Melamine Sponge On Skin

The topic of melamine sponge on skin has been festering on the internet. Whether it can be used on the skin or not is still a controversial topic. So today, let’s take a look at whether this multi-purpose sponge can be used on the skin.

What Is The Melamine Sponge Made Of

Questioning the melamine sponge on skin is to question the composition of the sponge. Melamine sponge is made of melamine foam, which is a foam-like material for internal magic cleaning tools. It consists of melamine-formaldehyde condensate, made from a melamine sponge with an active component of several abrasive cleaner sponges.

There is a saying online that we usually used clean tableware white magic sponge internal is containing a lot of formaldehyde, so many people are very for fear excessive exposure to formaldehyde, and thus afraid to use it. In fact, the regular manufacturers of magic sponges will be formaldehyde processing, so the formaldehyde content in the regular magic wipe is very little. They will also evaporate into the air, and will not stay in large quantities on the tableware. In addition, formaldehyde is soluble in water, we only need to clean the tableware, and then rinse it with water can stay on the tableware formaldehyde are washed clean, so we can rest assured that the use of a magic sponge.

melamine sponge on skin
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How To Identify Magic Sponge Quality

There are more and more cleaning sponges on the market, but their quality is uneven. Identifying magic sponge quality becomes more important. Today, I would like to teach you a few tricks on how to buy high-quality cleaning wipes.

  1. A high-quality magic sponge feels softer and smoother, with better elasticity. Poor quality sponges feel relatively rough and their elasticity is poor, good sponge are generally not easy to tear.
  2. Pure nano sponge has a higher density of opening pores, with small and more uniformly arranged pores. Adulterated or poor-quality sponge pores are larger, and the arrangement between the pores on the surface of the sponge is more uneven.
  3. Premium magic sponge elasticity and rebound are also good, and the support force is also relatively strong. Extrusion can quickly rebound and is not easily deformed. On the contrary, the sponge adulterated by external extrusion dented deformation and is not easy to rebound.
  4. Identify by smell, normal sponge will have a little smell. But if the use of poor quality raw materials will have an unbearable odor.
melamine sponge on skin
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Better Not Use Melamine Sponge On Skin

Although the magic foam sponge can help us clean the house, wash the car and wash the white shoes in our home life, there are some areas where the sponge really can’t make a big difference.

A melamine sponge on skin is not recommended. This is because the sponge’s intrinsic ingredients become as hard as sandpaper when they are excited by water. If you use it on your skin, it will wear your skin and cause unnecessary harm. He is not an ordinary sponge. The melamine sponge has a fantastic effect on household cleaning. But it does not mean that we can not touch the sponge, usually taking the sponge by hand to wipe is perfectly fine.

Topeco clean cellulose sponge is a good choice for scrubbing skin. It can be used for household cleaning, bathing, and washing. A small piece of compressed wood pulp cotton that gradually expands when exposed to water.

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