Melamine Sponge On Tile

Have you ever seen the miracle produced by melamine sponge on tile? The sponge is like being enchanted because it wipes everything clean. Before you use it you would not think that a small white block has so much power. Then today I will take you to find out the secret behind the sponge.

melamine sponge on tile
microfiber cleaning melamine sponge

Why You Choose Melamine Sponge On Tile?

I believe many people use the Topeco Clean magic sponge because of its low price. Its function can replace many expensive and impractical cleaning tools or products. Usually, nano cleaning eraser sponges are priced at a few dollars in the supermarket, and they come in large packs of a few dollars. So you will pick a pack to try at home to try it out. When exploring its ingredients, you will feel more and more that you have bought not a packet of magic sponge blocks but a packet of treasures. Why is that? Because of the internal material of the sponge.

Magic white eraser cleaner is a popular cleaning product in the market, mainly made from melamine foam. Abrasive melamine foam is as hard as fiberglass, but the fine bubble structure provides the flexibility of the product. When wet with water, melamine foam can easily wipe away surface dirt. Melamine foam is one of the great cleaning materials of the 21st century. It is a kind of open pore structure, internal microfiber can absorb stains or dirt easily. In addition, the use of sponges in contact with water is better than the use of dry sponges. So it can efficiently clear surface stains when wiping the floor. Whether it’s ketchup, stains, or footprints on the tiles, the dampened sponge will help you get rid of them easily.

magic melamine sponge eraser
magic cleaning stains melamine sponge

How To Use Melamine Sponge On Tile?

The using steps are actually very simple and it takes care of all the messes with just water. You need to wet the magic melamine sponge and rub it several times on the stained areas. For example, when wiping difficult stains on the tile floor, use a dampened sponge after wiping more than once. Clean the stain from the sponge with water and then wipe the stain again. You will find that the cleaning magic sponge will become smaller and smaller as you rub it like an eraser. This is because the molecules inside the sponge break down the stain automatically after it has been diluted.

Topeco Clean sponge has many uses, which is why people like it. It’s really good for wiping tile tables. You can wipe the table with a wet sponge and then wipe it again with a dry one. This way your table will be polished and free of fingermarks. Bathroom tubs, toilets, and stains on tiles are no problem for the sponge.

furniture cleaning melamine sponge
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Melamine Sponge On Tiles-Magic Sponge Mop

If you feel tired of bending over to wipe up the sponge block, you will love our newly developed nano cleaner sponge mop. The newly introduced sponge mop combines many materials. Combining Nano Sponge, Non-Woven Fibers, and Felt into one multifunctional magic sponge mop. Sponge block in three layers, the top layer is felt and can be used with the handle. The three-layer design greatly increases the toughness of the sponge and cleaning power. At the same time, it also reduces the loss of sponges. The melamine sponge on tile effect surprises me a lot. The size, color, and density of the melamine sponge are can be customized to your needs.

durable ecofriendly eraser melamine sponge
OEM package melamine sponge

Melamine Sponge On Tiles-Cleaning Tile Tips

Sponges are not only easy to clean but do not require complicated cleaning agents. Water is the only magic. All you need to do is to wet the sponge with some water under the faucet. The magic sponge can also be anti-static, the floor or sofa hair can be removed with a sponge. It is eco-friendly and protects the safety of the family. What’s more, Topeco Clean melamine sponge will be your best cleaning helper around the home.

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