Magic Melamine Sponge

What Is Magic Melamine Sponge?

What magic melamine sponge contains? Does it really work for cleaning? Is it poisonous? Will it pollute the environment? Maybe you have these questions, let me explain to you one by one. The material is formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite polymer. The main ingredient is melamine foam. So we call it magic melamine sponge.

magic sponge eraser cleaning melamine
magic sponge with three colors

The Principle of Why Magic Melamine Sponge Can Be Used For Cleaning

The interior of the copolymer includes many tiny holes and 3D hexagonal gridding structures. So, it can go deep into grooves between stains and take them away. It is more like a gentle abrasive cloth. The cleaning ability is fabulous abrasive products. Furthermore, the soft texture like foam will not scratch the surfaces of objects.

magic melamine sponge
powerful cleaning from magic sponge nano structure

Eco-Friendly Magic Melamine Foam

The eco-friendly feature refers to the operation method. According to the statement of the second paragraph, it is simple to understand its physical cleaning method. Besides, the multi-function foam cleaner doesn’t need to match detergent for cleaning, only needing water. That means that none chemical agent, like phosphorus, endangers our environment.

melamine sponge magic eraser
eco-friendly magic eraser sponge

Eraser Cleaner Magic Melamine Sponge Multi-Function Foam Cleaner

It not only helps to clean the home but also the car, pool, office, shopping mall, gym, passenger station, and so on. Besides, for some metalware, like stainless steel and silverware, eraser cleaner can slightly polish their surfaces and bring them back to initial brilliant. The magic melamine sponge has great anti-acid-alkali property, possibly using as a sterilized tool. Furthermore, it also can filter water in the pool by putting it into the skimmer basket. Here are some examples of using for your reference.

melamine sponge magic cleaner
melamine sponge multi-function foam cleaner

Magic Sponge Melamine Cleaner Cleaning For Cleaning Kid’s Toy

Playing is the nature of a kid. But the toys always were strewn all over the floor or yard. It is a disaster to clean all of them with mud, dust, sweat, and even saliva. However, no matter what rolling balls, popgun, barbie doll, and buggy, one magic melamine sponge can handle them all. What’s more, the majority of toys are plastic products usually. Magic sponge eraser copes with surfaces of plastic without any problem. Parents don’t need to worry that grimy playmates will affect the health of kids anymore.

use of magic melamine sponge
magic sponge cleaning kid’s plastic toy

Melamine Sponge Magic Cleaner for Yoga Class

There is so much equipment in yoga class, such as the yoga mat, yoga block, yoga boll, wooden floor, locker room, and so on. Every day they touch people’s skin and bear the sweat of various members. To create and maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the practice, the yoga studio can prepare some magic sponge cleaners to clean the class quickly. Also, it is important that the magic melamine sponge doesn’t need to add detergent and is rinsed easily only under running water after use.

white magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner
magic cleaning sponge for yoga products

Microfiber Magic Sponge As Disinfecting Tool

COVID-19 came fiercely. We started to disinfect objects touched in daily life, like cars, furniture, railings, children’s desk, and shoes. As we all know, disinfectant is strong alkalis or acid. General rag can’t afford it. However, magic melamine sponge can be against acid and alkali exactly. Not only disinfects surfaces, but magic cleaning sponge also can remove the stains from them.

magic melamine sponge meaning
microfiber magic sponge for disinfecting

The Necessary For Cleaning Company

The powerful cleaning capacity is beyond question. Work just with water. For thick stains, like oil, you may need some detergent. However, due to the inner nanoscale openings, the magic nano sponge can create lots of bubbles only with a little detergent. Via rough estimate by plenty of practice quizzes, the amount of detergent we used reduces a half than before at least. Washing surfaces of objects and cleaning tools become easy because of a bit of residual. Once professional cleaner reviewed that the magic melamine sponge is the most useful one she ever met. So for cleaning companies, the magic melamine sponge is an essential product, speeding up cleaning, saving detergent, saving cost, and seizing clients for you.

eraser cleaner magic melamine sponge
fast cleaing of magic cleaning sponge

White Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine Cleaner

The white magic cleaning sponge is the most common and favorite type, connoting a sense of neatness. Now, the melamine sponge has pink and light gray. White has better merit than others. Stains removal is visible clearly. The cleaning ability of the three colors makes no difference. Besides, white magic melamine sponge can be composite with other materials, like scouring pad, PU, and non-woven fabrics, which enable the white magic sponge more colorful.

melamine sponge vs magic eraser
compound magic sponge with PU

Is Magic Melamine Sponge Toxic?

When hearing of formaldehyde and melamine, people will worry whether these elements will harm health. Under these concerns, some rumors start to circulate on web platforms. Melamine itself has no harmless and hardly dissolves in water. Once I took notice of one explicit metaphor for formaldehyde in melamine cleaner magic. You can regard melamine sponge as sodium chloride. Alone free chloride is a kind of hazardous element. But when chloride encounters sodium, they constitute edible salt after chemically treated, a safe substance.

magic non-toxic Topeco Clean foam cleaner
non-toxic and premium topeco clean melamine foam

100Pcs Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine

Topeco Clean is mainly engaged in wholesale for various magic sponges, including white magic eraser sponge, high-density magic sponge, compound magic sponge, magic nano sponges wall cleaner, magic sponge mop, the magic sponge brush, and so on. Every type and each size, we all can provide. 100pcs of one pack magic sponge eraser is almost the minimum quantity. If you choose Topeco Clean for the first time, free samples ensure your carefree shopping!

100pcs magic eraser
large pack from magic sponge supplier Topeco Clean

Is A Melamine Sponge The Same As Magic Eraser?

The melamine sponge has another name magic eraser. Notable retail brand Mr clean calls their products magic eraser. The truth is that they are the same. The physical cleaning method is so much like an eraser to clean pencil marks. So, for any stains, the melamine sponge eraser can make them disappear quickly just by wiping it with water. Topeco Clean melamine sponge has the same quality as them.

Magic Sponge Suppliers

In the market, there are so many magic sponge suppliers. But the quality of the products is patchy. Looking for a cheap-and-cheerful brand is not easy. Topeco Clean is one manufacturer and wholesaler. Our factory possesses 30,000 square kilometers approximately, accepting orders from around the world, like the USA, UK, Singapore, and Korea. The automated production process and diversiform product category make the higher quality and the price lower than others. Topeco Clean is your best bet.

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factory of magic sponge supplier Topeco Clean