White Magic Eraser Sponge – Initial Love

The white magic eraser sponge is the most classic style. More than ten years ago, when magic sponge came into our view, it dressed pure white. It enters our house and helps clean work diligently. Although that makes itself dirty all over, it is still very willing to help people. Then just through water lavation, she can become a white princess again. The magic sponge has other colors, pink and gray. Up to now, the white magic eraser cleaning magic sponge is always more widely enjoyed.

white magic eraser sponge
white magic eraser sponge

Versatile Topeco Clean’s White Magic Eraser Sponge

Before, white magic eraser sponges only have flat surfaces, but now technicist improves craft to create new and pretty looks. Wave-shaped edge – little wave and big wave; textured surfaces, including round, rhombus, and triangle bumps; magic sponge sheets. Curved shapes of magic eraser sponge make easily hold. The bumps design on one surface makes the white magic eraser sponge more a strong cleaning ability and good-looking. Magic sponge sheets are disposable, mainly used to clean kitchenware and bathroom.

wavy foam shape white magic eraser sponge
hot compressed white magic cleaning wave sponge

White Magic Eraser Sponge’s Friends -PU / Scouring Pad / Non- Woven

Now the researcher finds new friends for white magic eraser sponge, PU, non-woven, and scouring pad. PU composite magic eraser, the scouring pad composite sponge, and non-woven with a magic eraser. New friends can be combined with white magic eraser sponges closely. Since then, the white magic eraser sponge is not alone anymore. This new group is more durable. Facing annoying stains, they always can get a victory. Besides, PU and scouring pad has diverse colors. That brings the magic eraser sponge group new energy. It is not white, but colorful, like your colorful life. They will give us more surprise on cleaning use.

compound white magic eraser sponge
compound white magic eraser cleaning sponges

Toxic White Magic Eraser Sponges For Cleaning?

Many people know that the magic sponge’s material is melamine foam. They will be shocked and doubt whether it has toxic composition. Melamine has no nontoxic, has good physical stability, insoluble in water. What’s more, nobody will eat it. So it is not harmful to our health to household cleaning. As we all known, melamine is also used as a material of cutlery widely, like children’s dishes. That strongly prove white magic eraser sponges harmless for cleaning household.

non-toxic white magic eraser sponge
100% non-toxic magic melamine foam sponge

White Magic Eraser Standard Sponge

Compared to melamine, more and more people are concern that formaldehyde-releasing by magic erasers and whether it will threaten our health. Topeco Clean magic sponge eraser conform to GB18401-2010 Category B- direct contact with skin,<75mg/kg. Its formaldehyde concentration is far lower than our furniture. So don’t worry about it always. As long as the amount of release according to standard, that will not affect our health. Besides, formaldehyde is soluble in water and chemically unstable. When soaking water before using, almost rest a little formaldehyde will disappear with the following water.

The Difference Between 2x Compressed With Original White Magic Eraser Sponge

With the process improvement, we developed the product of a 2X extra white compressed magic sponge. It has a much higher performance than the original magic sponge product. In addition to a 2X extra compressed magic eraser sponge, Topeco Clean also offers products through 3X and 4X compressed. Welcome to contact us with your question.

Characteristics2x compressed white magic spongeOriginal white magic spongeAdvantage of compressed white sponge
Density16KG/M38KG/M3Higher open porosity, more strong cleaning ability
ToughnessMore 50% strongerStrongTougher, not easy to fall apart
DurabilityHighNormalExtra durable, hardly crumble
TouchElasticSoftHigh resilience, make cleaning uniformly stressed
Eco-friendlyYesYesNot pollute environment
Cleaning AbilityBetterGoodBetter effect of removing stains
comparion between 2x compressed with original white magic nano sponge

Where To Use White Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine Cleaner

The white magic nano sponge of melamine cleaner can clean everywhere you want, except regarding it as a tool for taking a shower.
Get grease on the microwave and stove gone, make delicious food with good emotion.
Cleaning non-stick pan, not cause a scratch, and not get the coating off.
Erase stuck-on dust on drawing-room, treat visitors without pressure.
Sweep away dust on the wall and ceiling and doors with ease.
Tackle permanent soap scrum and water scrum.
Reveal a bright some look of stainless steel product, like the water faucet.
Dig out set-in dirt around furniture in or outdoor.
If you wander more function of the magic eraser sponge, please ask for us at any time.

white wonder sponge (magic eraser)
white magic microfibre eraser sponge for cleaning tiles

The Good Purchase For Large White Magic Eraser Sponge Eraser Melamine Cleaner

The foundational size of white magic eraser cleaning sponges is 10x6x2cm and 11x7x4cm. If you need a large one, we also can provide it. I have to share a secret with you. Buying a large size of white magic sponge is very cost-efficient. You can cut into needed size later according to different cleaning work. Warm tip: please cut into the smooth side. Also, compared to the price of the so-called King white magic eraser sponge in the market, we have a lower price than half of them.

white magic standard eraser sponge
extra large magic cleaning eraser

Why Should Buy Topeco Clean’s White Magic Eraser Sponge?

I trust that you guess I will say high quality and low price. I want to say that you are so correct. That is the most crucial question of which customers take care of. That is what we can do and care about exactly. The shape and size and packing can be customized too. Besides, Topeco Clean owns its professional sales and after-sales team, which makes our business more secure.

wave shaped melamine sponge
various white magic sponge of Topeco Clean

White Magic Sponge Supplier -Topeco Clean

In the present market, the quality from various white magic sponge suppliers is hard to say. Topeco clean possess nearly ten years of production experience, adopting improve foaming process, compression process, and mature formaldehyde removal process. The high-quality magic eraser sponge accepted tests by the international SGS organization and obtains SGS Melamine Foam Formaldehy Certificate. We hope you can choose one professional manufacturer like Topeco Clean sincerely.

China melamine foam sponge supplier
premium white magic sponge supplier-Topeco Clean