Magic Sponge Cleaner

Magic sponge cleaner can help family members in solving cleaning problems in the most effortless way. There are so many things you can clean with a magic sponge. Besides, it can help you release from the heavy and boring work. So it is considered a miracle product in the field of cleaning.

white magic sponge cleaner
magic sponge cleaners

Melamine Cleaner Magic Sponge Eraser

Magic sponge cleaner is one kind of sponge made of melamine foam. The material is used in the industry of sound absorption and heat insulation. Afterward, researchers discovered that the melamine foam has an excellent abrasive ability. After an advanced foaming process, the hardness of reticular nanofibers inside is like glass, going deep into the dirt. With the help of wiping, the dirt will be trapped into the microfiber magic sponge to deliver a cleaning effect. So we call it melamine cleaner.

magic sponge cleaner
highly effective nano sponge cleaner

White Magic Sponge Cleaner

The white magic eraser sponge not only removes stubborn marks without the need for harsh scrubbing but is also considered one of the best cleaning products on the market. Additionally, white magic cleaning sponge has competitive prices and saves lots of time for users. Furthermore, it is a multi-surface cleaner, like wiping buttons, polishing steel, removing coffee stains, and so on.

white magic sponge eraser cleaner
classic white eraser sponge cleaner

Magic Car Sponge Cleaner

The amazing effect of cleaning the car interior attracted many boys who love the car so much. The magic sponge can remove dirtiest on plastics, rubbers, vinyl, and leathers. The magic cleaner can remove the deep stains on the car door and car seat with water alone. That means they will not get hurt by chemicals. Besides, many garages intended to make procurement of magic melamine sponge for shortening the cleaning time of their employees.

magic car sponge cleaner
magic car washing sponge

Magic Sponge Pool Cleaner

Cleaning a swimming pool is not easy to do. That is elbow grease and takes a great amount of chemical chlorine. But the post of a lady named Lisa on Facebook shows an easy way to cleaning the pool, tossing a magic sponge into the skimmer basket. After one night, the magic sponge takes away the slime in the pool. This is a new usage of magic sponge cleaners, a cheap and accessible tool. You can try it.

magic sponge pool cleaner
magic sponge pool scrubber

Magic Sponge Leather Cleaner

Typically magic sponge cleaning pad is incomparable in cleaning leather. Like the leather seats, for a while, they will tarnish fast. We have to clean them frequently. Just wiping it with a microfibers towel and detergent can’t deliver a good job. May some people worry about the chemical harm their leather. So a useful and safe helper is crucial for that. Not only can magic sponge leather cleaning take lift away the deep stains but not hurt the surfaces.

magic sponge leather cleaner
magic sponge leather cleaning

Magic Sponge Wall Cleaner

The magic sponge does a good job as a wall cleaner, removing scuff marks, fingerprints, crayons, and even sign pen marks. Magic sponge is a kind of mildly abrasive sponge. It can conquer the stubborn stains on walls without taking the paint off. But test a small patch on dark colored walls to ensure magic sponge wall cleaner won’t lift the color.

magic eraser wall cleaners
magic sponge for mark pen on walls

Magic Sponge Stylus Cleaner

When a stylus works, it is ineluctable that the dust and wear debris adhere to it when you use it. You have to replace the stylus as time went by. Cleaning stylus is crucial for the life of itself and the good condition of records. The magic sponge is an effective, economical, and accessible cleaning item. Cut out one dry small block. Then slowly put the stylus down to reach the sponge and repeat the action until there is nothing on it.

magic nano stylus foam
magic sponge stylus remover

Magic Cleaner Magic Sponge – Good Bathtub Cleaner & Scrubber Sponge

Bath can take the pressure off of us, deeply appreciated by everyone. But there always are soap scum and dirt built upon the surface. Put one Topeco™ best magic eraser sponge at the side of the bathtub. Before showing, grab one magic sponge to wipe down the whole hot tub with water. Besides, the magic sponge cleaners also can erase stains on the shower door, tiles and grout.

white magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner
antibacterial melamine cleaner magic sponge eraser

Magic Sponge Eraser Cleaner

Magic sponges can do a cleaning job only with itself, without the emulsification of any chemicals. The excellent cleaning structures of magic sponge cleaners make them unique in the cleaning items market. However, it is a consumable item. Like a pencil eraser, it becomes smaller and smaller slowly to disappear after many times use. In order to prolong the service life of one magic eraser sponge, the researcher has a new invention to fix it, the high density magic sponge with better cost performance.

magic sponge stylus cleaner
high density magic sponges cleaner

Extending The Life Magic Eraser Sponge Cleaner Spot Cleaner

There is also another way to economize magic sponge cleaners. According to specific housework before use, cut one magic block sponge up into smaller pieces instead of the whole large piece. The small piece not only works as well as the whole block but also reduce waste and keep costs.

magic eraser cleaners youtube
Cut magic sponge at will

100pcs Cleaning Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine Cleaner Multi-Functional Foam

Magic nano cleaning sponge is a popular buy in this market now. More and more users love to get it in bulk, 2020 large retail online platforms’ data indicated, like the 100pcs packaging, 50pcs, and 20pcs. Besides, the sales of generic brands continued improvement, not just mr. clean magic eraser. So, Topeco can custom customized packages according to customers’ requirements. By comparison of prices, there is about $0.2 less/per block. By the way, Topeco™ not only can provide quality guarantee same with the brand name but the lower prices of magic sponge eraser melamine cleaners. We are willing to give more profit to clients.

magic sponge eraser melamine
wholesale magic sponge eraser melamine with best price

Multi-Function Foam Cleaner

Each family deserves a magic sponge eraser cleaning melamine in their daily life. No matter the morning coffee cup, lunch box, or dishes, the magic cleaning sponge can scrub them in the fastest way. Topeco has various styles of multi-function melamine cleaner. No matter what kinds of wonder sponge with different densities, sizes, shapes, or colors. Customized service is provided.

Magic Sponge Cleaner Cleaning On Youtube

In the video, we used the white magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner to clean soap scum on the steel shower, tiles, and grout in the bathroom. You can see the effect instantly. We can provide free samples of the magic erasers to customers. If you are interested in it, welcome to leave your message.

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magic eraser for bathroom