White Wonder Sponge

White wonder sponge, also known as nano sponge, magic sponge, magic eraser, and melamine sponge. It uses a new nano-technology research and development of unique porous and microfiber structure foam. In addition, white wonder sponge is a new environmentally friendly cleaning product, withd odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous features.

What Is White Wonder Sponge?

White wonder sponge is made of melamine foam, which is a common cleaning material applied by household cleaning manufactures. For lazy people like me, the white wonder sponge is a very practical cleaning tool. For example, just dip it in some water and wipe it casually to remove the tea scum that has accumulated over the years, and also to save the dirty stovetop. At the same time when using this kind of magic melamine sponge, you will also feel it and an ordinary dishwashing sponge is not the same. For example, this sponge is not really that soft, and also quite not tough, it can easily be worn away into small pieces, and also like a pencil eraser will wear. So, how does the magic sponge really work?

white wonder sponge
wonder white sponge

How Does White Wonder Sponges Really Work?

First of all, let’s understand what this sponge really is. Its common name should actually be called a melamine sponge, “melamine ” refers to the dense amine resin, which is the product of melamine and formaldehyde molecules polymerized together. Although these two do sound not like very good names, this polymer is non-toxic.

Both the material and the structure of the white wonder sponges are key to its cleaning principle. What it uses is actually a rather hard polymer that forms a tiny three-dimensional mesh structure. The result of this working process is that there are many tiny raised structures on the cut surface of the sponge, and these tiny structures are quite hard. When wiping the surface of an object with these sponges, these small protrusions actually act as sanding – like very fine sandpaper. That is why the Topeco Clean magic sponge can remove many stains and grease easily.

topeco magic eraser sponge
high density magic eraser sponge

White Wonder Sponge For Shoes

The cleaning effect of the magic sponge for shoes will truly amaze you. Now, let’s together clean your shoes up totally.

Step1. Wipe as much grout or stains off your shoes with a dry cloth. This step can reduce the cleaning burden for the magic sponge.

Step2. After removing loose debris on the shoes, damp a corner of the white wonder sponges. Also, you can cut the white wonder sponge into small pieces or blocks for saving.

Step3. Please test the sponge in an invisible area to avoid unnecessary damage to your shoes. This part is essential for you.

Step4. Start working away on the stains and discoloration on the shoes. For stubborn stains, wipe a few more times. You will find that the white wonder sponge wears away with debris simultaneously. It is a common situation.

Step4. Put the shoes and sponge in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight. The sponge can be recycled if it is still intact after cleaning.

Sparkling your sneakers is the best way to whiten or wash up that white wonder white sponge can do.

white wonder shoes cleaner
shoes cleaning magic white eraser sponge

White Wonder Sponge-Easy To Clean, Safe To Skin

Magic foam sponge with tiny nano particles and a special three-dimensional mesh structure is harmless to humans and easy to clean. With biotech nano capillary, white wonder sponge do the cleaning jobs just need water alone? The internal physical decontamination principle needs to be activated by water. Once activated, the sponge cleans things just like magic. But some people will react to the use of nano sponge, fingertips will be some silk rough texture. This is because, in the wiping process, the sponge contact with the skin of that part also adsorbed part of the grease to the off. Can compare detergent, and nano sponge for the skin surface impact is very subtle, almost negligible.

White Magic Erasers
eco-friendly magic nano sponge does not damage skin

Can You Take a Bath With White Wonder Sponge?

Although the white wonder sponge can help us clean dirt well, in general, I do not recommend that you use it to take a bath. Not to mention that it is only applicable to the cleaning of items above, on its surface cleaning strength is also very easy to hurt the skin. So we must use a special bath towel when rubbing the bath. After all, the magic white sponge is listed mainly for cleaning objects. In addition to not being able to wipe your face and scrub with the sponge, it can wash dishes, for shoes, wipe cups, wipe glass, clean switches, and car interiors, etc.

non toxic magic sponge
non toxic magic sponge can not take a bath

What To Know About Mr.Topeco White Wonder Sponges?

Henan Topeco Clean Import & Export Co., Ltd specializes in providing universal household cleanings products such as magic sponges, cellulose sponge products, bamboo fiber cloth, and German cloth. Our factory has nearly 20 years of R&D in magic sponge cleaning products. The advanced technology and production lines allow us to provide high-quality magic sponges. Our cleaning sponges are very abundant, especially chemical-free magic cleaning sponges, including magic eraser sponges, nano sponge, melamine sponges, compressed magic sponges, magic sponge wall cleaners, magic sponge brushes, compound magic sponges, magic sponge sheets, etc.

The white wonder sponge here all supplies OEM and factory direct sale. We also support free samples. If any questions, please contact Mr.Topeco feel free.

topeco clean white wonder sponge
white non toxic magic sponge

Specific Notes On The Use Of White Wonder Sponge

White magic sponge adsorption ability is very good, to ensure that all kinds of items get better protection, then in the use of white wonder sponge need to pay attention to some issues, this article details the specific considerations for the use of melamine sponge, there are four aspects.

1.The grease is not easy to deal with the location because the thick oil can be closely adsorbed with the Topeco Clean magic sponge, cleaning is very difficult. So it is best not to apply under this condition, can use the cleaner to clean the appearance of the oil first, and then use the sponge for a deep step for dirt wiping.

2.For leather and other items, the magic sponge applied to the leather above the effect is very significant. Because the white wonder sponge’s adsorption ability is very strong. Easy to lose color or stained leather products are best first in an inconspicuous place to try to wipe, the effect can be used in a large area.

3.For painted electronic screens, such as computers, TVs, and lenses, the wiping process will affect the viewing effect due to the fear of wiping away the coating. So as far as possible to avoid wiping such screens.

4.When applying to electrical appliances and other products, do not squeeze out too much water from the magic sponge after it has been soaked. Then wipe it again to prevent electric shock.

white sponge wonder
white magic sponge for cup