Magic White Sponge

Do you know magic white sponge? Do you want to shine your house without all of the elbow greases? Have you felt tired of cleaning up all messes after a tiring working day? Is there a wide range of cleaning products occupying the entire storage cabinet? If these three problems you have been hit, then the next passage about magic white sponge you should read carefully.

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Is Nano Magic White Sponge Toxic?

Are you still searching for such phrases on Google? Then let’s find out today. Some substandard nano sponge wipes will exceed the formaldehyde standard, it is recommended to buy large brands of professional manufacturers of products, magic white sponge is not toxic. In online sales of hot “magic wipes”, the main material is melamine foam, also known as melamine formaldehyde resin foam. The reason why it has a superb cleaning and decontamination ability is because of the porous three-dimensional mesh structure of the mimosa resin. The “bubble holes” are open pore structures, in the wiping process automatically adsorbs the stains on the surface of the object.

Topeco clean magic white sponge can be used to wipe household items, washing dishes is certainly no problem, not only will not harm the human body but very convenient. Compared to the usual many families are to take a piece of dishcloth I do not know how long to wash not clean, plus a bottle of detergent, a pot of water, and began to scrub, this is the traditional way of cleaning.

Big data shows that about 30% of people who have used detergent have experienced skin damage and dry and rough palms. And, trace amounts of detergent residue will certainly enter the body with the diet, and the accumulation over the years can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, which many people attribute to eating unclean food, but did not think it was the detergent to blame.

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Magic White Sponge With Physical Decontamination

Do you know the magic white sponge clean just using water? You have not come to the wrong place, water is the magic behind the sponge. When doing the cleaning work, the internal open pore structure absorbs stains and can handle the cleaning problem. Dry sponge combined with water powers the effectiveness of the white magic sponge. Strong absorption makes the sponge clean and achieves twice the cleaning power. Soft and comfortable to touch.

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Fantastic Use Of White Magic Sponge — Washing Cloth

The magic white sponge can be cut at will, and you can cut it into the shape you want for cleaning. For example, cut it into small cubes the size of a Rubik’s cube for cleaning clothes. First, fill a basin with water and place the sponge in the basin after cutting into squares. Next, put the laundry detergent and softener in the water and stir. Finally, put the sponge, which has absorbed the detergent and water, in the washing machine with the clothes. This not only saves laundry detergent but also allows the sponge to be reused.

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Magic White Sponge-Best Value For Money

The usage of the magic white sponge is variable in life, from the outdoor to the inside of our home, almost every place can be used. With only a few dollars, a nanosponge can create more value. It is no problem with stubborn stains around the house. After wetting, it forms a nano-capillary structure with strong adsorption power, which can effectively adsorb aged dirt. Melamine sponge with PU, melamine sponge with non-woven fibers, melamine sponge with scouring pad are your choice.

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Use Dry Magic White Sponge In Right Way

When you hold a piece of magic white sponge, are there many ways in your mind? When I first saw it, its beautiful look surprise me a lot. Looking like Crystal clear makes me view it as a treasure. We always are told to use the dampened sponge, but ignore the usage when it is dry. Small white magic sponge with a big use.

Use to collect pins. If you have no place to put the needles at home, you can find a magic white sponge. In dry conditions, the magic white sponge is very tight and very suitable for storing needles. A small piece does not take up space and is also good for storage.

Absorb excess moisture. After wiping a dining table or wooden furniture with a wet rag, the small droplets of water left behind can dampen the wooden furniture. This is where the nanosponge comes in handy. Using a dry sponge will not leave any traces of water droplets, and at the same time, it will polish the furniture.

Act as a soap box. Draw the shape of the soap with a pen, cut it with a knife and then cut it out with scissors. When you wash your hands, squeeze the sponge directly to get the lather. The used sponge has absorbed a lot of foam and is suitable for cleaning the countertop.

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Exact Working Method Of Magic White Sponge

Topeco Clean magic white sponge has a very good natural antibacterial effect, there is no chemical detergent or other substances inside. There is no harm to the skin. Removal of stubborn stains only requires the use of water, very good for environmental protection. Its advantages are very obvious, and its use is quite extensive. This article describes in detail what is the specific operation of the magic sponge. The following is the specific content.

  • First fully moisten the magic white sponge with water, and then gently squeeze the magic sponge will be too much water is squeezed dry, do not twist; keep it wet on the line.
  • Gently wipe the surface of the stain parts in the same direction, for stubborn dirt, can be appropriate to increase the wiping strength.
  • After wiping and floating, that is, not absorbed by the dirt must use a rag or paper towels to wipe clean.
  • Put the magic sponge into the water inside the rinse or soak, do not need to wring the operation, the dirt can dissolve out by itself, and can be applied frequently.
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Magic White Sponges-Best Cleaning Way To Clean Leather Seats

Also, a lot of people are confused about nano sponges, in the end, can not wipe the leather sofa, and the answer is yes. Only be careful when wiping. Magic white sponge can wipe the leather off color, but that is the result of wrong use. Here are two ways to use it for your reference.

First, wet the sponge, and squeeze out the excess water, without other cleaning agents. Gently wipe directly on the dirty part a few times.

Second, prepare a spray bottle filled with water, and a dry sponge. When wiping the sofa first spray wet, and then wipe with a dry sponge.

Note that in the process of wiping do not use a vigorous, gently wipe can. Some people worry that the sponge will dilute the sofa leather, in fact, do not worry. We usually use rags and other cleaners will also cause a certain degree of damage to the sofa. And even if we usually sit back and forth will also wipe off the surface of the sofa luster. Because each item has its service life, as long as the surface is not scratched do not worry.

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Precautions For Using Magic White Sponges

First of all, this magic white sponge, placed in the room, will volatilize formaldehyde. In this regard, NLQA staff Sun Lili suggested that “formaldehyde has the property of being extremely soluble in water. The public’s new purchase back to the cleaning sponge should be cleaned several times first, and placed in the ventilation for some time before use.”

After using such a magic white sponge to wash dishes, how to avoid formaldehyde-containing water residue on the tableware? Sun Lili said, “After using the cleaning sponge to wash pots and bowls, you should use water to rinse the pots and bowls again, followed by water stains in the pots and bowls control dry.”

Finally, the National Federation of quality control experimenters said, if the magic white sponge is not comfortable, you can use the most traditional old loofah core dishwashing, loofah core physical structure is similar to the sponge, the cleaning effect is also good, and because it is a pure plant, non-toxic and harmless.

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