Magic Nano Sponge

The magic nano sponge is a kind of thermosetting plastic with comprehensive performances, including sound absorption, heat insulation, flame retardant, heat preservation, and cleaning. Working temperature can accept -364℉ to 464℉. In the case of flame, it will be carbonization directly. Besides, the magic nano sponge is known as the lightest plastic in the world. At present, the main application fields are as follows: architectural decoration, aerospace, rail transit, noise reduction, and insulation in the industry.

magic nano sponge
Topeco Clean white magic nano sponges

The Different Cleaning Theory Between Magic Nano Sponge With PU Sponge

In the cleaning field, the theory of magic nano sponge makes use of a physical method, different from the other ordinary PU cleaning. It has fully perforated 3D mesh structures, completely connected by microfibers. This feature makes it get strong friction and adsorption. However, the PU sponge is generally a semi-open structure with a low opening rate, which can’t smoothly take away stains. Microfiber magic sponge is like a firm fishing net without any defect, and an ordinary PU sponge seems like all meshes break down and can’t catch ‘fish’ anymore.

microfiber magic nano sponge theory
nano microfiber magic sponge

The Different Cleaning Method Between Magic Nanosponge With PU Cleaning Products

The magic nano sponge can easily remove dirt and water scum in the absence of detergent. Soaking it with only water, then you use to wipe stains. That is the physical method. Regarding the way of PU sponge, it is necessary to use it along with detergent. It can’t scrub a little deeper stains, only for floating ash.

cleaning magic nano sponge
nano magic eraser without detergent for cleaning

The Cleaning Advantages of Magic Nano Sponge Compared To PU Sponge

The lightest material with a density of just 8-32kg/m3.
A physical method, no need detergent.
Lock water inside, no water dripping.
Rinse sponge only with water after use.
Faster speed to finish a cleaning job.
Not go moldy.
Multi-function tool, embodying in cleaning, polishing, filtration, and so on.

magic nano sponge eraser
fast and clean effect by magic melamine sponge

The Advantages of Magic Nano Sponge Erasers Compared To Emery Sponge

The emery sponge consists of PU sponge and nano emery, which aims at polish metal products, like a pot with burnt-on messes, cooking bench, and rust. But the magic nano emery sponges are worse for other cleaning jobs, such as the stone countertop, leather, plastic, glass, and so on. The magic cleaning sponge is made of melamine foam, feeling soft, but has abrasive power. The cleaning of magic microfiber sponge is not only suitable for daily household work but also for polishing stainless steel, copper, chromed, etc…

clean of magic nano cleaning  sponge
safe clean of magic cleaning sponge

Reusable Cleaning Magic Nano Sponge

The magic nano sponge, like erasers, can rub away stains and leave some little dross during use. One magic nano eraser can be reusable so many times. The number of cleaning will be changing according to different stains and areas. Besides, the number is also related to the density of the magic sponge. The high density magic sponge, like 24kg/m3, is long-lasting and up to 3times as durable as 8kg/m3.

reusable cleaning magic nano sponge
reusable cleaning of topeco clean magic sponge

Sizes of Magic Nano Sponge

Topeco Clean has various sizes of magic nano sponges, like 8.0×5.0x3.0cm, 9.5cmx6.0x2.0cm, 10.0×6.0x2.0cm, 10.0×7.0x3.0cm, 11.0×7.0x4.0cm and any sizes you need. In addition to customized size, Topeco Clean also can customize personalized packing according to the sizes you choose.

nano sponge magic eraser review
magic sponge supplier Topeco Clean accepting customized sizes

Magic Nano Sponge For Removing Drawing

The magic sponge can help to eliminate drawing you don’t want, for instance, crayon messes on walls by kids, mark pen on glass or walls, and no dry oil paint on canvas. What’s more, the magic melamine sponge work only with water, adsorb these painting by itself, and will not leave dirt messes.

white wonder sponge for walls
top magic sponge for walls and drawing

Magic Nano Sponge For Jacket

When we are on a trip, we would like to wear a jacket along with ease and comfort. The shell fabrics are usually leather and polyester. In case that it is rubbed against dirty things or spilled by oil or sauce, grab a magic nano easer to remove them quickly. If loading one magic block sponge in a bag is troublesome for you, you can cut it into small pieces before travel.

white magic eraser cleaning sponges
portable magic eraser sponge for jacket

Magic Nano Sponge Filtering Oil

There are some situations when we need to separate oil from water. For example, the oil in the greasy wastewater after cooking will stick to the sewer. For a long time, there will be an unpleasant smell. Put one small piece of magic nano sponge into the filter basket of the sink. Then the oil will be adsorbed on the fiber when pouring wastewater. Besides, due to the character of high-temperature resistance, hot boiling water will not be any problem.

How To Use Magic Nano Sponge

Cut it into small pieces if need to avoid waste.
Get it wet, no adding detergent or bleach.
Squeeze out excess water, don’t wring it.
Erase dirt slightly.
Wipe remaining messed by a rag.
Finally, Soak or rinse the used magic sponge. Don’t wring it. The stains will flow out with water.
Use it until it disappears totally.

how to use multi-function foam cleaner
how to use magic eraser sponge

7 Tips For Using Magic Nano Cleaning Sponges

If you are not familiar with a sponge, you may don’t how to use it correctly. I share some tips, hope they are useful for you.
Don’t use dry magic nano sponge.
Soak water completely.
Wipe stains in one direction.
Don’t press hard, and rub gently, especially non-stick pot and leather.
For permanent stains, put much more effort to clean.
Do a test at a hidden small corner in advance.
For thick and sticky stains, like grease, pour a little piece of soap into a sponge.

5 Surfaces You Should Not Use With Microfiber Magic Sponge

The magic nano sponge is the most useful cleaner I have seen. But nothing is perfect without faults. I sorted out five things that you shouldn’t use it to clean to avert scratch.
The surface with high gloss.
Frosted surface.
Cotton cloth.
Vehicle body.