Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

The Introduction Of the Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

Simply understand, the magic melamine sponge with PU is the product with one side is the magic sponge and the other side is PU sponge. But the main material is the magic sponge. The advantage of doing this is that it can bring out the best in both of the two materials. The PU sponge’s raw material is polyurethane. This material absorbs water better. So this allows one side of the PU sponge to be used for wiping water and the other side of the magic sponge to be used for cleaning items. At the same time, this magical combination of the materials also makes the compound magic sponge more resilient and less likely to break during use.

magic melamine sponge with PU
magic cleaning sponge with PU

The Size Of the Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

The most popular sizes of the magic melamine sponge with PU on the market are 10x7x3 or 10x6x2. But all this can be changed according to the needs of the customers. Customers can customize magic sponge cleaning pad of different sizes according to their preferences and requirements. Even adjust the thickness of the products with two raw materials.

Topeco magic melamine sponge with PU
cleaning magic sponge with PU

The Color Of the Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

The color of the magic sponge with PU is the same as other products. The magic melamine sponges’ colors are white and pink. But the colors of the PU sponge are more optional. Such as blue, yellow, orange and soon. The combination of different colors makes the products look better. Customers can choose color combinations according to their preferences.

The Other Introductions Of the Magic Sponges With PU

The density of the magic melamine sponge is ten or more. Because only above ten density, the magic sponge is strong enough and can be combined with PU sponge. Meanwhile, due to its high density, this side of the magic melamine sponge is hard enough to print with drumbeats or patterns. In addition to this, we also produce the magic melamine block sponge for three layers. Easily say is that the middle is PU sponge and the other two sides are magic sponges. As there are two sides, so this kind of product has a longer service life.

magic melamine sponge with PU
new magic eraser sponge with PU

The Shape Of the Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

For the better use of the cleaning magic sponge with pu. We can also make special cuts to produce products with curved shapes. Such as the “S” shape or the circular shape. This streamlined design makes the products fitter for the people’s palms and convenient for cleaning work. Due to the strong cutting ability of high density magic sponge, we can also customize the different shapes of the products according to your requirements.

cleaning magic sponges with pu
PU sponge magic eraser shapes

The Using Range Of the Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

First of all, the magic melamine sponges with PU foam can be applied to all cleaning tasks of ordinary sponges. Like cleaning dirt and dust. But unlike the ordinary magic sponges, the magic melamine sponge has a deeper cleaning effect. You can see the difference between the two products’ surfaces with your eyes…At the same time, because the PU sponge is soft enough, so that the products can withstand the force use of customers and don’t break easily. In general, the multi-purpose magic compound sponge is mostly used in the kitchen, bathroom, electric appliances, glasses, porcelain, etc.

Better Resilience & Flexibility

It is more flexible than the original white magic cleaning sponge so that it is not easy to fall apart when scrubbing stains. This advantage allows you to scrub rusty metal objects better without worrying about them breaking easily. Meanwhile, the melamine sponge with PU sponge has good water absorption of PU sponge. This feature has made them popular in bars and coffee shops.

magic PU nano sponges
better water absorption of magic melamine sponge with PU

Good Magic Cleaning Sponge For Car

The product is known as a magic sponge car interior. However, the melamine sponge is not recommended for cleaning the vehicle body. May its abrasive power scratch the coating of the car. But you have a melamine sponge with PU, things are different. The soft PU foam side can clean the car body without any damage. Excellent! One sponge can solve all car cleaning works.

The Packing Of the Magic Melamine Sponge With PU

In general, our company offers sealed transport in OPP bags. Because it is the lightest and cheapest. But also we try our best to do the packaging according to customers needs, such as boxes or paper bags.