Magic Eraser Generic

I am sure you’ve seen many Magic Eraser Generic ads or articles before reading this article. You also learned about many of the features of the magic eraser generic in general. But what I say below about the magic eraser will take you to unlock the mystery behind it. Let’s explore together.

What Can Magic Erasers Generic Use For?

Remove hard debris from the oven. As we all know, the magic eraser generic is one of the useful cleaning tools for removing buildup without a ton of scrubbing or scraping. First, soak the oven racks in a large plastic box with some detergent for soaking. Then wipe the shelf with a sponge, and the hard part can be wiped a few more times. Then clean up the oven door, magic eraser generic is the best way to absorb the stain on any surfaces. So it is not a trouble for the melamine sponge. As many people say, although steel wool can get rid of that debris easily, scratch damage on the surface is inevitable.

Cleaning soot off walls. Magic eraser generic has so many functions, one of the most effective functions is to wipe the wall. A wall is a flat object, and the magic eraser’s strong adsorption ability to deal with the smooth surface is very effective. White walls are most afraid to get soot, yellowing and black walls are generally difficult to clean. After wiping with an ordinary rag, either there is a block of abrupt stains or dirty spots are stained into a large area.

Cleaning up canvas couch. The Canvas sofa is not easy to clean, because the canvas wet heavier and is not easy to wring. If there are coffee stains, cream, or drinks on the sofa, it is too much effort to take off the whole sofa cover and wash it. Then the magic eraser comes in handy. First, pop the dust off the couch. Next, wipe the stained area with a dampened magic eraser generic, without using any complicated cleaning agents during the process. Finally, repeat the wipe a few more times to rinse the sponge with water and keep it dry.

magic eraser generic
magic sponge eraser with many usages in the life

Magic Erasers Generic Type

The single white magic sponge block is very popular with the public, and we design different composite types of sponges based on the original nano sponges.

Here is a magic eraser generic with PU, a magic eraser with a scouring pad, magic eraser with non-woven fibers. There is the compound sponge with melamine sponge. Many people view composite sponges as a magic cleaning tool that can be used in many places in life. Good reviews received from the masses all over the world also prove the double cleaning power magic sponge block is popular. Double material enhances the durability of the magic eraser generic.

A scouring pad is a kind of household cleaning product in the market, which is a hot selling item. Combined with the nano sponge, the physical cleaning effect is two times stronger than a single nano sponge. The double-sided design shortens the time of sponge consumption.

Non-woven fibers are also cleaning products sold well as cleaning items. So many colors of the non-woven fibers can be designed like green, purple, pink, orange, and blue. Of course, customized colors or designs as your needs are available in Topeco Clean. All types and shapes are customizable and we will design to meet everyone’s needs according to the customer’s needs.

magic eraser type
melamine sponge types

What Makes Magic Eraser Generic So Magic?

What makes magic erasers generic so magic? It is, of course, the well-known melamine. This is also the main ingredient inherent in the magic eraser generic. It is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Initially, it was used in the chemical industry. It was later discovered by some scientists that it could be used as a cleaning tool and became a big hit. Melamine foam is a raw material in the shape of a sponge. The combination of internal soft and hard structure is the main reason for the magic of sponges.

The seemingly soft melamine foam actually has powerful cleansing power. Its open pore structure makes it harder than the substance that makes up the stain, but softer than the surface to which the stain is attached. So the microfiber can firmly absorb surface stains. Its cleaning effect is like an eraser, where the dirty wipe where. The abrasive material also contributes to its fast-consuming nature. The soft magic sponge will not scratch the surface under or around the stain.

magic eraser generic
nano magic eraser foam melamine sponge

Magic Eraser Generic Brand In The Market

Many brands in the market have received good reviews. The appearance of each brand is basically the same but the quality varies greatly. To provide you with reliable test data, I personally tested two different brands of magic eraser generic.

I bought Mr.Topeco magic sponge on Alibaba, which sold for $3 a box, and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, $3.47 for 4 on Amazon. I put both sponges to the test by rubbing the same object with the same usage.

