Magic Foam Sponges

When dealing with difficult stains what cleaning tools will come to your mind? Have you considered a magic foam sponges at that moment? If yes, I want to tell you that you are getting a sponge baby. Magic foam sponge can figure out almost every hard cleaning task that you faced in life. So have you heard it magic cleaning power from your friends or neighbors?

magic foam sponges
best for cleaning around your house

How does the Magic Foam Sponges Work?

Melamine foam, the magic behind magic foam sponges, is the main material made from the sponge. It is have been used for decades as insulation and soundproofing material in the industry field. At that time, it can be used as a cleaning tool that has not been discovered. But about ten years ago, some scientists and smarty-pants melamine foam was also an effective abrasive cleaner. According to that discovery, a series of magic eraser sponges appears on the market. Many suppliers do that business just because it really helps us tackle many difficult cleaning tasks.

The reason why magic foam sponge clean works so amazing is because when melamine resin cures into foam, its microstructure becomes almost as hard as glass – causing it to act like super-fine sandpaper on stains. The abrasive foam loosens up dirt and grime, and the open cell of the foam sucks it in and traps it there. Using under dampening the magic foam sponges without any detergent or any other chemical cleaners. The object will be cleaned as new. It’s similar to getting a washcloth wet before scrubbing the kitchen counter.

melamine foam sponges
melamine foam sponges

Is Magic Foam Sponges Safe to Use?

YES! Internal ingredient of amagic foam sponges is melamine foam, which is used within a safe limit. In addition, melamine foam is the active component of a number of magic foam sponges, manufactured by several manufacturers worldwide. Finding a cleaning product that can do such a good job without using chemicals is a so hard task. But this small white sponge block is just that. Meet our needs. Let’s show you a few facts to help you put you at ease if you still worry about the safety of melamine foam.

  • The name of magic eraser(formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer) contains the word formaldehyde that why some people thought is it not safe. However, this ingredient is not formaldehyde and does not pose health or safety risks. It is safe to use since formaldehyde is not and never has been an ingredient in magic foam sponge.
  • No ingredient inside the magic eraser is subject to any health-related labeling laws in North America or Europe.
  • A series of experiments show that there is no formaldehyde overload. It has good physical stability and is insoluble in water. All parameters meet the standard and can be used with confidence.
  • One of the characteristics of formaldehyde is that it is extremely soluble in water, and it is usually used to wash dishes with a nano sponge magic eraser after soaking in water first. And the pore structure is up to 95% or more, easy to absorb water. So even if the nano sponge magic wipe inside some formaldehyde, dissolved in water after the residue is very little. And formaldehyde use is not in a confined space, and so on not to stack how much, it has dissipated.
fashionable magic foam sponge
white nano sponge

What is the Advantage of a Magic Foam Sponges?

  • Magic foam sponges enter the cleaning market over 10 years, and its benefits have also been discovered by the masses.
  • Cheap. You can buy a box of white nano melamine sponges that just cost a couple of dollars. It can be used again and again. Cutting your spending on cleaning tools is not a problem.
  • Water absorption is strong. The internal porous structure is the key element, which can lock stains firmly in place.
  • Useful. When not in use, it can be completely dry to harden, so that bacteria can not breed. The magic foam sponge will quickly soften when it meets water.
  • Tough. It is strong in nature and can resist pulling and tearing. One against ten can withstand many times of use.
  • Physical decontamination. Just use some water when cleaning without any chemical cleaners.
multifunctional magic sponge eraser
multifunctional magic sponge eraser

Magic Foam Sponges-Cut Your Spending in Cleaning Tools

Cutting magic foam sponges into many small pieces easily appeals to us most when we choose it as a cleaning tool. When you cut it into a piece that you needed, no sponge crumbles, no crack. Good quality guarantees the using feelings.Cutting into small rounds might best suit cleaning your shoes.For the dead corners between windows, cutting into small ones with a point can save much time for you to clean. For tiny handicraft toys, a small square sponge block can all-around clean up stains on the surface with no scratch.

magic melamine foam eraser
save your spending

Magic Foam Sponges–Remove Sticker and Label Residue

Have you tried so much when facing sticky stains on walls or baseboards? I believe you might be encountered such a situation at home. So what should we do? Magic foam sponge will be the right cleaning tool at that moment.

Maybe many people are curious about what the seemingly ordinary sponge can do with magic. Because of fine magic sponge material, it can automatically absorb stains on the surface of the object during the wiping process after dipping in water. When wiping sticky stains, wipe the located dirt again and again. The magic will appear after wiping a couple of times.

magic cleaning sponge
remove sticker and label residue

Magic Foam Sponge For Lifting Coffee and Tea Stains

Frankly, I do not believe a magic foam sponge can clean up a tea scale without no detergent when I first heard that. Due to being recommended by my friends, then I took a sponge home with a skeptical attitude to try, after using my attitude toward the sponge has changed greatly.

I use it to clean my tea cup that fully stick the tawny tea scale when I first got the magic foam sponges. The excellent cleaning power made me can believe what I saw. I just dampen it and wipe it, the magic appears in front of me.

Whatever stains on the cup lid or the bottom of the glass, a piece of magic foam sponges can wipe it all up easily. You can wet the sponge many times as you are cleaning. The magic will happen under the faucet. In just several minutes, the magic sponge can back you a new glass that you can not imagine. Get one, you will be surprised by that.

melamine foam sponge
magic foam sponge lift coffee and tea stains

Magic Foam Sponges Whiten Sneakers Again

It goes without saying that white sneakers are easy to put on but hard to clean. You just need to get one magic foam sponges damp with water. Soak it and wring it out and it to be ready for scrubbing your sneakers. Then, scrub your sneakers, focusing on any marks or stains they may have. Depending on how bad the stains are on your sneakers, applying a fair of pressure is needed. Finally, if there still have any stains showing, please dry your sneakers and cleaning repeatedly. The sneakers look like new again and you can save the sponge for the next time you get a stain, just re-wet, it and clean the shoes again.

magic foam cleaning sponge
cleaning sneakers

Compound Magic Foam Sponge

Apart from the original white nano sponge, many designs of magic sponges here come into reality. Nano sponge with PU is combining the white sponge with the original sponge. Both substances are best for cleaning. Nano sponge with scouring pad and nano sponge with non-woven fibers, mix produced cleaning tools double cleaning power.

Popular colors of nano sponges like white, pink, and gray. Combining with PU, scouring pad, and non-woven fibers, different colors can be designed.

high quality compound magic sponges
high-density compound magic erasers

Where to Buy Magic Foam Sponge

Mr, Topeco supplies magic foam sponges that have passed SGS, MSDS, CRS, and international quality recognition. That means that the sponge products here are guaranteed. Topeco clean expend the marketing to the Alibaba selling platform, Made In China platform, and Topeco Clean Website. We wish to help people to have a more sample and comfortable life by Topeco Clean magic foam sponges.

The main product we support includes: magic sponge blocks, magic eraser sponge, magic melamine sponge, white magic cleaning sponge, compressed magic sponge, compound magic sponge, magic sponge mop, the magic sponge brush, and special-shaped magic sponge.

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