Magic Eraser Sponge Mop

Topeco Clean magic eraser sponge mop is the best tool for cleaning the floor. It can eliminate any stains, including footprints, water scum, dust, hair, and spilled oil. Simple to operate, chemical detergent free and excellent cleaning ability make you finish a large area quickly, like the floor. The new design aims to help further relieve heavy household jobs.

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The Magic Cleaning Result By Magic Eraser Sponge Mop

The traditional sponge or rag mop will be hard to clean stubborn grime and leave streaks smearing. For example, the tile floor starts to become dull gradually because of residual stains if it can’t get a thorough cleaning. Whether you have the same dilemma, the magic eraser sponge mop can help the tile floor get deep clean to shine again. The highly absorbent makes it easier to take away water and floating stains.

Adopting Compound Magic Sponge

Topeco Clean adopts the compound magic sponge, combining PU sponge or scouring pad with the large magic sponge. The PU sponge and scouring pad have a good performance on toughness, which makes the magic sponge more durable and flexible. On this base, the magic sponge can work better on cleaning power. Besides, the magic sponge can control the water to avoid destroying the floor and sponge. Topeco Clean offers customization, including color, thickness, size, packing, density, and composite material.

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magic compound melamine sponge with PU foam

The Advantage of Magic Eraser Sponge Mop Compared To Traditional Mop

There are two main advantages. The first one is the strong cleaning ability making cleaning faster to save your precious time. Besides, there is no stain that magic eraser sponge mop can’t wipe off. It doesn’t need any detergent, just working with water. Secondly, after done, rinse it and squeeze out excess water gently, then the internal stains will flow out with water effortlessly. However, the traditional mop with rag or PU head will hide stains inside after a while.

No Uncomfortable Smell

For these mops we used before, they will become dirty and maybe go moldy sometimes. Then it will smell not good. Under this condition, the germs inside will cause secondary pollution for the floor and even be bad for our health. Even though cleaning it with laundry detergent, it can’t be clean again. For magic eraser sponge mop, it can keep itself clean until it’s all gone to supply you a neat home environment forever. Even though placing it in a moist place, it will not get mildew.

The Widespread Application of Magic Eraser Sponge Mop

The magic sponge mop can clean on multiple floor surfaces, such as ceramic tile, wooden, marble, composite, vinyl, and so on. The magic eraser sponge feels like foam, and the mild cleaning can avoid scratch the floors. Besides, you also can use it to clean the stone or tile walls, glazed windows, and baseboards. If you want to use it on some high glossy surfaces, try it in a small spot for a text at first.

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The Assistance of Magic Eraser Sponge Mop For Disinfection

The magic sponge mop is not only a good helper on the cleaning floor but also helps disinfect a large area. The magic sponge has better acid and alkali resistance. So you can soak dilute disinfectant fluid and deeply disinfect floor and tile wall and window. By the way, before you do that, clean the dirt on the floor at first.

Magic Eraser Sponge Mop Saving Cleaning Time

Do you still kneel on the floor to clean by magic block sponge? How tiring work it is! Now Topeco Clean can provide the magic eraser sponge mop to free your knees. A light large magic sponge with a powerful cleaning ability applies to all users. You don’t have to stoop to for cleaning the floor anymore. Besides, no matter what stains, under the sofa, table of steam, under the bed, it is easy to reach and clean them. Don’t have to move furniture painfully.

The Multifunction Design

The streamlined and large size mop head makes the cleaning work faster and close to the floor tightly. The head replacement is convenient, easy, and quick. There is adhesive tape on the mop head. Just tear the old head off, then paste the new on the mop easily. Due to the soft melamine foam, you can put much less effort to eliminate extra water during use. It is not only a mop but also magic eraser, you can cut it into small pieces to cleaning any other surfaces at home.

The Guide of Magic Eraser Sponge Mop

Sweep off the garbage on the floor if there is.
Prepare one bucket filling with water.
Get the mop head wet in a bucket, or you also can scour it in the sink directly.
Squeeze out excess water by pulling the short handle up.
Wipe stains off easily.
Rinse dirty mop head in the bucket or under the following water.
Get rid of extra water again.
Put it on at a well-ventilated place.

magic eraser sponge mop guide
How to use magic eraser sponge mop

Notes of Using Magic Eraser Sponge Mop

If used it on a wooden floor, don’t use more water. Otherwise, a lot of water will be harm to the floor. Wipe stains along the direction of the floor texture, which enables the mop to lift away dirt easily.
If needed, the magic eraser sponge mop can cooperate with floor cleaning liquid. Don’t pull into much cleaner. Just a little washing liquid, the mophead can create rich bundles.
Try not to put it under direct sunshine after use.

Not Recommended Floors

We don’t recommend to use it on the rough or unfinished wooden floor and cement floor. The magic eraser sponge as a pencil eraser will consume gradually during use. The rough surface will damage the mop head and reduce its service life. Additionally, the wax floor had better not use, because the abrasive may be scraping the upper coating.

Where To Buy Magic Eraser Sponge Mop

Topeco Clean has the production experience of the magic sponge more than ten years old. The easy use method is well-liked by all clients who used it. Also, more and more people try to know and obtain it. The magic block sponge is too small for the cleaning floor by kneeling on the floor. How tired it is! The mop design solves the problem thoroughly. At the same time, Topeco Clean magic eraser mop has a reasonable price beyond your imagination.

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