Magic Sponge Cleaning Pad

Magic Sponge Cleaning Pad Top Quality

Offering the best magic sponge cleaning pad and the top factory producing, Topeco Clean values customer experience first. Therefore, our company takes product quality as the fundamental. If our company were a tree, top quality is the primary soil, and customer experience gives us continuous nutrition. So, we carefully control every step. Make sure that every customer will get the magic sponge cleaning pads with top quality finally.

magic sponge cleaning pad
compound magic cleaning sponge

Magic Sponge Cleaner Pad White

Topeco Clean’s white magic sponge cleaner pad is the most widely used color. We supply both original and extra-durable white magic sponge cleaning pads. Besides, white magic cleaning original sponges have polyporous structures. So, white sponge original has wonderful characters of water-absorbing and strong dirt-removing power. Moreover, extra durable white magic sponge cleaning pads have a longer service lifespan, compared with the white magic sponge eraser original. Topeco Clean’s microfiber magic sponge pad white is quite popular now all over the world.

best magic sponge cleaning pad
white premium magic sponge pad

Magic Sponge Cleaning Pad Uses

How to use magic sponge cleaning pads? You need to follow the three steps below. First, grab one piece of magic nano sponge and use scissors to cut the size you need. If the pad size is just perfect for you, please ignore this step. Then, you need to put the sponge under the running water and get them wet enough. Now, you will see the little Topeco Clean sponge full of water like small fish drinking enough water. Turn off the tap and press the magic sponge cleaning pad and squeeze out the extra water. Finally, wipe on your kitchen, wall, floor, office everywhere you want.

how to use magic cleaning sponge pad
how to use topeco clean magic sponge

Magic Eraser Sponge Pad Multifunctional

Do you know how the magic sponge pad is multifunctional? The magic eraser sponges of Topeco Clean functions well in different sections such as magic nano sponge for bathroom, for your pool, for kitchen, and magic sponge cleaning leather, floor, and magic melamine sponge pads for walls. In addition, you can use them for your car interior, glass, and tiles.

multifunctional magic sponge cleaning pad
multifunctional magic sponge household cleaning products

Magic Sponge Cleaning Pad Walls

Why do we use a magic sponge cleaning pad for walls? Let’s find out the secret of Topeco Clean magic sponge walls cleaner pads. Do you feel annoyed about children’s graffiti, mark, and crayon on your white walls? Are there some dirty footprints or fingerprints on walls by kids? Maybe, you can always find black splotch, stains, or unidentified dark scratches on the walls? Now, pick one piece of Topeco Clean magic sponge cleaning pad. At first, wet your sponges. Then, scrub gently from different directions. Please notice that not scratch violently. What’s more, magic sponge cleaning pads are able to clean the dirt without destroying the surface layer of your wall.

cleaning pad magic sponge for walls
magic cleaning spong pad – good tool to clean walls

Magic Sponge Cleaning Pad Bathroom

Topeco Clean magic sponge cleaning pad erases the dirt, grimes, and soap scum easily. Just wet your magic cleaning sponges without any detergent. You can wipe the shower room, including the bathtub, sink, tiles wall, even the showerhead, and pedestal. When cleaning the metal shower faucet and pedestal, Topeco Clean magic sponge cleaning erasers can polish them and make them a new look again.

magic sponge cleaning pad bathroom
magic melamine sponge polishing faucet with water scum

Magic Sponge Pad For Pool

Do you have the same feeling that your pool can’t stay clear and is always green? Now, we have a smarter idea to remove the impurities in the water. This trick requires no effort and no scrubbing. At first, put one Topeco Clean magic sponge pad into your pool skimmer basket. Leave the magic sponge cleaning pad for about 8 hours. You will see crystal clear blue in your pool after a night. Do you want to know why? Topeco Clean magic cleaning sponges have thousands of open-pore inside. So, many customers use our magic nano cleaning pads as a filter.

magic cleaning sponge pads
magic sponge cleaning filtering feculence in pool

Magic Eraser Clean Pading Ovens

The oven is a thick oil part. How to clean a dirty and greasy oven? You only need a piece of Topeco Clean magic sponge pad sponges. So, what we call it magic sponge cleaning pad ovens. It’s extra durable than the ordinary one. Furthermore, you only need to add some water and wipe the metal shelf, interior and external surfaces. Magic sponge cleaning pad ovens give you a brand new oven. In addition, it also cleans well other home appliances such as microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, and other smooth surfaces.

China magic sponge cleaning pad
magic sponges cleaning pad for cleaning gas oven

Magic Sponge Cleaning Pad Floor

The magic sponge pad floor cleaning is round shape or rectangular. Different from the rectangle magic melamine sponge, a magic sponge pad is always a compound magic sponge with a scouring pad or polyurethane foam. Because the soft PU structure is able to absorb enough water, so it can help remove the grout and grease easily. Magic sponge with a scouring pad will strengthen the abrasive effect and increase the frictions between sponge and floor. In this way, you will find the wonder pad floor cleaning can remove stubborn stains easily.

round magic nano sponges floor
round pads magic sponge cleaning floor

Magic Eraser Clean Pad Original VS Extra Durable

Topeco Clean original magic sponge cleaning pads have an abrasive surface to and removes dirt and grimes by its physical principle. Also, the original magic cleaning sponge is cheaper. You can buy them in bulk or just packed the way you like an individual package. However, the extra-durable magic melamine sponge pad is a little bit harder for hand feeling and has double or triple longer service life than the ordinary one. Also, the extra-durable magic sponge nano eraser is more expensive because of its cost. The material of the magic sponge cleaning pad is one hundred percent melamine foam.

high density magic block sponges meaning
extra durable high density pink magic cleaning pad

Magic Sponge Cleaning Pad Dry

Many customers ask whether we can use the magic sponge cleaning pads dry. In fact, we usually use it wet. If for common cleaning, water can activate the magic sponge cleaning pads. In another word, water arouses the strong cleaning effect of Topeco Clean magic eraser sponges.

Magic Sponge Pad In China

Topeco Clean factory adopts advanced technology in China to produce the melamine magic sponge cleaning pad. Besides, Topeco Clean is committed to developing top-quality magic sponge cleaning pads in China. We’re willing to reduce production costs for our cooperative partners. If our customers order one more container of our magic sponge, we’re glad to offer OEM service and factory prices at the same time. Topeco Clean is eager to build long-term cooperative relations. If you are looking for a new business and interested in the cleaning field exactly, try Topeco Clean magic sponge pads with stable product quality, comprehensive process, and enthusiastic sales support.

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