Magic Sponge For Kitchen

Why are the magic sponge for kitchen becoming hotter now? As the times and technology progress, all industries and goods are constantly being updated to keep up with the times. Fast forward to the gradual integration of black technology in our lives as well. The magic sponge is no exception. The traditional kitchen cleaning tools of the past have also ushered in new changes and constant innovation to meet the trend of the times. At present, there is such a sponge because scrubbing things extremely clean, labor-saving, stubborn stains have a special cleaning power, soon in major supermarkets and the network hot sales. It is the nanosponge, also commonly known as the magic wipe, stain removal sponge, or magic sponge. Compared to the traditional cleaning sponge, the nano sponge has almost achieved the ultimate in many aspects, the following with you to see it.

best eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen sponge
Magic Eraser Sponge spot cleaner

What Is the Magic Sponge For Kitchen Made Of?

Every time the melamine sponge magic sponge is mentioned, the internal material of the sponge also becomes a hot topic of discussion. People are only concerned about whether it really works and whether it is safe to use. These doubts are completely understandable because when I first heard about this sponge I had the same concerns as everyone else.

Now, I totally trust the magic sponge cleaning effect on everything. Why? Just because of the material. The nano sponge has good cleaning power, mainly due to the frictional properties of its hardness. It is mainly made of melamine foam, which is a resin made of melamine, then reacted with formaldehyde and then condensed. Theoretically, melamine foam does not blend with many things and cannot produce chemical reactions. And it has low water solubility and is difficult to be absorbed. So it does not release toxicity.

Best Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Kitchen Sponge cleaning ability is superb, two unique physical stain removal methods. In addition to using the capillary pore absorption principle to clean, you can also use the eraser-like principle to wipe, which can easily remove stubborn stains that cannot be removed by chemical cleaners.

magic eraser sponge are made of melamine foam
Magic eraser Cleaning Sponges

Magic Sponge For Kitchen-Uses

Multifunctional usage is the most unique advantage of the sponge that attracts everyone. Almost all items in the house cleaning can be used magic sponge wipe. For the most difficult-to-handle kitchen cleaning, a nano sponge wipe can help you save money and effort. Sink dirty hard to clean? Try the magic kitchen cleaning wipe. Knives stained with oil stains can not be washed off? Try the magic kitchen cleaning wipe. Yes, that’s right, when you want to solve the cleaning problem, it will be the first choice of cleaning tools in your mind.

Cleaning pot lids. When you don’t want to use too many complicated cleaners but still want to get your lids clean, the nano sponge will help you. Whether it’s glass, stainless steel, or wood, the nano sponge can save it.

Wipe up the induction cooker surface. Soup and tomato sauce spilled on the induction cooker and then air-dried on its surface. Don’t rush, use a dampened sponge and gently wipe, magic will show you soon.

Cleaning plastic storage tanks. Nano sponge water content can dilute surface dust and aged dirt.

Cleaning walls in the kitchen. Best Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Kitchen Sponge can help you with any difficult-to-clean oil stains on the tiles.

Wipe up hearth. Keep a magic sponge in the kitchen to say goodbye to the residue on the stovetop.

Wipe microwave. The magic sponge is the best way to get rid of the dried grime.

Clean up BBQ grill. In just a few swipes, cleaned as a new grill shows in front of you.

best eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen sponge
magic white sponge with many uses

Magic Sponge For Kitchen With Sheet Design

There are many types of magic nano sponges, the magic sponge for kitchen sheet is one of the new special designs. The size of 14x9x0.1cm is suitable for household cleaning. Its shape is very much like a rag, with a thickness of only 1 cm. Compare with a cleaning cloth, a magic sponge sheet is very advantageous in terms of water absorption. It is a kind of antibacterial cloth. Cheap and portable render many people love it most. The color of the magic sheet is the same as nano sponge, like white, pink, and gray here. Both colors and sizes can be customized.

eraser cleaner Magic Melamine Sponge
multi-function foam cleaner sheet

Magic Sponge For Kitchen With Compound Materials

If you feel that a single sponge does not meet your needs, then a composite sponge you will love. Melamine foam sponge with PU, two cleaning materials combine into one better cleaning magic sponge appeal to me a lot. The color of PU is multiple, combing with a nano sponge enhances the cleaning power. In addition, a melamine sponge with a scouring pad and a melamine sponge with non-woven fibers have the same cleaning principle. They are all physical decontamination, cleaning with just water, and not adding chemical cleaners.

melamine foam with pu
melamine foam with scouring pad

Magic Sponge For Kitchen Wholesale

Topeco Clean magic nano eraser sponge in the market has received many reviews. There are many nano sponges on the market for you to choose from, and the prices are all similar. Topeco Clean has over 20 years of experience as one of the suppliers in the cleaning products industry in China. Our sales markets are worldwide and we work with partners all over the world. Lower price and high-quality cleaning products we supply appeal to many customers. We also offer OEM service, customizing your size, shape, color, and packaging. You just need about 3 dollars can get a box of magic sponge blocks. Handle your cleaning messes and solve your problem. Why not to chose the magic nano sponge as your cleaning assistant?

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Extra Magic Eraser Sponge

Original Magic Sponge For Kitchen

The single original melamine sponge block was first used in industry, and it was only when it was discovered that it could be used for cleaning that it was thoroughly used in households. Help you wipe the mud off your sneakers, clean the mirror full of limescale, and take care of the bathroom cleaning. The small sponge block has great use. The most popular sizes are 1062 and 1073. The sponges can also be cut into different small shapes at will to deal with the dead corners of the house that are not easily cleaned.

The Size and Color Of Magic Sponges For Kitchen

The single nano sponge is white. Most of the popular sponges on the market are white, gray, and pink. The colorful sponge is loved by everyone because it has a variety of shapes. The shapes include rectangle, circle, octagonal, hexagonal, small waist, flower, S shape, and wave. 1062 cm size is the most popular size of the sponge. What’s more, emboss texture on the surface of the sponge set off a trendy gale. Now mainly used to wash dishes, and cups, cleaning such objects, wear and tear is not serious, but also without detergent, generally a piece can be used on a week.

colorful sponge for household cleaning
colorful cleaning sponge

Safe And Reusable Magic Sponges For Kitchen

When it comes to the safety of the best eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen sponge is more complicated, mainly because there are too many unscrupulous businessmen. Some unscrupulous manufacturers to obtain more profits, do not hesitate to omit the production process procedures to reduce costs, thus creating a large number of substandard nano sponge products. These are both cottage products, but also shoddy products, flooding the market is difficult to distinguish the real from the fake, and all the security problems are in these poor quality products above.

Many people think that the nano sponge is toxic because of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is not dangerous key also depends on the dose. In addition to decoration materials, formaldehyde in everyday food is actually also widespread, in line with the standard formaldehyde, we can completely without worry. In addition, formaldehyde is very soluble in water, after wiping the tableware with a nano sponge, rinsing with water several times can completely remove the residual formaldehyde. So it is no need to worry about whether the magic sponge eraser releases toxicity or not.

best eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen sponge
melamine kitchen magic sponge

Cheap Magic Sponge For Kitchens From Mr.Topeco

We have been researching cleaning products for more than 20 years, and our main product is a nano sponge. Topeco clean factory has nearly 20 years of R&D in magic sponge cleaning products. The advanced technology and production lines allow us to provide high-quality magic sponges. We are committed to home cleaning and to meeting the needs of every customer. Continuous innovation, providing customization, and building an excellent brand is our aim. I believe that the excellent technical team here will convince every client. Finally, if you have any questions, please click here to see more.

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