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Best Price High-Density Pink Magic Sponge

The pink magic sponge has become popular in the market, and its product features and multifunctional uses are slowly becoming known to everyone. Is it suitable for use in home life? Is it cheap enough? The answer is undoubted yes. Because the price of the pink magic sponge is extremely low in any market or supermarket. A high-density pink magic sponge is cheaper than a cleaning rag. You can find bags of Topeco clean sponges in supermarkets for just a few dollars. The price varies by density. But even the highest density costs only one-half of the price of a cleaning agent. In other words, you can buy ordinary household cleaners equal to two bags of high-density sponges. It’s hard not to be impressed!

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Do You Know What Is Pink Magic Sponge?

Topeco clean pink magic sponge is actually exactly the same as the white magic sponge block, only different in color. Those of you who are familiar with sponges or regularly use sponges know that magic sponge erasers come in a variety of colors. White is the most versatile color, followed by blue, pink, and gray. In fact, each sponge is only different in color, otherwise the same.

So after talking about the color, what specifically is the pink magic sponges? It is made of melamine foam, natural material that received many positive reviews. Because of the porous three-dimensional mesh structure that mimosas have, the pink magic sponge has superb cleaning and stain removal ability. The melamine foam is an open pore structure, which automatically adsorbs stains from the surface of objects during wiping.

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Pink Magic Sponge Manufacturer

Since the discovery of nano sponges as cleaning products, many manufacturers have appeared on the market. Each of them is serious about creating high-quality sponge products. Of course, Topeco Clean is also a very good manufacturer. Topeco clean has been in the home market for more than 10 years. The cleaning products here have received many positive reviews all over the world.

We have our own factory and all products are shipped directly from the factory. Topeco clean is located in Zhengzhou, an convenient transport hub, ensuring fast delivery. Topeco clean suppliers have almost ten years of experience in the production of magic sponges in their factories. In addition, our team is internationally recognized for its in-depth development and innovation of miracle sponges. We also have the world’s most advanced technology for the production of polymeric nano-melamine foam, especially for cleaning products. As a result, Topeco clean melamine sponges are gaining more and more popularity. The factory covers an area of about 30,000 square kilometers and accepts orders from all over the world. Customized service is supported for all products. You can view more click here.

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What Does Pink Magic Sponges Good For?

Clean the keyboard. Cut the sponge into a small triangle shape, the sharp side can clean the computer keyboard crevices without dead ends.

Clean the pool steps. First, use a dry sponge to absorb all the surface water, then use a wet sponge to clean the steps. No detergent is needed. One light wipe and the stain is gone.

Clean kitchen sinks and countertops. Use the sponge to absorb food stains and ketchup from the countertop. Strong absorption without dripping.

Clean white walls. Don’t be anxious when facing a wall full of graffiti, try the pink magic sponges, and you will have unexpected surprises.

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Car Interior Cleaning Pink Magic Sponge

The pink magic sponge is a new cleaning product launched in recent years, its super cleaning ability has made it quickly become popular worldwide and become an essential tool for housewives. Cleaning pots and pans are no longer difficult for the magic sponge, but what if you take it to clean the carriage? Does it have a satisfactory effect again?

To take care of the carriage, which still needs to develop a good habit of diligent cleaning. The magic sponge is mainly for car interiors, such as the car’s leather seats, steering wheel, and dashboard, etc… Pink magic sponges will produce adsorption force after absorbing water, can adsorb the dust stains in the seams of the seats, better than ordinary cleaning materials cleaning power. It will not scratch the surface of the seat material and gently remove stains. After scrubbing the interior with the sponge wipe off the water bead residue traces with a clean rag, the car interior can quickly restore clean!

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Pink Magic Sponge Is Soft And Flexible

The softness of the pink magic sponge is its unique feature. It is soft and delicate and has a good feel. The shape can be several cases and looks like a piece of pink cake. You can DIY the shape of the pink magic sponges easily. It is very elastic. But, the sponge is a consumable product. It will slowly wear away during the wiping process just like a pencil eraser.

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Easy Cleaning Of Small And Large Parts With a Pink Magic Sponge

The pink magic sponge can solve almost all the stains in life. It is more widely used than towels and wet wipes. Large to solve the hood cleaning, small to tea set cleaning. If you are still hesitant to try the sponge, I want to tell you to definitely try it. It brings a cleaning effect that a normal cleaning cloth cannot do.

Notes on the use of the pink magic sponge

  1. This pink magic sponge, when placed in the room, will volatilize formaldehyde. In this regard, NLQA staff Sun Lili suggested that “formaldehyde has the property of being extremely soluble in water. The public’s new purchase back to the cleaning sponge should be cleaned several times first, and placed in the ventilation for a period of time before use.”
  2. After using such a magic melamine sponge to wash dishes, how to avoid formaldehyde water residue on the tableware? Sun Lili said, “After using the cleaning sponge to wash pots and bowls, should use water to rinse the pots and bowls again, followed by water stains in the pots and bowls control dry.”
  3. The experimenter of Guolian quality inspection said that if you are not sure about the cleaning sponge, you can use the most traditional old loofah core to wash dishes. The physical structure of the loofah core is similar to a sponge, and the cleaning effect is good, and because it is a pure plant, non-toxic and harmless.
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oil removing magic melamine sponge

Physical Decontamination, No Hand Injury

The pink magic sponge is non-toxic and non-hazardous. This can be quite certain. Whether it is an ordinary cleaning sponge or a magic wipe, there is often formaldehyde left behind in the production process. But regular enterprises in production will be more than one use of chemical ingredients to absorb the process of removing formaldehyde. If a company does not remove enough, or simply does not this process, the formaldehyde in the product will exceed the standard. The cleaning products from Topeco clean have got international quality recognition like SGS, MSDS, and CRS. So, you can use it with confidence.

Physical stain removal means cleaning without adding any detergent, and the inherently extremely fine open pore structure automatically absorbs stains. With a just rinse of clean water, the stains are easily washed off the sponge.

cleaning compressed magic melamine sponge
cleaning compressed magic melamine sponge

Correct Use Can Extend The Pink Magic Sponges Service Life

  1. Wet the pink magic sponge in water without detergent. Easy to use, can be cut into any size fast.
  2. Hands gently squeeze out excess water, do not wring rub.
  3. Gently wipe the parts to be cleaned to remove dirt. When wiping items, do not use too much force to avoid damage to easily brittle items.
  4. Wipe the floating dirt after wiping it with a rag to dry.
  5. Will be used after the nano sponge is into the water soak or faucet rinse, no need to wring rub, dirt can be dissolved by itself, and then repeatedly use.
  6. Magic sponge as an eraser can be used to the last small piece, not waste.
  7. Put it in the vent to dry for the next use.
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Where To Buy Pink Magic Sponge?

Nowadays there are many channels for selling pink magic sponges, and the quality varies. So today I recommend Topeco Clean Alibaba store. Why self-recommended? The reason is very simple, the price is cheap and the quality is guaranteed. We provide free samples. All the goods are strictly controlled by the quality inspection team. If you have a request, we would be glad to hear from you. Of course, other brands in the supermarket are also worth recommending. The choice is yours. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.

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