White Magic Sponge Eraser

Eco-Friendly White Magic Sponge Eraser

Although the White magic sponge eraser contains formaldehyde, the content of formaldehyde does not exceed the standard. It is a multifunctional cleaning product that can clean up oil and stains without any cleaning products. It is extremely convenient for daily life. The raw material of the magic sponge is melamine foam. But many people get creeped out when they hear melamine and think it’s toxic. There is no toxicity when used for daily cleaning. If you use it to eat, it is certainly not good for the human body. For example, we usually use paper, usually with no harm, but the consumption of gastrointestinal damage. In addition, the white magic sponge eraser has passed the international SGS environmental certification, so you can rest assured that the use. Adopting the physical decontamination principle enhances its safety to us. There are no other additives or chemicals.

white magic sponge eraser
environment-friendly durable dish magic sponge

What White Magic Sponge Eraser Made Of

Many people want to know what the magic rubber magic eraser sponge is made of. Some people speculate that there must be a clear chemical cleaner inside. But this claim is not credible, because there are no air bubbles during the use. In fact, the magic rubber sponge is made of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium hydrosulfite copolymer. The main component is melamine foam, which is one of the lightest plastics. Therefore, some people again ask how plastic gets its powerful cleaning power.

The material of the white magic sponge eraser has all of these properties. In addition to daily cleaning, aircraft manufacturers have made it sufficiently lightweight to increase the speed of their aircraft. Its fire resistance and thermal insulation make the building safe in case of accidental fire. Excellent sound absorption properties effectively reduce station and airport noise.This greatly facilitates our daily life.

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melamine foam magic

White Magic Sponge Erasers For Doors

Using the magic sponge wipe door effect is more effective than a rag. A magic sponge sheet is also a cleaning tool, it can be used to clean the dirt in the crevices of the patio villa door, the soft nano material sponge body also has a strong cleaning ability. Cut the sponge according to the shape of the track in the doorway, and then stuck it in the track to wipe back and forth, so you can easily handle the dust inside the door. After wiping with a magic sponge cloth to wipe off the excess water. Rinse off the dirty sponge with water and you can use it again.

White Magic Sponge For Doors
magic white sponge has a strong cleaning ability

White Magic Sponge Erasers Clean Knife

What to do when a kitchen knife is rusted in a damp place for a long time? Try a sponge. The microfiber inside the sponge can clean the rust stains on the knives in time. Safeguard everyone’s safe life.

Knives for home use can also be cleaned with a sponge. Newly purchased knives should be cleaned before they are used for the first time. Prepare a water basin and pour warm water into it. Then soak the knives in them for five minutes, and then use a dampened white magic sponge erasers to wipe the knives and clean the oil and stains from above.

melamine sheet sponge
White Magic Sponge Eraser Clean Knife

White Magic Sponge Erasers With Compressed Design

The compressed sponge is made by high-temperature pressing. Good oil resistance, and better performance than an ordinary sponge. Stronger tensile strength and elasticity. High density and high hardness. It is characterized by a continuous porous structure. Strong water absorption, can absorb all the water stains on the surface, and soup into the sponge. The stains are washed away with water.

melamine sheet sponge
magic cleaning sponge household tools

White Magic Eraser Sponge For Marks

What do you do with marker stains on your wall or desk? Ever had a meltdown over a marker stain? Then a white magic sponge eraser would be your best cleaning friend. The sponge is often used to remove permanent marker marks from smooth surfaces and is used in the same way as a sponge. But he is different from the ordinary sponge. Just wet the Magic Wipe, wring out the water, and then wipe the smooth surface with permanent marker marks. The same cleaning principle can also be used to clean the walls, floors, and mirrors at home.

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magic deep sponge

How To Clean Shoes With White Magic Sponge Eraser

Shoes are the second face of each of us. That’s why it’s important to clean your shoes. If the surface of the shoe does not have large pieces of mud, you can spray the sponge with water to wet it. Wipe directly on the surface of the shoes. Without any shoes, cleaner shoes can be as good as new. Toe, vamp, and upper can be well cleaned. If the shoes are difficult to handle please use this method below.

First, use a wet towel to dip the surface of the small white shoes in water, wait for the water to dissolve the stains of the small white shoes for a while, and wait for half a minute.

Second, use the prepared toothbrush or shoe brush to scrub the mud or large pieces of dirt from the surface of the small white shoes. Wipe again with a damp towel to wipe the dirty water off the shoes. Then use Topeco Clean magic sponge with water to wipe the shoes directly until they are completely clean.

Finally, wipe it again with a damp towel. Put each shoe separately into the two dust bags prepared and tie the bags to avoid dust from entering. Put the packed shoes in a ventilated place on the balcony and avoid direct sunlight. When the shoes are dry, you can take them out and wear them again.

melamine sponge magic sponge eraser
shoes cleaning melamine magic eraser sponge

White Magic Sponge Eraser With Multiple Package

Mr. Topeco has been in the cleaning products market for more than 10 years. We have our own factory. The products are strictly controlled by professional designers and a professional team. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, transportation is very convenient. This makes the delivery very fast. We are one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in Henan. Factory direct delivery is cheap and affordable.

In terms of sponge packaging, we are always pursuing high-quality packaging. Use opp bags for packaging. Frosted packaging bags are also popular here. In addition, we provide customized service, and the pattern on the packaging and logo can be customized according to your needs. Independent packaging, to create a different service for you. View more production designs please feel free to contact us!

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White Magic Sponge Erasers For Marathon

Whether they are professional runners or amateur runners, they all like to pour water on their heads for cooling down when they participate in running races. Especially in the heat of the day, the feeling of pouring water on your head is indeed very cool. The white magic sponge eraser ability to absorb water is still quite strong, a sponge full of water on the head, or body wipe can also achieve the effect of watering and cooling. The heat dissipation properties of water are particularly good, and the skin adheres to the water, plus the running itself will make the air flow faster from the side. Moisture will evaporate in the wind, making people feel more comfortable and cooler, thus achieving the purpose of heat dissipation. The large magic sponges commonly used in races are made of wood cellulose fibers or foamed plastic polymers. Therefore, the sponge texture is coarse and each person has different allergies to sponges, so it is not suitable for runners to use sponges as sweat-absorbing towels.

How to do:

When the temperature is high, for some novice runners, the wiping also can not play a more comfortable cooling effect, you can try to place the white magic sponge block on blood flow through the area. Place the water-soaked sponge in the armpits, the back of the neck, and the root of the thighs, which is actually the area where the body temperature test is conducted. Because of the rich distribution of blood vessels in these areas, the efficiency of the blood to take away the heat is very high, is also the best place to place the sponge.

The head, face, neck, arms and legs can be wiped back and forth with a cooling magic sponge. The underarms can also be. However, if you wear clothing such as short sleeves to cover them, then wiping is generally not necessary.

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marathon used magic white sponges