White Magic Cleaning Sponge

What is the trick of keeping the house clean with the white magic cleaning sponge from Topeco Clean? Make your household cleaning easy work. The white magic cleaning sponge eraser is designed perfectly for cleaning work. It cleans well on various smooth surfaces like tiles, glass, or walls. Besides, saving your money on chemical detergents, Topeco Clean white magic cleaning sponges only need water.

white magic cleaning sponge
high quality magic cleaning sponge

White Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponges

White magic eraser cleaning sponges are the original color and the most popular color among three colors, white, grey, and pink. That’s why the white magic eraser sponge is well-known in many countries, such as the US, the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan… In fact, Topeco Clean white magic cleaning sponges have different versions, original and extra durable. White magic cleaning sponges original is cheap and cost-effective.

white magic eraser cleaning sponges
original white magic cleaning sponge

High Density White Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponges

For some rough surfaces or thick dirty places, our customers always require durable eraser pad sponges. The reason is that uneven surfaces increase the wear intensity of white magic eraser cleaning sponges. So, if you plan to make a deep clean for the house, extra durable white high density magic sponge is competent totally.

multi-function sponge cleaner
2x compressed white magic eraser cleaning sponge

White Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge VS Pink Magic Nano Sponge

You can find different colors of magic cleaning sponges in our store. What are the differences between different colors? We’re going to test them to make it a crystal clear identification. The white magic cleaning sponge has both original and extra-durable versions. Pink magic nano sponge is used more frequently as extra more durable. Both white magic cleaning sponges and pink sponges function the same well in cleaning. Pink magic nano eraser sponges are more expensive because they need the extra different dyeing process. Also, white magic sponges are a more common color. If you want to build your unique brand for usage, pink or gray color will be more competent. In addition, If for brand building, we will update another exclusive method as advice.

white magic cleaning sponge for room
pink magic nano sponge

White Magic Cleaning Sponge For the Bathroom

As a new and advanced cleaner product, white magic cleaning sponge bathroom wins the market rapidly. Keep cleaning stuff an easy way with Topeco Clean magic cleaning sponge. In a word, white magic eraser sponges are competent in removing stubborn stains, soap scum, and grimes on non-porous surfaces. It means you can use it for your shower room cleaning. Bathtub cleaning will be a light work with Topeco Clean magic eraser sponge. You can add some water and get the eraser cleaning sponges wet enough. Don’t use dry it. The magic cleaning effect can only be active when sponges get wet.

white magic cleaning sponge for the bathroom
white magic eraser sponge for the bathroom

White Magic Cleaning Sponge Usage

How to widely use white magic cleaning sponge as much as possible? Magic easer sponges feel soft but with excellent power in the cleaning effect. We can use it in many places without wasting it. At first, you can cut them into small pieces as you need. Cut them into four small pieces. You can use them with four classifications. Then, prepare one for cleaning cooking bench cleaning, one for bowl cleaning, one for tile grout cleaning, and the other for shoe cleaning. Actually, some senior customers know how to make full use of their white magic cleaning sponges. It is reusable many times if you follow the proper using method. Wipe the smooth surface gently.

magic eraser sponges used for the bathroom
cut magic cleaning sponges into any shape

White Magic Cleaning Sponge Price

Topeco Clean supplier specializes in the development of white magic cleaning sponges for more than a decade. We’re the first factory in China for melamine foam production. So, the white magic cleaning sponge price is very reasonable. Maybe, you need to pay 1-3 dollars for one piece of magic cleaning sponge online. However, you can get the unimaginable USD0.03 per piece. At the same time, you will get the high-quality eraser sponges as some famous brands eraser sponges. Buy Topeco Clean best magic eraser sponge.

where to buy white magic cleaning sponge
white magic cleaning sponge with a big discount

White Magic Cleaning Sponge Ingredient

Topeco Clean creates super eco-friendly chemical free white magic cleaning sponges. Ingredients determine its open-cell structures. In fact, The nano structures are the key to why magic nano sponges remove dirt without chemical detergent. You don’t need to worry that you need plenty of water to rinse the detergents. Maybe we never wash detergents out thoroughly when cleaning with a common sponge. Also, we all know that the detergent residual is harmful to health. White magic cleaning sponge ingredient is non-toxic and 100% melamine foam. Topeco Clean provides eco-friendly white magic cleaning sponges at an affordable price. By the way, before using, make sure to get your eraser sponges wet.

magic sponges video
the open-cell structures in white magic eraser sponge

Why Are White Magic Cleaning Sponges Economical?

Use magic cleaning sponges with only water. No detergents are needed, then we can reduce the cost of chemical cleaning detergents on the one hand. On the other hand, we don’t need lots of water to rinse the dirt and detergent out. We save the water rate. The most important is white magic sponges help us conserving water resources. If you clean a small section, you can use a spray bottle to wet the sponge. Only keep a part of sponges wet, and you can save the water resource in this way if you want.

white magic cleaning sponge green
magic cleaning sponges – green and environmental cleaning products

White Magic Cleaning Sponges Sizes

The sizes of white magic cleaning sponges are customizable. Sometimes customers are confused with their sizes. The standard sizes are 100x70x30mm, 100x60x20mm, and 110x70x40mm. What’s more, for some large quantity orders, we support size customization. The large magic sponge is available. The maximum is 2500x1000x280mm.

large magic eraser sponges
large magic sponge from Topeco Clean

White Magic Sponge Video

We keep updating our videos of white magic cleaning sponge on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. The video is about white cleaning sponges usages and using tips. I believe you can find further information about eraser sponges.

White Magic Eraser Sponge Online

We’re a magic sponge direct supplier to many superior sellers on Amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress. Also, we have online shop stores and offline stores. You can buy our magic cleaning sponges online wherever you’re now. We exported magic sponge to all over the world, such as the US, the European countries, southeast Asia, and India… Besides, online shopping now is a new trend. You can buy goods everywhere you want, which is very convenient. Topeco Clean has fast delivery by EMS. Wherever you are from, you can receive your parcels within 7-10 days.

online white magic cleaning sponge with good price
white magic sponge supplier-Topeco Clean