Magic Sponge Melamine

Do You Really Know Magic Sponge Melamine?

Magic sponge melamine also known as Nano sponge, melamine sponge, magic sponge, or magic sponge eraser, is safe melamine as raw material made of high-temperature foam, with a porous three-dimensional mesh structure. The secret behind these types of erasers is a material commonly called melamine foam. With just a little water, melamine foam can dig in and destroy stains that other products can’t touch.

Each particle is smaller than one ten-thousandth of a hair. It is non-toxic, harmless, and tasteless, which is the most conducive to cleaning. The reason why it is called a nano melamine sponge is that its effectiveness is extremely obvious, only after wetting something you need to clean, like being enchanted, the effect is immediate. So when you put it in water and squeeze it, the stain absorbed on a sponge will naturally fall off in the water.

Besides the magic sponges melamine can be used again with a convenient function. Magic sponge melamine also has a 99.9% natural anti-bacterial effect, safe and hygienic. Magic eraser can be designed in many types, such as composite nano sponge, single nano sponge, and so on. In addition, when you search online, the variety of search keywords you can choose like nano sponges, melamine cleaning sponges, Magic nano erasers, Melamine sponges, High-density sponge, Magic cleaning sponge, Compound magic cleaning sponge, and Compressed magic sponge. The color of the magic sponge melamine has gray, white, and pink. Magic sponge melamine made with melamine foam might be just what you need.

 what is the magic sponge melamine
Made by nano particle, non-toxic, harmless, and tasteless

The Using Scale of Magic Sponge Melamine

Is magic sponge melamine just can be used in a kitchen? The answer is not. Stain removal  isn’t the only thing this melamine foam is useful for. It actually has a variety of applications. Because of its benefits, the high-density magic sponge includes a wide variety of uses, such as porcelain cleaning(dishes, tableware, tea set, bathroom, bathtub, toilet, sink, mop pool, etc), home appliances cleaning(television, refrigerator, microwave oven, oven, air conditioner, fan, rice cooker, etc), leather cleaning(automobile and its interior, leather furniture, sofa, leather bag, travel shoes, etc), office cleaning(desk, computer keyboard, printer, copier, telephone, file cabinet and other surface stubborn stains), kitchen cleaning(faucet, sink outlet, wash basin, stove hood, gas hood stand, etc), and glass cleaning(door and window glass, decorative glass, fitting mirror, vase, lamps and lanterns, and other stubborn stains).

Indeed, cleaning implements of cut or molded pieces of melamine foam have become popular to remove soils and/or stains from hard surfaces.

using scale of magic sponge melamine
High density nano sponge can be used in different areas and spaces

How to Use Magic Sponges Melamine?

Step 1. Wet the magic sponges melamine in water without detergent, and you can cut the magic sponges melamine into any size piece you need.

Step 2. Gently squeeze out excess water with your hands, no need to wring water.

Step 3. Remove stains by gently rubbing the area to be cleaned. When wiping items, to avoid damaging items that are easily brittle and cracked, do not use excessive force.

Step 4. Wiping the floating stains with a dried rag.

Step 5. Just soak the used nano sponge in water or rinse it under the faucet without wringing it, the dirt can be dissolved by itself. Magic sponges melamine can be used repeatedly

Simple using steps in high quality

Six Profound Characters of Magic Sponge Melamine

In addition to magic sponge melamine’s excellent absorption and heat insulation, compared with other products of the same type, its advantages also lie in high flame retardant, environmental protection, health, and safety. There are mainly six characters of magic sponge melamine as follows:

Fireproof: the magic eraser is non-toxic, non-combustible, and self-extinguishing after contact with an open flame.

Efficient cleaning: no need for any detergent, just wet with water can easily remove stains. Stains that cannot be cleaned by ordinary detergents can be easily removed with strong stain removal power.

Sound absorption: magic sponge melamine with high porosity of 99% makes it easy and fast for sound waves to enter the interior of the foam body and absorb the sound waves.

Thermal insulation: magic sponge melamine is made by a three-dimensional grid structure which makes the convective heat transfer of air effectively blocked.

Thermostability: long-time working temperature is about 200°C, and the short-term peak temperature can reach 240°C.

