The Characteristics of Original Magic Sponge

The Brief Introduce of the original Magic Sponge

The original magic sponge is also called the nano sponge, the magic sponge, melamine sponge, physical decontamination sponge, and magic eraser sponge. It is a new type of environmental protection cleaning product in the 21st century, which is developed by new nanotechnology and has the characteristics of insipidness, non-toxic and harmless. Each particle is smaller than a thousandth of a strand of hair. And pure white is the main color of the original magic sponges. Now in many developed countries, the original magic sponge has replaced the traditional polyurethane sponge and scouring pad.

original magic sponge
original magic sponge with various sizes

The Material of the Original Magic Sponge

The original magic sponge is made of 100% melamine foam. And, the magic sponge has a strict processing technology in the process of production. In addition to this, we also have strict requirements for the selection of materials or the industry’s leading automated protection technology. The new refined production and processing process, such as foaming, cutting, packing, and soon. That makes the quality of our products from the beginning of the production and processing have received multiple checks.

High Quality Original Magic Sponge

By the way, the original magic sponge we produce is certified by professional organizations. We have got many certification reports. The well-known you know, such as SGS, CRS, and MADS. We can make sure that our products are not like other products on the market. We are completely free of toxic and harmful substances. For example, when you purchase or use it, our product doesn’t contain a trace of formaldehyde. Our original magic sponge slogan is insipidness, non-toxic and harmless, and we do it. Therefore, you can rest assured to use our products. You can rest assured to use our products to enjoy a healthy and green life.

original magic sponges
original magic sponge with SGS report

The Use of Traditional Sponges

I’m sure you have used traditional sponges and have long been troubled by some of the drawbacks of traditional sponges. The decontamination effect of the traditional sponge is not significant in the consensus of the industry. It will make you laborious in the process of using it. At the same time, you should also use detergent to better decontamination. That will cause you to use a lot of water during the rinse process. And it is easy to breed bacteria or produce peculiar smells when you use it.

The Super Performance of the Original Magic Sponge

But, our original magic sponge cleaner can completely help you solve these problems. Their unique structures make them effective for physical decontamination. The original magic sponge relies on the nano-capillary opening structure in the sponge, it can automatically absorb the stains on the surface of the object during the wiping process. It can remove stubborn stains only with some water without any detergent. This is really a green and environmental-friendly product.

original magic eraser sponge
Fast cleaning and easy to rinse

Compared to PU Sponges

Some people may say that PU sponge also has these excellent properties. But we can truly tell you that they are wrong. PU sponge‘s main component is polyurethane. Although it can also have a strong absorbent, its air permeability is too poor. People still use its insulative, heat insulation, and softness more. Such as various kinds of mats and varieties of machinery manufacturing industries used. As for a cleaning product, it has a softer texture and is not durable. And the important thing is that some PU sponges may have hide bacteria easily if no thorough rinsing. Topeco innovative magic melamine sponge with pu combinates both advantages.

Safer & Healthier Original Magic Sponge

However, you don’t have to worry about these problems with original sponges. The original sponge is a structure bubble with a special kind of open pore. That gives it a fine structure, which makes it more flexible and do a more thorough cleaning than other sponges. You can scrub dirt without worrying about damage. Its safe and fast cleaning is believed to be the best choice for you to buy.

original magic cleaning sponge
Wipe stains away instantly with Topeco magic sponge

The Advantage Price of the Original Magic Sponge

Our original magic sponges are currently a second-generation product. The density of our original sponges is 6.5-8.5 kg/m3. Well, we have the high density magic sponge. Because we have the most advanced automatic production, our production efficiency is higher. So that, for the same products, we can give you the most favorable price. And the price varies according to the quality. We assure you that our original magic sponges are the best at the same price.

How to Use Original Magic Sponge

They are very simple to use. It can be easily used by both the aged and the children. Firstly, wet the original magic sponge with water. Secondly, gently squeeze the sponge to squeeze out the excess moisture and keep it moist. Don’t twist it. Thirdly, gently wipe the dirt on the surface in the same direction. For stubborn dirt, wipe strength can be increased appropriately. Fourthly, after wiping and floating (not absorbed) dirt, please use a rag or paper towels to wipe dry. Finally, wash the sponge in water without twisting and rubbing. The dirt can be dissolved out by itself and can be used repeatedly.

original magic sponge uses
How to use magic sponge correctly

The Easiest Cleaning Method

Because the original magic sponge has a nanoscale capillary opening structure. Therefore during the wiping process, the stain on the surface of the object is automatically absorbed into the magic nano sponge. You can obviously feel that it is very labor-saving in the process of use. Even a child can easily scrub things clean. At the same time,

The Environment Protection of the Original Magic Sponge

It can be easily competent to clean the uneven surface and the deep stubborn dirt. The proudest part of the original magic sponge is that it doesn’t need a chemical cleaner. And it needs only 30-40% of the water consumption of that the traditional cleaning method can be used. That means it greatly reduces sewage discharge and saves water resources. Your kindness to nature might start with the purchase of a small magic block sponge.

extra thick original eraser sponges
clean with less water alone

The Range of Applications of Original Magic Sponge

The original magic sponge can effectively clean tea dirt, grime, dirt water scale, soap dirt, etc. And it can play a better decontamination effort on hard and smooth surfaces(such as ceramic, plastic board, glass, stainless steel). In daily life, magic sponge uses are is pretty wide, like the kitchen, bathroom, and all kinds of home appliances. Just a little water will be able to do the household cleaning task. It can be competent whether they are ceramic products, plastics, office equipment, electrical appliances, glass products, leather products, or metal products. You must pay attention to turn off the electric power when you clean electrical products.

original extra thick magic sponge
Multi functional magic cleaning sponge

Heavy Oil Cleaning With Original Magic Sponge

Even supermen have their weaknesses and our original magic sponges are no exception. Due to the strong adsorption capacity of our products, in order to ensure that your home items get better care, it is recommended that you use them with caution in the following situations. The first place where the oil is particularly thick. Because the thick oil will be close adsorption with the original magic sponge blocks. It is difficult to clean down, so this situation is not recommended to use. But you can use a cleaner to remove the surface oil first, and then use a sponge for a further dirt wipe.

More Cautions When Cleaning

The second is leather products that are easy to fade. If you want to use it, please try to wipe it in an inconspicuous place first, the effect can be used in a large area. The third place is for painted electric screens. Because of the concern that the coating will be wiped off during the wiping process will affect the viewing effect, so as far as possible to avoid wiping this type of screen. Finally, unlike traditional sponges, our original magic eraser will wear out during use (just like erasers), which is a normal phenomenon.

Best Wishes to You

High quality products mean a better life, we believe that our products will bring you a good using experience. Welcome to buy magic sponge here. And once again to you and your family send sincere wishes.

original nano sponges
Topeco magic eraser brings you an easier life.