Magic Eraser Dog Ate

About the problem of magic eraser dog ate, may you also have such an experience. They like to bite the kinds of stuff at home very much. Now it is not strange to find dog eat magic eraser. If you pay attention to the magic sponge, you maybe see many videos of the doggie eating magic erasers, like the dog ate mr clean magic erasers. But dog owners start to worry whether magic eraser safe for dogs. Next, let us discuss this.

magic eraser dog ate
magic eraser bad for dogs?

Dog Just Ate Magic Eraser

To clarify the above questions, at first, the fundamental problem we need to know: what are magic eraser sponges made of? Are they toxic? The raw material of the magic eraser sponge is just melamine foam. Essentially, this is a kind of non-toxic polymer. The dogs’ owner doesn’t need to worry that the melamine sponge is poisonous after the dog ate some magic eraser. So what exactly is the effect? Is magic eraser bad for dogs?

The Affect of Dog Chewed Up Magic Eraser

Although the original magic sponge is non toxic, it may cause indigestion for dogs. If the dog ate a small part of the magic eraser, they will excrete them when they poop. However, in case that the dog ate a large magic sponge, it may cause indigestion and gastrointestinal discomfort. Keep an eye on him. If necessary, take her/him to a veterinarian.

Dog Took Magic Eraser

In most cases, the dog ate magic eraser white for fun by shredding them, not really eating. For elastic magic block sponge, it is very interesting to tear them to pieces or just dog licked magic eraser. Topeco magic sponge is just a high quality foam with high toughness. They are not easy to fall apart. When tearing, there will be a clear sound. Although our magic sponge is great, please also keep it away from doggies too.

magic eraser dog
keep away from dog

How To Stop the Problem ‘My Dog Ate a Magic Eraser’?

To protect your beloved dogs and also save your magic sponge cleaning tool, store your cleaning sponges in a height, like a closet. If it is not easy to reach them for you, you can lock them into a cabinet. These are effective ways to prevent dogs eat magic eraser again. Otherwise, your dogs can make your stock end within one minute. Spend more time with them to go outside, they will forget to find this stuff.
Wish you have a good time with the doggie!

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