mentioned above. The formaldehyde in it is soluble in water, and can’t wait to enrich how much it disappears. Trace amounts of formaldehyde on cleaning sponges and dishes can evaporate into the air when washing them. Rinse the cleaned dishes with water to flush out the formaldehyde that stays on the cups. So there is no need to worry about cancer when using this cleaning sponge to wash cups.

So how do we clean the cup with a sponge? First, roll the two pieces of sponge wipe in the front of the two branches of the clip, and secure them with rubber bands. Then, you can use a clip one inside and one outside the wall of the cup, so that the cup inside and outside can be cleaned at the same time. If you think this is still a hassle, then the Topeco Clean magic brush may be simple to use.This brush works without a hand-made procedure and is simple and easy to use.

cleaning cups
cutting into small blocks to clean up cups

Extra Power Magic Eraser Ingredients For Fruit

The magic cleaning products from Topeco Clean are easy to use and strong in stain removal, making them a great cleaning sponge product. Sponges categories also appeal to worldwide customers’ like.No wonder so many people appreciate its features. The new eco-friendly cleaning product uses physical principles to remove stains. The magic eraser sponge, which wipes away stains without detergent is the reason many people like it. It has an outstanding cleaning effect on objects with a lubricated surface, such as apples, pears, peaches, and plums can be cleaned with the melamine cleaning sponge wipe!

The magic sponge wipe can wash raw fruits, but some friends may see some negative claims that the sponge is toxic, harmful to the body, contains over-expended substances, and fear eating into the stomach. In fact, we do not need to worry too much, because the nano sponge wipe as a new type of environmentally friendly cleaning product, is not toxic and harmless and can be used with confidence. Although its raw material contains chemical components, it is quite a stable substance after foaming and post-processing, just like the baby’s use of the amine tableware. When we put it into the water to rinse, some free substances are also quickly washed away by the water. So feel free to use it.

magic eraser wipe fruit
high quality magic melamine sponge

Magic Eraser Ingredients With Non-Woven Fiber

Magic eraser with non-woven fiber is a compound new magic cleaning sponge, which enters the cleaning market and appeals to many people’s attention. It is made of two kinds of materials, one is non-woven fiber, and the other is a melamine sponge. the size and shape here may attract you most. Magic rubber sponges are commonly available in non-woven sizes, so they are mostly available on the market as 1062 cm or 1073 cm. We also accept custom-size requests.

You should have seen two different shapes of sponges on the internet, square and special types. The special design meets the needs of most customers. In order to force to further satisfy more customers, we keep innovating. It is the customization service that has become Mr. Topeco’s signature. However, customization service usually needs to consider the quantity of your order. At the same time, we can provide printing services for non-woven fabrics. For example, the logo of the customer’s company.

melamie sponge with non-woven fiber
higher density melamine sponge

What Can Magic Eraser Ingredient Do For You?

Today, I would like to talk to you about what are the best uses of cleaning sponge wipes.

1.Brushing grid-like product
Use a knife to cut out a small grid on the sponge, and then use it to clean grid-like products like grills very easily.

2.Act as a soapbox
Draw the size of the soap with a paintbrush, cut it with a knife, and then cut out the hole for the soap with scissors. When washing hands directly pinch the sponge can be out of the bubble method. Used-up small soap can also be cut in the cleaning sponge with a small opening, the soap into it is very simple and useful.

3.Remove nail polish
Take a small cleaning sponge, rolled up in a container, pour nail polish remover, and then put your fingers into it, soak the river for a while to remove the nail polish.

4.Wash clothes
Take a container and put water, fabric softener, and laundry detergent, and then put a few pieces of cleaning sponge. After covering the container lid, shake a few times to let the sponge fully absorb the laundry detergent, and fabric softener can be used to take out a piece into the washing machine and clothes together can be washed, and can also be reused.

melamine sponge blocks
cleaning supplies melamine sponge

Does Magic Eraser Ingredient Bleach Clothes?

Absolutely it is not. Although the color of the magic eraser usually shows white, gray, and pink, the Magic eraser ingredient does not have bleach inside. In fact, the internal material contains no chemicals at all and is a purely physical stain removal mechanism. They are even less likely to whiten or bleach cleaned clothes or other surfaces because they do not contain bleach. The cleaning principle is like an abrasive, which can remove stubborn stains and dirt quickly and effectively. Without causing damage to clothing or surfaces. You only need a little water to activate the eraser cleaning wipe. Only when the sponge is wet, the melamine inside will be activated and easy to clean. So there is no need to worry about this situation.

cleaning melamine sponge foam
magic eraser ingredient