White Magic Sponge Cleaner

What Is White Magic Sponge Cleaner?

White magic sponge cleaner is a new type of melamine foam with a high open porosity-three-dimensional grid structure. It has a strong adsorption force after wetting and automatically absorbs the stains from the surfaces of the objects during the wiping process. Just water, no chemical detergents, magic sponge blocks have strong cleaning power without hurting the products.

white magic sponge cleaner
white magic sponge cleaners

Good Helper – White Magic Sponges Cleaner

White magic sponge cleaners are widely used on most surfaces in the home to clean dirt effectively, limescale, soap scum, and oil stains, especially on hard and smooth surfaces (such as ceramics, mirrors, glass, stainless steel). The white magic sponge cleaner is able to cut into different sizes arbitrarily to facilitate the use of many items or ranges. Easy to use, happy to do housework.

Bathroom Scrubber

And bathroom cleaning mainly involves toilets, shower glass, sinks, bathroom tiles, etc. Therefore, it is very convenient to use white magic sponge cleaners to clean bathroom stains and dirt.

white magic sponge cleaner
white magic sponge bath scrubber

White Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine Cleaner

How White Magic Sponges Cleaner Works

With physical decontamination structures, magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner cleans with water. No needed for any cleaning agent, just use water to remove stains easily! This is something no other cleaning product can do. High-tech environmental protection new product composed of fine fibers extremely. Easy to clean stubborn stains. It has strong cleaning and can decontaminate the dirt easily that cannot be cleaned by ordinary cleaners.

Physical Characteristics

It has strong friction. It decontaminates by friction, but you can’t feel that friction by touch. Our products are unique. First of all, the melamine sponge has fire resistance. It is a kind of fireproof material without flame retardant. Burning with fire will not produce flame, there are no drops, only ashes. The thermometer remains at -180 to 240℃ without any problem. The temperature resistance of ordinary sponge material is only 80℃.

Other Applications

Sound absorption application acoustic panels: suspended sound absorbents, metal ceiling panels and other products made of melamine foam can provide effective sound solutions for almost all environments, from recording studios, an-echoic rooms, office partitions, classrooms, restaurant ceilings, corridor sound-absorbing ceilings, indoor soft-wrapped walls, theaters, gymnasiums, and industrial assembly lines are the choices of wireless broadcast designers and acoustic engineers.

Its very low thermal conductivity and the thermal insulation performance is the traditional thermal insulation material. The thermal conductivity varies little with the temperature rise, making it an ideal high-temperature thermal insulation.

white melanmine sponge acoustic
white melanmine sponge acoustic

White Magic Sponge Best Prices

Price advantage; white magic sponge cleaners are only produced in China and Germany. Germany’s human resource costs are high, production costs are high, and materials are expensive. Compared with Germany, there is a price advantage in China.

High-Quality white Magic Sponge Cleaner

We can soak the used white magic sponge cleaner in water or rinse it under the faucet without twisting and rubbing, the dirt can be dissolved by itself, and then used repeatedly. The white magic sponge cleaners can be used as an eraser until the last small piece without wasting. The white magic sponge cleaner is soaked in water, no detergent is required, it is easy to use, and can be cut into any size quickly.

Our products have passed the SGS, MSDS, and CRS certifications. It is safe. Also, we offer the best-customized services.

cut magic sponges cleaners
cut it for use

White Magic Sponge Cleaner Uses

There are so many magic sponge uses for reference:

  1. Using in the kitchen: We can use it to clean the dishes, the cup, the blow, etc. Besides, we can use it to clean the applications and make them cleaner.
  2. Cleaning the car: You can use it to clean car interiors, including car windows, steering wheels, and more. Car washes often place large orders for our products. But we do not recommend using it to clean the car exterior. If you want to use it for cleaning, you can choose a small area to test.
  3. Besides, we can use it to clean the bathroom, shoes, floor, fruit, swing pool, etc. We should know that the bathroom is not easy to clean, especially faucets, bathtubs, and other places that will have a lot of scales is difficult to clean. The white magic sponge cleaner has certain friction that can easily remove the scale and does not harm the surface of the object.
white magic sponges cleaners
multi functional sponge cleaner

White Magic Sponge Cleaner For Sale

  1. For white magic sponge cleaner, we do accept customization bulk orders excepted.
  2. We have different sizes/shapes/colors/densities of white magic sponge cleaner.
    ①For size: Our regular size are 10cm×6cm×2cm and 10cm×7cm×3cm.We also offer other sizes like 11cm×7cm×4cm and 12cm×7cm×5cm. What’s more, the size of 12cm×7cm×3cm is accepted, too. Besides, the large magic sponge reachs to size 2500cm×100cm×280cm.
    ②For shape: We can produce different shapes of white magic sponge cleaner. The most used is an s-shaped and rectangular sponge. But we accept orders for special-shaped sponges like flower-shaped sponges, leaf-shaped sponges, and so on. We default the sponge surface printing as drum dots. If you want to customize other patterns, you need to add additional mould processing fees. (168$)
    ③For colors: There are three kinds of colors you can choose white, pink, and gray.
    ④For density: The original magic sponge is 8kg/m³. We do have a high-density white magic sponge cleaner. There are kinds of high-density sponges including 16kg/m³,24kg/m³and 32kg/m³.
white magic sponge cleaner
original and high density white magic sponge cleaners

Customized Packages

Our product comes in four different packaging.
①Bulk package: We accept orders of at least 3,000 pieces.
②Opp bag: It includes machine packaging and zip-locked bags. We can also provide printed cards or stickers for opp bags.
③Colourful bag: If you use color bags, we must produce at least 80,000 bags at a time.
④Box: If you use the box for packing, you must order at least 10,000 boxes at a time.

magic spongs customized
customized packages of magic sponge

Customized Service

We offer OEM&ODM services, including different sizes/shapes/patterns and packages. Buy magic sponge, choosing Topeco Clean!