Magic Sponge Quality

Magic sponge quality has been noticed among the messes long. As we all know, except for the price, the quality of the magic sponge is the main reason listed on the purchase items. Since the magic sponge enters the cleaning products industry, its topics and manufacturers have received a lot of attention online and offline. Factories emerging facilitate the popularity of the magic sponge, rendering it more hot. Today, as a user, I want to express my personal using experiences to you. Hope to give you valuable buying advice.

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Why Is The Magic Sponge Qualty Better?

The usage of a magic cleaning sponge is the reason why we are always passionate about it. Before reading this article, you may have done a lot of homework on the uses of the magic cleaning sponge wipe. The wide range of uses has made the sponge popular all over the world, and that is why we want to talk about it in detail. How well do you know the usage of sponges? This text takes you through its magical uses and mysteries.

1.Wipe the tea scum from the bottom of the pot and cup. Convenient and good cleaning.Easy to use and easy to operate. Use without other stain removers, magic sponge wipes to return your new tea set.

2.In order to improve the preservation of apples, some unscrupulous businesses will put industrial paraffin wax on apples (the mercury and lead contained will penetrate into the flesh and affect health), especially since imported apple waxing is more common. Magic sponge directly covers the surface of the peel directly wipe, can quickly and easily remove fruit wax, and clear pesticide residues.

3.Clean footprints, scratches, graffiti, etc. from the walls. The cleaning force is even and will not scratch the wall. Strong cleaning power, safe not to hurt your hands.

4.Clean up the floor. High cleaning power magic sponge, can effectively remove water stains, and oil stains on the floor. Does not leave a watermark.

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How To Identify Magic Sponge Quality

There are more and more cleaning sponges on the market, but their quality is uneven. Identifying magic sponge quality becomes more important. Today, I would like to teach you a few tricks on how to buy high-quality cleaning wipes.

1.A high-quality magic sponge feels softer and smoother, with better elasticity. Poor quality sponges feel relatively rough and their elasticity is poor, good sponge are generally not easy to tear.

2.Pure nano sponge has a higher density of opening pores, with small and more uniformly arranged pores. Adulterated or poor-quality sponge pores are larger, and the arrangement between the pores on the surface of the sponge is more uneven.

3.Premium magic sponge elasticity and rebound are also good, support force is also relatively strong. Extrusion can quickly rebound and is not easily deformed. On the contrary, the sponge adulterated by external extrusion dented deformation and is not easy to rebound.

4.Identify by smell, normal sponge will have a little smell. But if the use of poor quality raw materials will have an unbearable odor.

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Magic Sponge Quality Wholesale

Topeco Clean, as an export and import company, enters the household cleaning products market over 20 years. Topeco clean is a professional manufacturer and processor of magic sponge wipes, magic sponge brushes, magic sponge cloth, non-woven fabric, nano sponges with PU, scouring pads, and other household cleaning products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. We have our own factory with a warehouse and factory covering about 30,000 square kilometers. We guarantee timely delivery and provide OEM and ODM services.

Product customization service is one of the highlights of our company. According to your requirements, our professional design product engineers will meet your needs as much as possible. The magic sponge quality here has received international quality recognition like SGS, MSDS, and CRS. We are wholesalers specializing in cleaning goods to provide you with the most satisfactory prices.

Henan Topeco Clean Import & Export Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength, and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide, and discuss business.

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Magic Sponge Quality Review

Magic sponge quality reviews received from our customers prove that magic sponge quality is worth trusting. Melamine foam is the main material made of the nano sponge. It is the mystery behind the magic sponge. Why do people like the magic cleaning sponge eraser most? Definitely the cleaning effect. It is the best way to clean up all messes around home. Do you experience that?

Internal porous and microfibers structure enhances its water absorption, which makes the sponge can easily absorb stains and oil grime on the surface. What’s more, eco-friendly is a good feature of the sponge, appealing to us most. The most amazing thing is that it does not need to be used with any chemical cleaners or detergent, the sponge alone can wipe off the dust as long as the water. Applying a physical decontamination mechanism is the best review people can say about the magic sponge quality.

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Magic Sponge Quality With High Water Absorption

A better magic sponge quality is a waterproof material, using nanomaterial surface treatment to form a hydrophobic surface to achieve a waterproof effect. It is breathable and impervious to water and effectively dilutes surface stains. The magic sponge saves detergent and has a very good ability to absorb stains, making it a very good dishwashing utensil.

The mystery here is the nano, which is a particle smaller than a water molecule. The reason why it is waterproof is that the water molecules cannot penetrate, just like you put apples inside the bottle is a reason. Cleaning only needs 30-40% of the water consumption than traditional cleaning methods, greatly reducing sewage discharge and saving water resources. Safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for modern home cleaning. The melamine itself is insoluble in water, online exposure about its toxicity is not true.

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Magic Sponge Quality Suppliers

Topeco clean, a professional household cleaning industry supplier in China, has developed many magic sponges. The white magic sponge here is factory direct sales products. Our trade is exported all over the world, such as in Canada, South Africa, the USA, UK, and Malaysia. Orders from any country are accepted here, and our service and product quality are well received by everyone. The best-selling model in Topeco Clean is the white nano sponge block, whose scope of use and properties are mentioned above. We hope it will bring you convenience in your life.

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How To Keep Magic Sponge Quality

Nano sponge is a great household cleaning sponge to store. To ensure the dryness of the magic sponge storage environment. Too dry or wet is not suitable for storing sponges. In a too humid environment, the sponge tends to absorb some moisture. If the sponge is too light, the probability of weight and moisture increase will increase. If the sponge is heavy, mold and mildew will also occur. The environment that is too dry will be affected by the temperature, and the product elasticity and structural strength will be affected. So storage to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to ensure that the surrounding environment of ventilation and dryness, so as to better ensure the use of product performance. Here’s an explanation for you on how to store it.

1.The sponge’s inherent open-hole structure has a breathable effect, so it is not easy to mold. However, to prevent bacteria from growing, please squeeze the excess water after using the sponge. Put it in a ventilated place, it is not recommended to expose it to the sun.

2.It is recommended to store in a place out of reach of children as well as pets. To prevent children from swallowing the sponge and causing physical harm.

3.It is not recommended to use the sponge in hot water.

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Magic Sponges Quality Eraser

In fact, the magic sponge eraser itself is a consumable product, because it is composed of countless nano-sized particles. The wipe will be like an eraser’s natural wear and tear, and gradually become smaller. It is not the same as the ordinary cleaning sponge we normally use to wash dishes. Ordinary cleaning sponge is a little more expensive, a sponge is often used for a long time without replacement, easy to breed bacteria, cleaning effect is also general. The nano cleaning sponge eraser has natural antibacterial properties, using a more clean and hygienic. But the life of the nano sponge is not long, especially in the wipe oil and other serious stains after the loss will be faster. So it is normal to always have a few boxes of nano sponges at home.

In addition, another way to identify magic sponge quality is to observe how it consumes. High-density melamine magic sponge will not wear out so quickly, more wear-resistant. The low price of the loss of particularly fast, wash a thing may have to use several pieces, more waste.

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