Sponge For Cleaning Shoes

A sponge for cleaning shoes is a life tip. As we all know, shoes are an essential fashion item in our daily wear. Its all-purpose uses also appeal to us best. A good-looking shoe should of course be kept clean and fresh. So today, we will unlock the magical use of the sponge to wipe your shoes.

sponge for cleaning shoes
multifunctional cleaner melamine sponge

Why Use Sponges For Cleaning Shoes?

Magic sponges are not new to everyone’s life. No matter what supermarket you are in, you can see packs of sponges for sale. Why is it so popular? Of course because of its raw material. As we all know, the magic sponge is made of melamine foam. It is a cleaning material commonly used in cleaning products and is an environmentally friendly grade polyurethane foam. Its safety is internationally recognized. So it is very suitable to use as a magic sponge. The special three-dimensional mesh structure of the magic sponge forms nano capillaries when wetted. These capillary tubes produce strong adsorption force after contacting the dirt surface, which can easily absorb the dirt from the surface of the object. This means that the inner structure of the sponge can absorb stains from the surface of the shoe and does not damage the surface of the shoe. So it is good to use a magic sponge for shoes.

magic sponge for shoe
best cleaning tools for sneakers

Is Magic Sponge For Cleaning Shoes Really Works?

The ideal way to clean shoes might belong to the magic sponge for cleaning shoes. Topeco clean magic sponge is a tool of great cleaning power, which is non-toxic and harmless. The capillary mentioned above is one of the cleaning protagonists. Its principle is simply that water will rise or fall in the nano-capillary under the joint action of surface tension, cohesion, and adhesion. So when we take a wet magic sponge to clean shoes, by rubbing with the surface of the object, the magic melamine sponge will act like a myriad of small vacuum cleaners. Because each nanotube is exerting its adsorption effect, the stains on the surface of the object are adsorbed in the sponge. Through this purely physical approach, the sponge for cleaning shoes thus has a powerful stain-removal ability. No detergent or cleaner is needed, the sponge is clean just use water alone. Cheap and useful, best sponge for cleaning shoes.

melamine foam sponge
magic melamine sponge eraser

How To Apply Sponge For Cleaning Shoes?

Topeco clean sponge for cleaning shoes using steps is simple than other shoe cleaners. Because with just one sponge, your shoes will be as good as new again.

  1. Use a wet towel to dip the surface of the small white shoes in water and wait for half a minute for the water to dissolve the stains of the small white shoes for a while.
  2. Use a toothbrush or shoe brush to scrub the mud or large pieces of dirt on the surface of the small white shoes.
  3. After brushing the shoes with a brush, wipe them with a wet towel once to wipe the dirty water from the shoes. Then use the Nanosponges with water to wipe the shoes directly until they are completely clean.
  4. Finally, wipe again with a wet towel. Put each shoe separately into the two dust bags prepared and tie the bags to avoid dust from entering.
  5. Place the sponge in a vent and let it sit. The sponge for cleaning shoes can be used again.

Moreover, you can DIY the magic sponge or cut it into many smaller pieces for saving. A small sponge block is better for cleaning dead corners. The sponge for cleaning shoes that can save lazy people, still not impressed?

magic sponge diy
best magic sponge for sneakers using tips

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