Magic Sponge White

The magic sponge white has a special foam composed of particles with the size of 1/10000 a hair. So it is called the nano sponge, also known as the magic eraser sponge, nano eraser, magic sponge, melamine sponge, physical decontamination sponge. It is a new type of environmental protection cleaning product in the 21st century.

magic sponge white
magic sponge white-physical cleaning

Non Toxic Material

The magic sponge white has nanocapillary open-pore structures that have excellent characteristics, odorless, non-toxic, and harmless. And pure white is its main color, Topeco Clean also can provide pink and gray colors. The magic sponge white material has passed the US FDA food hygiene standards and SGS strict tests, harmless to the environment and human body.

magic eraser sponge white
Topeco certified magic sponge

Clean Principle of Magic Sponge White

The principle of decontamination relies on the nano-level capillary opening structure in the nano sponge. These capillaries have super adsorption capacity, and the physical cleaning power can automatically absorb the stains on the surface of the object during the wiping process. No detergent is needed at all, just clean water. It is very convenient to remove stains.

What Is The Advantage of Magic Sponge White?

  • Time-saving:
    The nano-level open-pore structures of magic sponge white have super detergency. And it can easily remove various types of stains without any detergent, which allows us to save a lot of scrubbing time, and more time-saving and efficient.
non toxic magic sponge white
white magic extra power sponge
  • Saving money:
    The magic sponge white can save money on purchasing detergents and reduce the consumption of washing water greatly.
  • Convenience:
    Since it only uses water to clean, you can carry a magic sponge block with you for convenient use anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the magic sponge white can be cut into various sizes with a blade suitable for your cleaning work, which is convenient for different items and surfaces used.
white melamine microfibre foam
cut magic microfibre sponge to use
  • Environmental protection: As long as you use magic sponge white, you will want to abandon all kinds of chemical detergents. The magic sponge cleaning pad can reduce sewage discharge and protect the environment, which can benefit mankind and future generations.
  • Healthy:
    The eraser sponge white does not damage the material of the surface and skin. Make your hands leave away from chemical detergents to protect your hands.
  • No mildew:
    Magic eraser sponges are not easy to grow mildew. Anyone who has used them should notice that steel wool is very harmful to tableware, and the PU sponge mold goes moldy seriously after a period of use. Ordinary microfiber rags are the gathering place of bacteria. But sponge white block can avoid these troubles easily and effectively.
household sponge white walls
magic sponge easy to rinse
  • Versatile:
    Perfect for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, car interior, shoes, walls, and so on.
  • High quality
    Topeco high density magic sponge white, not easy to break and not easy to drop slag.
magic eraser cleaning
high quality Topeco melamine sponge, not easy to fall apart

Directions For Use

  1. Fully moisten the Topeco magic sponge with water first.
  2. Then gently squeeze the nano sponge to squeeze out the excess water. Do not twist it and keep it damp.
  3. Gently wipe the stained parts of the surfaces in one direction. For stubborn dirt, increase the wiping strength appropriately.
  4. Use a rag or paper towel to wipe off the floating (unabsorbed) dirt after wiping.
  5. Rinse or soak the magic sponge white in water. No need to twist, and then the dirt can be rinsed out from the sponge, and it can be used repeatedly.
magic eco sponges use
how to use magic eraser

Precautions When Use Topeco Magic Sponge White:

  1. When cleaning particularly severe oil pollution, because heavy oil will be tightly absorbed with the magic sponge and difficult to clean, it is not recommended to use in these places, such as range hoods, stoves that have not been cleaned for a long time, and so on. Use a detergent to remove the oil on the surface, and then use the magic sponges white for the next step of wiping the dirt. Now Topeco has a kind of new scouring pad magic sponge to respond to thick oil effectively.
  2. For leather products, melamine sponge white has an almost remarkable effect on the leather. Because the magic eraser white has a powerful adsorption capacity, the leather products are easy to fade with magic standard sponges. It is better to try in an inconspicuous place first. If the effect is good, use it on a large area.
  3. For electronic product screens like computers and TV, the coating may be wiped off during the wiping process, so avoid using magic sponge white to wipe such screens.
  4. When using electrical appliances, remember to squeeze out the excess water of the wonder sponge white before wiping to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  5. This kind of magic sponge cleaner is different from the traditional sponge. it will wear out during use like the real pencil eraser, which is a normal phenomenon.
white magic erasers use attention
Notes for using melamine sponge

Multi-Application Of Magic Sponge White:

It has excellent sound absorption, flame retardancy, heat insulation, humidity and heat stability, hygiene and safety, and good secondary processing properties. These characteristics make the melamine foam widely used in the construction industry, vehicle manufacturing, factory construction, thermal engineering, equipment installations, air conditioning systems, aerospace and navigation fields, electronic products, daily cleaning, and other fields.

Hot Controversial Issues: Toxic or not?

Whether it is a magic sponge or a PU sponge, formaldehyde will happen during the production process. After the production, a qualified magic sponge supplier, like Topeco clean. The factory will use additional advanced processing to absorb and remove formaldehyde again to reach a high standard.

white melamine sponge supplier
professional magic sponge production

Non Toxic magic sponge white

One of the characteristics of formaldehyde is that it is very soluble. Usually, when using a melamine sponge white to wipe the bowl, the first step is to immerse it in water before use. The pore structure rate is as high as 95% make magic sponge white easy to absorb water. So, even if there is little formaldehyde in the magic sponges, there is hardly residue after being dissolved in water. Moreover, the formaldehyde will volatilize after exposure to the air.