Does Magic Sponge Release Toxicity?

Does magic sponge release toxicity? When it comes to magic cleaning sponges, I’m sure you’re no stranger to them, as they are liked by everyone for their multi-functional use. It not only helps us to clean the dirt from our shoes but also can be used to wash the dishes. However, because the melamine sponge block contains melamine, so the magic eraser, in the end, can be used and in the end, he has no poison has become one of the hot topics of discussion. I’ll take a look at it with you below.

Does Magic Sponge Release Toxicity
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The magic Sponge Can Be Used Or Not?

Nano sponge, cheap, environmentally friendly, is a cleaning tool often used in life. People dispute whether this sponge can be because of its core material – melamine foam. Although it is a kind of chemical element in daily use as long as you do not eat can be safe to use. The nano sponge can still be used to clean the dirt on the surface of the furniture. If you eat it, it is not good for the human body. For example, we usually use the daily paper, usually with no harm, but eating it will hurt the stomach. What’s more, the melamine foam has passed the international SGS environmental certification, so you can rest assured that the use of the.

The main reason why people will have doubts is the impact of the melamine-tainted milk powder incident. But melamine foam is not toxic. And the tainted milk incident is because the milk powder that was mixed with melamine was eaten by children inside the body. The fact that melamine is not toxic does not mean that it can be eaten. Just as a stone is not poisonous, if it is cracked and ground into powder to eat, there must be problems, indigestion, malnutrition, and even death. Melamine itself is indigestible, something that is not nutritious. The unscrupulous businessman put it into the milk powder to increase the nitrogen content in response to institutional testing, the child ate natural indigestion caused by kidney stones, and long-term malnutrition, which also leads to the large head doll.

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Wash Bowl With Magic Sponge Is Not Toxic

It is important to know that the maximum permissible concentration of formaldehyde in the air of the living room is 0.08 mg/m3. The scientific experiment is to put the nano sponge in a largely closed beaker to measure the concentration of formaldehyde, according to such a measurement method, all the materials put inside the home decoration are estimated to exceed the standard. Be aware that the measurement of formaldehyde concentration is the concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air. Not to buy the decoration put a small closed box to measure the concentration of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a water-soluble and chemically unstable substance that can’t wait to enrich much before it has dissipated.

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Does The Magic Sponge Release Toxicity In Use?

I believe that after reading the above analysis you should be able to come up with an answer. That is, the sponge is completely safe to use. If this universal sponge was toxic, there would not be so many brands on the market. I have to say that this sponge block is really easy to use and easy to carry. Topeco Clean, is one of the current sponge brands, entering the magic cleaning sponge field for over 20 years. The sponge here all received international quality recognition like SGS, MSDS, and CRS. If you want to deeply know us, click here to view more.

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