The Magic Nano Sponge

What Is The Magic Nano Sponge

The magic nano sponge, called nano sponge, nano magic wipe. New cleaning products using new nano-technology research and the development of special open structure bubble body, is the 21st century are much loved cleaning tools.

For lazy people, Topeco clean magic nano sponge is a very practical thing. For example, just dip it in some water and casually wipe it to remove the tea scum accumulated over the years and save the stove top that is so dirty. At the same time, when using this kind of thing you will also feel it and an ordinary dishwashing sponge is not the same nature. The magic nano sponge is not that soft and unyielding and can easily be torn into small pieces. And it also wears off like rubber, which is exactly what validates its difference from ordinary sponges.

the magic nano sponge
sponge with foundation magic

High Quality The Magic Nano Sponge For House Cleaning

By cutting through the shaping machine, the magic nano sponge can be processed into various shapes. This gives rise to shaped nano-cleaning sponges. There are many kinds of shaped magic melamine sponges with complete colors, and an S-shaped magic sponge is one kind of shaped nano-cleaning sponge. It is not only beautiful in shape and color. Its irregular shape and size also make it easier to clean up stains on the corners and various shaped objects. In addition, it will be a little denser, durable oil economical. The surface of the sponge can be embossed with different patterns, but also with the cleaning cloth, non-woven fabric into a composite sponge.

The wetted magic sponge can be applied to all aspects of items in your home. Wipe toilet, wipe the mirror, wipe shoes, clean oil stains, wipe floors and so on. It is versatile and inexpensive. So it replaces many complicated cleaning agents. It is easy to clean with water, without any other chemicals, and it is easy to use and light. It is a good helper for modern cleaners.

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Magic Melamine Foam The Magic Nano Sponge

The Magic nano sponge is made of melamine and formaldehyde molecules polymerized together.

The material and structure of the nano sponge are the keys to its cleaning action. The biggest difference with the traditional cleaning sponge. The difference is that the product adopts a physical decontamination mechanism, its internal capillary open pore structure, can automatically adsorb stains on the surface of the object.

Because the adsorption ability of the product is particularly strong, to ensure that the items in your home get better care, it is recommended to use it with caution in the following cases.

  1. Where the oil stains are particularly strong. For example, range hoods, stoves that have not been cleaned for a long time, etc. As the thick oil will be closely adsorbed with the magic sponge, it is difficult to clean down, so this situation is not recommended. Can use detergent to remove the surface oil first, then use the magic sponge for a deep step of dirt wipe.
  2. For leather products, the magic sponge used on the leather effect is most obvious. Artificial leather is slightly less effective. Because the magic sponge adsorption ability is very strong, easy to lose color or stained leather products are best first in an inconspicuous place to try to wipe. The effect can be used in a large area.
  3. For painted electronic products screens, such as computers, TVs, lenses, etc. Because the process of wiping the coating will affect the viewing effect, so as far as possible avoid wiping such screens.

4.Use in electrical products, remember to wet the magic sponge squeeze out the excess water before wiping to avoid the risk of electric shock.

genuine magic magic nano sponge
genuine magic magic nano sponge

The Magic Nano Sponge With Strong Absorbent

Magic Sponge is a giant absorbent cleaning product. The use in the home is quite effective. For example, the sponge can absorb ketchup and vegetable water stains on the table. It has a water absorption effect of over 500%. The inner hole structure can lock the water stains from leaking out, thus achieving a strong cleaning effect

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magic sponge eraser cleaning melamine

Many Years Old Brand, Just To Stick To The Good Quality

We are a professional manufacturer&trading company of cleaning products. Topeco clean specializes in top-quality and more eco-friendly products, such as detergent-free magic sponges, natural bamboo cloth, and a wood pulp cellulose sponges. We hope more and more people can enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Also, we commit to R&D of more effective and green cleaning items to protect only one earth. We always keep in touch with customers. Any inquiry or question will be answered within 12 hours until our customers’ problems are solved. If any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Cut At Will To Make The Best Use Of The Magic Nano Sponges

Cut the large magic sponge into smaller pieces for easy use without waste. Before cleaning a greasy bowl, it is recommended to soak the bowl with a drop of detergent for a while before wiping it with the cleaning sponge. This can slow down the excessive consumption of cleaning sponge wipe, after all, cleaning sponge wipe has strong adsorption power to grease and dirt. A grease-stained sponge just won’t rinse the grease off easily.

You can also DIY the shape you want. For example, cut into small square pieces and pad under the table legs to increase the life of the table. Building materials into small long strips, you can clean the windows, the corners of the wall hygiene corners.

The magic nano sponge is supposed to be something that is easily consumed, and the more you rub it, the smaller it becomes. We use it to do the cleaning without any problems. But if deliberately twisted and tear violent pressure, it will of course break. Putting aside this reason, the durability of the cleaning sponge is also related to its density. Topeco clean High-density magic cleaning sponge is more resilient, wear-resistant, and less likely to fall off than an ordinary cleaning sponge wipes.

multifunctional cleaner melamine sponge
multifunctional cleaner melamine sponge

The Magic Nano Sponges For Dogs

The small and delicate sponge is excellent for wiping pet dogs. Out playing back on the dog’s paws must be covered with dust and mud. Wet the best magic eraser sponge with water and squeeze out the excess water with your hands. Then you can use it to clean the dog’s paws, and mud on the body. The small sponge is convenient to carry out and does not take up space in the bag.

melamine foam sponge for dogs
magic eraser sponges for cleaning dogs