How To Buy Magic Sponge

The Brief Introduction of Magic Sponge

Before we talk about how to buy magic sponge, let me briefly introduce it to you. The magic sponge is a new kind of environmental product. Its super physical cleaning method attracted everybody’s attention in recent years. One magic sponge can replace partial or entire functions of the rag, PU sponge, or steel wool. Not only does it save detergent, but it also reduces much more time and effort.

Topeco Clean white cleaning sponge
buy magic sponge

The Background Information About How To Buy Magic Sponge

As demand increases, the market sprouted a mixture of manufacturers-good, bad and indifferent. A lot of good and bad magic sponges intermingled. On the face of it, buyers are difficult to distinguish and buy premium magic sponge just by pictures, product descriptions, or Email. But the field visit is not attainable for every buyer.

Ask For Samples Before Buy Magic Sponge

Before you decide to buy magic sponge from one manufacturer, you can ask for samples of some types that you prefer. Topeco Clean is one of them which can provide free samples. After you receive, you can judge whether you like it according to its appearance, feeling by touching, cleaning effect, or even you can test it by certifying authority. But not every seller is willing to post samples to you for free. You also have to learn how to distinguish by other methods.

buy magic eraser with free sample
free samples provided by Topeco Clean

Is It Right To Buy Relatively Expensive Magic Sponge?

If we can get a high-quality magic sponge with a low price, nobody is willing to pay more money. In the age of economic globalization, it is unworkable that no good goods have a low price. In China, no matter raw material, human labor, and transportation cost, the manufacturers can obtain a lower cost. That means you can get a competitive price, not because of the so-called inferior quality. Topeco Clean is a top manufacturer with various advantages in China.

The Most Important Factor When Buy Magic Sponge

What you value most is still the quality when buying magic sponge. The large-scale factory which has its independent technology and advanced production lines is more trustworthy. The factory of Topeco Clean has such ability, which not only ensures the stable high-quality but also makes your orders finish in time. Furthermore, our company is willing to share more profits with customers due to our high productivity. As the below picture showed, the magic sponge of bulk purchase to the USA has been ready for loading on the truck only within 2days.

magic sponge from Topeco Clean
strong production capacity of Topeco Clean

How To Observe It From Appearance When You Buy Magic Sponge

At first, the premium magic sponge is odorless. The second, the open-cells are super fine and even, you can see them against the light. Thirdly, due to better elasticity, it will come back if you poke it with one finger. Fourthly, the magic sponge has three common colors, pure white and light pink, and gray. If you scan the website showing other colors, they could be not real magic melamine sponge, but except for compound magic sponge.

buy magic sponge with fine open-cells
Topeco Clean magic sponges with fine open cells

The Certificate of Quality

You have to notice the quality certificate when you decide to buy magic sponge. To better show products to customers, Topeco Clean obtains the authoritative certification tested by the international SGS Group. That means that the magic sponges are non-toxic and qualified products. Simple as it sounds, getting the certificate needs advanced and mature production techniques.

Buy Magic Sponge With Powerful Cleaning Ability

It is the character of the premium magic sponge, strong cleaning power. No matter scuff marks on baseboards or oil stains on oven, it works excellent, like magic. Besides, it does a great job of cleaning walls, especially kid’s masterpiece with crayon or mark pen. The magic sponge also can wipe shoes, purses, and suitcases, keep your trip clean and comfortable.

wonder sponge with powerful cleaning ability
cleaning spilled oil and sauce in oven by Topeco Clean magic sponge

The Capacity To Producing High-density Magic Sponge

The original density is 8kg/m3. Not every factory can produce high-density magic sponge, like 16kg/m3, 24kg/m3, and 32kg/m3, because of the upgraded and high technical content. The high-density magic sponge has fantastic performance on better durability and cleaning power. The factory of Topeco Clean not only can produce high-density but also the compound magic sponge, magic sponge brush, the magic sponge cloth, and so on. Before deciding to buy magic sponge, it is necessary to pay more attention to the production capacity of this manufacturer.

buy high quality cleaning sponge
4x compressed magic sponge with 32kg/m3

How To Distinguish Inferior quality When You Buy Magic Sponge

Firstly, due to the untested technique, more chemical residues will make it smell pungent. Moreover, the surfaces look dull, and the distribution of rough open-cells is not even. If you press it, this magic sponge will not return immediately, let alone cleaning power. The inferior one can’t clean so many surfaces and fall apart soon.

Buy Magic Sponge When Major Promotions

If you choose to buy and store some magic sponge, you can keep an eye on the sales promotion on the shopping platform. For example, Alibaba will launch time-limited sales promotions in March, September, and November. You get not only the discount from the platform but also from online shops. But maybe your order is urgent, and you also want to get a preferential price. Under this situation, Topeco Clean can help, and contact them!

buy magic sponge on big promotion
buy magic sponge on big promotion

Where To Buy Magic Sponge

I hope that I wrote can practically help you. In the final analysis, where can you buy magic sponges? Which company can provide premium products at a reasonable price? Topeco clean have a production experience of nearly ten years old. The advanced production lines and various cutting machines ensure high quality and neat looks. The customization production satisfies demands from all over the world, exported to more than ten countries, like the UK, USA, Korea, and NZ. It’s proud that Topeco Clean magic sponges obtain widely praised.

where to buy magic eraser sponge
magic sponge processing workshop of Topeco Clean’s factory

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