Lightweight: magic sponge melamine is the lightest plastic, with a minimum density of 4kg/m³.

six characters of  magic sponge melamine
Magic sponge melamine with strong cleaning power

Magic Sponges Melamine with PU

How do design the magic sponge melamine more exquisite? Of course combine a single nano sponge with other materials, such as PU(polyurethane),non-woven fabrics, and a scouring pad.

What is PU? Polyurethane is an emerging organic polymer material with efficient cleaning function, loose pores, and soft and elastic. Its characters including heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant, anti-static, good air permeability, strong water absorption, flexibility, low cost, long service life, not easy to deformation, non-polluting, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly, not afraid of abrasion, corrosion resistance, tensile strength. Combined with nano magic sponge , the density can be 16-18kg/m³, and 23-25kg/m³. Compound magic sponge with PU makes the double-sided magic sponge thicker, not easy to drop scum, better decontamination effect. Besides the combined design makes the sponge more durable and long-lasting, which rich design will appeal to more people.

magic sponge melamine with PU
Nano sponge with compound design

The Special Design of Magic sponge Melamine with Non-Woven Fabrics

Because Non-woven fabrics are a kind of fabric formed without spinning and weaving. Only the textile short fibers or filaments are oriented or randomly braced to form a fiber network structure, and then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding, or chemical methods. Due to the advantages of this Non-woven fabrics themselves,  such as moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, flame retardant, non-toxic and odorless, inexpensive, recyclable, etc., They can be used in different industries, such as sound insulation, heat insulation, electric heaters, masks, clothing, medical, filling materials, etc. Compared to conventional sponges, Magic foam sponge have some advantages. For one thing, increased toughness of the nano sponge, more durable, and stronger cleaning power. The different design enhances the magic sponge melamine cleaning effect as well as beautifying its appearance. For this reason, we think Magic sponge melamine is a great tool for deep cleaning those stubborn stains.

Dobble-side design increased cleaning power

Popular Design of Magic Sponge Melamine with Scouring Pad

As we all know, the scouring pad can be used for commercial and civil use, including sand cloth and non-sand cloth products, commercial cloth can be widely used for decorative decoration, metal polishing, and items polishing, etc., which is a new product with wide market use. Civil cleaning cloths are kitchen cleaning products that do not contain sand, including kitchen cloths, sponge cloths, and multi-functional cleaning brushes, used for cleaning and washing dishes, absolutely no damage to the surface of objects, durable, is a new generation of cleaning appliances.

The scouring pad has the advantages of water resistance, oil resistance, less wear and tear, and strong cleaning strength. Apparently, the benefits of magic sponges melamine are manifested in many ways. Firstly the scouring pad is not easy to fall off, doubling the cleaning power. Secondly, magic sponge eraser is wear-resistant and not easily deformed, increasing the toughness and elasticity of a single nano sponge. Thirdly, double-sided design, the scouring pad side can effectively remove hard stains. Fourthly, the rough texture of the scouring pad increases its friction and has a better stain removal effect.

Water resistance, oil resistance, less wear and tear, and strong cleaning strength

Magic Sponge Melamine is a Good Helper in the Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, in the Chinese kitchen concept, I think dishwashing is undoubtedly at the bottom of the list when ranked in terms of comfort! Dishwashing is the bottom of the kitchen cleaning, so people struggling at the sink want a magic tool to help them get through this time quickly. Then the nano sponge comes in handy. Nano sponges are inexpensive, clean well, and leave no handprints during the wiping process.

Whether it’s kitchen dishes or sinks, faucets, even stubborn stains in hoods and ovens can be easily removed, but also retains the original luster of the item. It is not irritating to use and does not harm the skin. Cut into small pieces, stains in dead corners are not a problem. Magic eraser melamine also saves the cost of cleaning and is environmentally friendly, and durable. I think kitchen cleaning will become much easier with the nano sponge melamine.

Magic sponge melamine can deeply clean dead corners in the kitchen

Matters Need Attention for Magic Sponges Melamine

Do not swallow

Do not use it on the human body

Using different types of nano magic sponges depending on the degree of dirt.

Please wipe with a little force for the stubborn stains

Using advices of magic sponges melamine

Quote of Magic Sponges Melamine

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