Best Magic Sponge

What can the best magic sponge do for us in the life? It can almost handle all cleaning messes. From removing grimy tile and dirty stovetops to cleaning electrical items, the best magic sponge can fix everything. Such a magic cleaning tool we discovered called Best Magic Sponge.

What To Do Before Using The Best Magic Sponge?

A quick reading product’s packaging may be important before using any type of magic nano sponge. Where you can use it and where you can’t clearly list it on the package. Also, it will tell you how to use the best magic sponge and some useful cleaning tips.

Start to dampen the magic sponge as instructed after reading. Test it out on a small invisible spot surface that you intend on cleaning. Please do not skip this small testing part, it will more or less save your precious items. After simple testing, you can continue to do cleaning work with the best cleaning magic sponge if all is well. You should always keep caution and care in mind to avoid unnecessary damage. The whole cleaning part just needs water alone, no need for any cleaners or detergents. Avoiding risk damaging, not wipe too hard on any surface. Stains and grease will be absorbed by the internal porous cleaning structure of the best magic sponge just gentle wiping.

Once knowing the above cleaning cautions, and making all stain messes disappear must be the next big project.

the best magic sponge cleaning tips
ecofriendly household cleaning products of melamine sponge eraser

Do You Need To Use Cleaning Products With The Best Magic Sponge?

No. A piece of single magic sponge block can handle the whole cleaning difficult just with water alone. You do not need to use any cleaning products when doing the cleaning jobs with a magic cleaning sponge. It is not necessary that combine soda or white vinegar with the best magic sponge for more excellent cleaning power. Bicarbonate of soda is a harsher abrasive than a magic cleaning sponge. This is because the abrasive nature of both materials mixed creates an even stronger abrasive. It will make it worse that if you use bicarbonate of soda with a magic eraser. It will damage the surface you intended on cleaning. The strong abrasive power will ruin the surface, but not support an extra positive cleaning effect.

The best magic sponge is featured as physical decontamination and non-toxic. That’s why it coming hot in the market and is well received by people.

dish washing melamine sponge magic eraser
white magic sponge with physical decontamination

The Best Magic Sponge Should Be Used Wet

The magical inner a magic sponge needs to be activated by just water. The best magic sponge in dry can not conjure well. Water can make the sponge more soft and durable in that the material that the best magic sponge is made of. The magic sponge is made of melamine foam, which is the main material of the sponge. When dampening the sponge with water, its cleaning effectiveness is increased in physics.

It is not suitable for the magic sponge in dry to do a cleaning job in that it is crisper. Although you choose a high density one, it is t crisp like a piece of paper when it is dry.

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How To Wash The Magic Sponge Eraser After Using?

After wiping stains or grease located on the surfaces, the best magic sponge stuck on all those messes. Stained sponge cleaning is easier than a cloth.

First, wash it just with water under the faucet. Rinse it without wringing. That can prevent the magic sponge from damaging with strong force. You will find that all stains can wash up with water.
Second, wash it with little soapy water mixed with warm water. If a magic sponge is stuck on stubborn grease or oil paint, in which case, mixed soapy water may particularly save your sponge for next use.
Third, when it is hard to clean stubborn stains on the magic sponge, cutting off bad parts may be a positive option for you.

wash sponge after using
steps for washing up magic sponge after using

The Best Magic Sponges Are Abrasive Like Sandpaper

The appearance of a topeco clean magic sponge may similar to ordinary sponges, but they are completely not the same. The best magic sponge is the equivalent of about 3,000 to 6,000 grit sandpaper. That makes the sponge more abrasive like sandpaper. Because magic melamine foam pads use friction and absorption to do their work. So we recommended using care when using them on shiny or gloss surfaces in that they might scrub the shine right off. 

Although the magic nano sponge is said to be an effective abrasive and the raw material is a melamine foam, it is soft to a certain extent. The 99% open pore structure of the best magic sponge is filled with small interconnected pores, which determines its soft quality, so we can clean with the melamine sponge without scratching.

household cleaning products ecofriendly dish scrubber
household cleaning products ecofriendly dish scrubber

Using Tips With The Best Magic Sponge

Magic sponges uses can apply in many fields. All-purpose usage is the reason why it is hot selling in the market.

Walls. Beautiful and tidy walls are fresh us but ugly ones are embarrassing. Dirty walls may be caused by children playing and drawing, which annoys us the most. While now emerging the best magic sponge for walls cleaning is specialized in walls cleaning. A magic eraser wipe can remove or eliminate marks on the walls easily whether inside or outdoor areas. The magic show will show you soon.

Glass cups. Glass cups are stuck on coffees and teas stain or scale breed bacteria, quick fix it is becoming more important for us. Well, the best magic sponge may be the right cleaning tool. Wiping without a scratch has no odor, and non-toxic. Softly running a wet eraser over them will get rid of all the stains.

Sticker residue. Sticker residues on many delicate kinds of stuff are probably the most frustrating stains to get rid of. However, a magic sponge will work the magic. Damp it with water and directly spray water on sticker residue, gently rub it more times, and cleaning work will never be a problem.

Sneakers. Using the best magic sponge for sneakers can save much time in cleaning. Cut it into small pieces, easy to cleaning, easy to carry. No need cleaners, just white magic sponge, sneakers will be cleaned as new.

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what can a magic eraser sponge do for you ?

Is There Bleach In The Best Magic Sponge?

No. The best magic sponge does not bleach. Magic sponge in white because of the raw material-melamine foam. They do not whiten or bleach clothes or other surfaces cleaned as they do not have bleach in them. White color does not mean the magic sponge can bleach items. Excellent cleaning power lies in its cleaning principle.

Is It Normal That Magic White Sponge Wears Away When Working?

The best magic sponge is a consumable product that wears out particularly quickly when wiping with the eraser principle. It will fall into slag and stain with the eraser. Because of the nano sponge material, the process of rubbing will produce some sponge shavings, and eraser reason similar. Rely on friction to remove dirt. With the increase in the number of wipes gradually become smaller, until used up. Moreover, the speed of its loss is much faster than the pencil eraser. The good thing is that it is the inexpensive economy, properly making up for this deficiency, you can buy some sparer.

nano sponge kitchen cleaning sponge
nano sponge kitchen cleaning sponge

Which Best Magic Sponge Can Be Trust Long?

Before making a purchase decision on what magic sponge to buy, choose a better one can be trick work. So I listed a few points for you to consider.

Quality. Check out the magic sponge surface, rough workmanship openings coarse are not recommended to buy. No pungent smell or odor. There is enough flexibility, elasticity is very good, hand pinch, and squeeze water are not easy to break, broken. After touching the water can still maintain a certain shape, kneading resistance.

Platform. Authoritative big platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, Made in China, and so on. These platforms have basic quality assurance. Security is also high. Topeco clean has been a seller on them long. I believe the cleaning products in Topeco Clean can be trusted in that I test all tools there by myself!

Budget. Consider your wallet and budget. The same products may be sold at different prices. The best magic sponge usually costs lower than a cloth. You can spend just a few dollars on a box of magic sponges. For more testing please check out click here.

Brand name. Mr.Clean, Flash Ultra Power, JML Doktor Power, and Saplax you may hear in the past. Those are all good choices when purchasing, but Topeco Clean will freshen you a lot. The cheap price, and high quality that we supply may appeal to you the most.

Design. The best magic sponge design in white, pink,gray. Shapes, patterns and packages can be customized to your needs here. In addition, density is also an important part. if any questions, please contact us at any time.

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