17 The Most Practical Magic Sponge Uses

Through the constant accumulation and discovery, magic sponge uses are extensive and rich now in the cleaning field. If you want to find an all-purpose approach to erase the house, it must be magic sponge. Based on the recent years of statistics of our sales, the magic sponge uses are very hot in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, especially these countries, the USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, and so on. Evidently, the magic sponge has already become an essential cleaning product in every family.

magic sponge uses
S shape magic sponge

White Magic Sponge Uses

In the market, there are so many types of magic sponges nowadays. The most welcome color is this pure white. The basic shape is the square. Today, I will show you one new look, magic melamine sponge S shape and hexagonal embossments on the surfaces. What’s more, the S edges could bring a comfortable grip when wiping. The users also can flexibly master the cleaning strength. The sponge surfaces look very cute, like a soccer ball, enhancing the cleaning power effectively.

white magic sponge uses
high density magic sponge with embossments

Magic Eraser Sponge Uses

A small body holds a lot of energy. I always describe a magic eraser sponge like that. At first sight, people will question the cleaning ability from its soft and waxy appearance. In fact, whether the crayon on the wall or the seemingly invincible kitchen grime, magic sponge uses can erase them away immediately to deliver you a clean house. By the way, you have to know, with the use of the magic sponge, it will slowly wear off, like a pencil eraser.

Magic Cleaning Sponge Uses

For most users, the magic sponge uses are a very effective tool, saving lots of cleaning time and strength. However, they exactly don’t know where the power of magic cleaning sponge comes from. The material is melamine foam with countless nano-scale microfibers. These intermixed fibers make exquisite open cells in the sponge. During cleaning, these open cells will absorb the stains from surfaces. That is why you see that the stains come into sponge instead of floating on surfaces when wiping.

uses of magic sponge
hexagon opening cells structures in magic nano sponge

Uses of Magic Sponge

Except for the cleaning application, melamine foam, the material of magic sponge, is also used to sound absorption and heat insulation. The material is so light and non-toxic, delivering an outstanding effect on the construction industry. With advanced nano technology, the melamine foam is made into the magic sponge with fine open cells removing the stains fast. Topeco magic sponge supplier is one of the few companies having the technology in China. We very welcome friends from all over the world to come and visit.

Uses for Magic Eraser Sponge

1. Clean the crayon on the walls

Not only the crayon made by kids but also accidental black scuff marks, the magic sponge uses water alone to remove them instantly. Not damage the surfaces of walls. A safe and effective magic sponge wall cleaner.

magic eraser sponge uses on walls
magic eraser sponge on cleaning walls

2. Glass cleaning

Due to the smooth surfaces of glass, it is easier to take away stains, even the stuck-on stains that are hard to mop by the rag.

3. Remove soap scum

The shower, sink, and hot tub in the bathroom will be full of soap scum. If you still clean it painfully with detergent. Try to use the magic sponge!

uses for magic eraser sponge
melamine sponge, a good bathroom cleaning helper

4. Magic Sponge Uses On Cleaning car interior

When it comes to car interior cleaning, maybe you will think that the wet leather seat is covered with chemical bubbles. Now there is a secure and easy way to clean–use magic sponge car interior!

5. Get ride of tape residue

There will be a label affecting beauty on the surfaces of many new products with sticky labels, like dishes, bottles, or vases. But these sticky labels are hard to remove. Scrub tape by uses of magic sponge. Then you will find how easy the work can be.

uses for magic sponge
cleaning sticky tape residue fast by magic eraser

6. Wipe gas stove & countertop

When cooking, the oil and sauce will be spilled on the countertop and gas stove optionally, just wiping them by rag doesn’t work. To use the magic sponge, with water alone, keep a clean gas stove easily.

7. Uses magic sponge on cleaning shoes

This function becomes a well-known use of magic sponge. Even many Amazon sellers directly customize the melamine sponge packing as a product of shoe eraser to sell.

white magic sponge uses
solve the scuff mark and stians on shoes

8. Take away mark pen

We use mark pen frequently at work. But if you want to erase the writing, perhaps it is not easy. However, magic sponge uses not only can remove the mark on the whiteboard, even the desk and glass.

9. Magic Sponge Uses on Coffee and stains

Nobody can rinse and brush the tea stains on the cup thoroughly. So the inner wall will become dirty over time. At this time, rinsing doesn’t help now. Don’t worry. Just grabbing a magic sponge block or magic sponge brush to take them away is fine.

magic sponges use
quick remove tea&coffee stains magic eraser sponge

10. Eliminate set-in dirt on the light switch

The light switch will get scuffs marks and dirt unexpectedly. The magic sponge is very effective for cleaning and loosening up dirt and grime.

11. Keyboards

The dirt will cover each button after touched by finger pulps. A wet rag is not safe and laboursome. However, the magic sponge uses a little water to clean keyboards, not leaving messes.

s shape melamine sponge
clean grease and dirt on keyboard

13. Clean microwave

Due to heating, the food and cooking sauce may spill and bake on the inner wall of the microwave. What we need is a magic block sponge.

12. Uses of Magic Eraser Sponge On Stainless Steel

The food residues will adhere to the surface of the sink in the kitchen. The sink looks terrible. At this moment, the simplest and fastest way to make stainless steel sink glisten is the S shape white magic eraser sponge.

magic eraser stainless steel
magic eraser stainless steel

14. Remove stains on furniture

No matter which material of the furniture, leather sofa, plastic chair, or wood table, the magic sponge can clean multi surfaces.

15. Magic Eraser Sponge Uses On Tiles and grout

If the tiles wall or floor become dirty, the whole house seems to dim. How to make the tiles lightful again. The magic sponge uses can scrub them without scratches. If lots of work here, may magic sponge mop can help.

use melamine sponges
Remove the stains and grease on tiles with melamine sponge

16. Polishing the hair curler

Due to the fixature or gel water used, some of them will stick on hair curler, hair straightener, and hairdryer and become thick over time. Put one magic sponge cleaner in the bathroom, use it clean hair curler at any moment.

17. Children’s toys

Kids always manage to make their toys very dirty. Parents have to clear up the mess. The magic sponge will become a good helper.

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