High Density Melamine Foam

The Introduction of the High Density Melamine Foam

The Topeco high density melamine foam is upgraded. The magic sponge is made of new material, and its main ingredient is melamine. The common density of sponges on the market is mostly 8-9 kg/m3. The magic sponges with a density higher than 10 are called high-density sponges. Higher density means that the magic sponge will be harder for the same volume. The sponge’s high density means it has a more elastic texture and not easy to deform. At the same time, it is also a widely accepted cleaning product on the market.

high density melamine foam
The comparison between high density melamine sponge with oridinary

The Cleaning Effect of the High Density Melamine Foam

First of all, the high density melamine foam can be applied to all cleaning tasks of ordinary magic cleaning sponge. Like cleaning dirt and dust. But unlike the ordinary magic sponges, the high density melamine sponge has a deeper cleaning effect. Higher density means smaller interior spaces and finer voids which makes it can clean objects effectively. You can see the difference between the two products’ surfaces with your eyes.

Not Easy To Break

The high density melamine foam has a smoother surface and tighter material. This design makes it more absorbent, not only to clean dust from the surface of the objects but also can easily absorb dirt deep into the interior of the objects. At the same time, it is more flexible, so that the product can withstand the force use of customers and doesn’t break easily. In general, the high density melamine cleaning sponge is better than the ordinary sponge, both in terms of cleanliness and the quality of the product.

high density melamine foam
More durable high density melamine foam

Create Various Products With the High Density Melamine Foam

Unlike the ordinary magic sponge, the high density melamine foam is stronger because of its higher density, so that it can be combined with different material groups to create new products. Such as scouring pad magic sponge, magic eraser sponge with non woven fabric, and magic melamine sponge with PU. The scouring pad magic sponge is a product with one side of the high density melamine sponge and the other side of the scouring pad. The magic eraser sponge with non woven fabric is a product with one side of the melamine sponge and the other side of the non-woven fabric cloth. The magic melamine sponge with PU is also like this. But no matter what the materials are, they all have their excellence and all need the high density melamine foams.

Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

The magic melamine foam with PU sponge takes into account the advantages of PU sponge, such as a good elasticity and flame retardancy, while PU sponge has a better touch feel. The magic melamine sponge with PU also has excellent properties, such as being better for oil and scaling removal. Therefore, only the high density melamine foam can be combined with other materials, and the extended products are more practical, which are not available for the traditional sponges.

high density melamine foam with pu
High density melamine sponge with PU

Ordinary Magic Melamine Sponge

The melamine sponges’ interior is a three-dimensional mesh opening structure. That makes the ordinary magic sponge has a certain durable type. But it will also face the problems of wearing possibly and consuming fast. So the ordinary sponge products are inevitably labeled as non-durable products. But on the contrary, using a high density magic sponge has none of these concerns.

The Durability of the High Density Melamine Foam

The high density melamine sponge is the further processing of original magic sponge. It has a more compact texture and is generally twice as dense as the original sponge. This makes the products more resistant to wear and tear during use. At the same time, it is more elastic and not easy to break and damage when you use it.

high density melamine foam
Toughness comparison

The Safe of the High Density Melamine Foam

As a kind of compressed magic sponge, the high density melamine foam undergoes more processing procedures in the production process, it has no residue of harmful substances. For example, true formaldehyde has no residue. It is easier to clean because of the tighter mesh structure. The tight pores make it hard for dirt to hide inside. This excellent property allows the melamine foam to be rinsed with clean water and reused. Because of the high density of the product, it is almost impossible to drop slag when you use it. This allows customers to use the products without worrying about the problem of little sponges residue. The high density melamine eraser is safe and sanitary for customers’ use, which is an excellent characteristic that ordinary magic sponge does not have.

high density melamine foam cleaning
High density melamine eraser with extra power decontamination structure

The Color of the High Density Melamine Foam

At present, white and pink are generally accepted on the market. But we can also produce grey depending on your order quantity. Generally speaking, as a cleaning tool, white magic eraser sponge is everyone’s favorite. Because white products can easily find the effect of cleaning, as well as better cleaning. Sincerely recommend the white products of the high density melamine for you.

pink high density melamine foam
Pink & white high density magic sponges

The Shapes of the High Density Melamine Foam

The higher density melamine foam can also be made into a variety of shapes. Such as “S” or “WAVE” shape. The design of fitting the human hand makes the products easier to use. Products with radians are more suitable for mastering. But again, we accept produce model customization. You can customize the shape of your requirements for the high density magic sponge cleaner you like.

custom high density melamine sponge
S shape & wave shape customized melamine sponge

The Textures of the High Density Melamine Foam

Because the high density melamine foam cleaner is stronger, so they can be pressed to create a variety of patterns.Such as rhombus and hexagons. These different patterns can enhance the friction of the sponges so that customers in the process of cleaning items more easily. This is an effect that only higher density melamine foam can achieve. Custom embossment require sponges at 10 density or above.

higher density magic eraser sponge
The high density melamine sponges with different embossments

High Density Melamine Foam Product With Soap

To make it more convenient for you to use in your daily use, our researchers have carried out relevant research and invented a sponge containing soap. High density melamine cleaning products containing soap do not need to add detergent again when you use it, just use water that can be foamed. The high density melamine foams with soap are suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, furniture, electric appliances, doors and windows, daily necessities, and other household cleanings. Convenient use only for better you.

melamine sponge with soap
high density melamine sponge with soap

The High Density Melamine Sponge Sheet

There is also a popular product on the market recently. Those are the magic sponge sheets which are a disposable product. It can be widely used in household cleaning work. Because of lighter and thinner, it can clean every nook and corner of your house. And when you’re done cleaning work, just throw it away. Clean and convenience are its main theme.

compressed melamine sponge sheets
Compressed high density magic sponge sheets