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Topeco Clean is a professional white magic sponge supplier in China. The full name is Henan Topeco Clean Import&Export Co., Ltd. The Topeco Clean white magic cleaning sponge belongs to factory direct sales products. They are exported overseas every year, like the UK, USA, NZ, Malaysia, and Australia. We can accept orders from all over the world. Many customers give us good reviews about how hot-selling our products are.

white magic sponge supplier
supplying extra thick white magic eraser sponge

The Outstanding Performance On Cleaning

The white magic sponge has significant cleaning power. The internal nanostructure with even and micropore can adsorb stains quickly. But don’t need to put much effort. After just getting wet, it can get into hiding dirt and marks and lift them away. After done, rinse it under running water. Then the inside grime will go out at once. So, the advantage not only helps save detergent but also shortens the user’s time on cleaning. For busy modern office workers or moms, they can carry out cleaning jobs anywhere at any time. The magic sponge is the best choice for them! It’s more highly effective, so magic cleaning sponge receives more and more fans.

white magic eraser cleaning sponge supplier
easy to use, easy to clean, easy life

Supplying White Magic Sponge For Online Shops

In addition to exported overseas in large quantities, Topeco Clean also is a white magic sponge supplier for some online shops on eBay. They all acquire perfect ratings and reviews. Besides, Topeco Clean constantly commits to develop and produce more eco-friendly white magic sponge.

The Solid Hardware of White Magic Sponge Supplier Topeco Clean

The factory covers an area of some 30,000 square kilometers. So we can remain stable and sustaining productivity to meet wholesale purchases in time. The bulky stock capacity can meet demands at peak season. Highly automated production lines and advanced cutting equipment ensures ensuring production with high precision. Besides, our factory has a flexible production capacity and can adjust the equipment to execute different needs.

white magic eraser sponge supplier
Topeco Clean – a professional white magic sponge supplier

What Else Can Attracts You From White Magic Sponge Supplier Topeco Clean?

A series of departments guarantee client’s orders, from factory workers to after-sales customer service. Long-term cooperation with you is our goal, which also means that we get your satisfaction. Our production group at the factory works in shifts. That means Topeco Clean can accept and finish urgent orders. High-quality desire our white magic sponge conforms to standard ISO9001 and ISO14001. Besides, they also get through the testing by international certification SGS.

Bespoke Packing Service of White Magic Sponge Supplier Topeco Clean

Product customization is another prominent advantage. To grab more market shares, you have to build your own brand, logo, and packaging. Topeco Clean can help to make it come true. We have built up long-term relationships with many packaging plants. So we can offer you a comprehensive service and favorable price. Below are some customized packages for your reference. I hope that we can become a solid backing for you.

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customized sales package from Topeco Clean white magic sponge supplier

Bespoke Sizes Provided By Topeco Clean White Magic Sponge Supplier

As a professional white magic sponge supplier, bespoke sizes are the most basic service now. We can produce standard sizes, like 10X6X2cm, 10X7X3cm, and so on. Large sizes also can be provided. In a word, we can show any size you need. By the way, if you can or have time to process them by yourself. The large magic sponge with preferential prices is a better choice.

white magic cleaning sponge suppliers
Topeco Clean white magic sponge supplier providing custom size service

The Competitive Pricing From White Magic Sponge Topeco Clean Supplier

Better price you can get. We can produce the white magic sponge at a low cost. Clients are able to get a competitive quote. The reason is that we have many advantages in manufacturing white magic sponge. Accessible raw material, advanced equipment, relatively cheaper labor, and stable partners facilitate premium and cheap products. Besides, our business idea is small profits and quick returns. We hope more people know and use the Topeco Clean magic sponge.

Flexible And Convenient Transportation

The white magic sponge supplier Topeco Clean situates in Zhengzhou that easy access to each port in China. Besides, we have our own cooperative freight company to reduce costs again. In addition, Xinzheng International Airport is here and a better choice too. Zhengzhou-Europe direct block train is friendly for European customers.

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convenient transportation delivering magic sponge fastly

Pursing Innovative Products

The white magic sponge supplier Topeco Clean doesn’t be satisfied with what we’ve already achieved. So, we placed great emphasis on product innovation. We always try to learn the customer’s ideas to upgrade the magic sponge. Furthermore, producing more new products correspond to market requirements. For example, the compound magic sponge combines PU sponge with the magic sponge. Compared to the original magic sponge block, the product enhances toughness to solve the problem of wearing out

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Compressed white magic sponge composite with blue PU sponge

What Kinds of White Magic Sponge Topeco Clean Supplier Can Provide?

After nearly ten years of development, our factory can produce almost all kinds of premium magic sponge in the market in general. Our for sale products are of various categories, meeting the customer’s “One-Stop” purchasing. There are white magic sponges and magic cleaning sponges. Besides, magic eraser sponge, high-density magic sponge, compound magic sponge, the magic sponge brush, magic sponge sheets, large magic sponge, and various special shapes you can get too.

What Stains You Can Use White Magic Sponge To Clean

The white magic sponge is very suitable for cleaning all kinds of common stains. The most basic ability is household cleaning. For example, it can clean sinks, tub, sofa, bowls, cups, countertop, microwave, oven, floors, walls, windows, and so on. As the expending of usage, the range is adding continually. It is used on cleaning cars, bike, office area, classroom, gym, yoga class, shopping malls, etc.. Besides, homemaking company prefers to choose it to do their cleaning jobs. Topeco Clean sticks to develop innovative products to meets more cleaning demands. We commit to becoming a more comprehensive white magic sponge supplier.

white wonder extra power sponges
white magic extra power sponge

Free Samples Provided By White Magic Sponge Supplier Topeco Clean

There are so many options you have. We also can give you some recommendation to choose if you need. Welcome you to come to our factory. But if it is difficult for you, we can send samples to you. Once you confirm the type you want, we can customize it for you and post asap.

Topeco Clean white wonder sponges
free sample ensuring client’s purchasing

The Energetic Customer Service Team

Every year, we invested in training our staff to build a professional service. In fact, they are the most core wealth of white magic sponge supplier Topeco Clean. In addition, our center service concept is to supply eco-friendly magic sponges to meet your needs. So we will put our mind to each order. Clients can find us within 7X24hours of customer service.