The two brands are comparable in terms of cleaning power. I observed the same loss of sponge shape after use. Both of them feel almost the same in use. But in terms of price, I would prefer Topeco Clean. The same number of different prices, obviously the big brand Mr.Clean is more expensive.

The above is my personal feelings of use for your reference only. You can pick according to their actual situation.

topeco clean melamine sponge
magic nano melamine sponge

How Many Magic Erasers Generic Names?

When it comes to nano sponges you will have seen many descriptions of them in shopping malls or online stores. But no matter how many descriptions and how many names there are, the main thing among them is the single white nano sponge block.

Melamine sponge, magic eraser, magic sponge, melamine foam, magic melamine sponge, magic eraser sponge, magic nano sponge, white magic eraser, and so on are all the names of magic eraser generic. I hope you won’t get these names confused again when you read this post.

clean with water magic eraser type melamine sponge
daily need products melamine sponge

Magic Erasers Generic Material

magic sponge also called melamine foam, the raw material is honey amine foam. It has a fantastic cleaning effect, removing stubborn oil stains, and stains with just water without using any chemical cleaners. It cleans up with just one swipe when used. It is clean and environmentally friendly and uses a physical decontamination mechanism. Its internal nano-capillary open pore structure can automatically adsorb stains from the surface of objects. This is the main reason why it is so amazing. It is very popular among contemporary people because the magic eraser generic is suitable for cleaning the stubborn dirt hidden deep in the uneven surface.

The magic eraser generic is used as follows:

  1. Soak the magic eraser generic in water and wet it.

2. Gently squeeze off excess water, using your hands to squeeze off about 2/3 of the water to keep the nano sponge wet.

3. Gently wipe the area to be cleaned in the same direction, without too much force, to remove dirt.

4. Dry the dirt that floats up after wiping it with a cloth.

5. Soak the used white sponge block in water without wringing, the dirt will dissolve by itself and can be used repeatedly. Please do not twist and turn, try to squeeze gently.

dishes washing melamine sponge
nano sponge is made of the melamine foam

How To Define a Best Magic Eraser Generic

A good nano sponge looks soft on the outside and has elasticity in the hand. In addition, it does not consume quickly when wiping. It retains its original elasticity and appearance after use. The sponge is of high quality if the melamine foam sponge is not deformed after the stain is washed off the surface with water.

  • High-density nano sponge is almost odorless, the general the sponge will smell a faint very unpleasant smell.
  • High-density magic eraser generic sponge flexibility, and elasticity are very good. Hand pinch, not easy to break, can be squeezed at will. But if the general nano magic sponge can not pinch, a little force will break.
  • High-density magic eraser generic because it is a high-density nano sponge, the number of nano capillaries per unit area is more. Cleaning power is stronger and resistant to wear and tear when used. More durable, almost no scum. Poor magic sponge cleaning effect is also good, but the slag is very serious, easy to break, and not durable.
melamine sponge for car washing kitchen cleaning
melamine sponge for car washing kitchen cleaning

Can Magic Eraser Generic For Phone Screen?

The answer is not. Although the sponge is the only cleaning product commonly used in life to remove dirt, there are still some things that cannot be operated with it. For example, range hoods, stoves, and other areas with heavy oil stains. If you wipe with a magic eraser sponge, although you can remove the oil, it will also lead to thick oil and melamine sponge closely adsorbed. It is difficult to get the magic eraser generic clean. As a result, this magic eraser sponge will be discarded and cannot be reused again. In addition, computers, TVs, camera lenses, and other screens should not be wiped with a nano sponge, so as not to wipe away the coating, affecting the use.

Then, Topeco Clean nano sponge use precautions worth everyone’s attention. Computer, TV, camera lens, and other screens should not be wiped with a magic eraser, so as not to wipe away the coating, affecting the use. In addition, the magic eraser’s generic adsorption capacity is very strong, easy to lose color or stain leather products, it is best to try to wipe it in inconspicuous places to see how the effect before deciding whether to use it.

Finally, the finished magic sponge is kept dry and stored in a ventilated place. It can be recycled.

magic cleaning eraser sponge
a magic eraser can not be used to clean the phone screen.