The Magic Sponge

The Magic Sponge Extra Larger Pad

The magic sponge is really incredible at cleaning, just as its name implies. A pack of sponges can take care of all the dust in the corners of your home. They can scrub years of stubborn rings off your bathtub and make your outdoor plastic furniture look like new. Remove the signs of wear and tear from your favorite sneakers. Basically everything in your home can be treated with a sponge.

Topeoc clean magic sponges are available in many sizes. Whether it is a large or small size, our skilled workers can, meet your needs. In addition, the shape of the sponge is versatile. Different sizes but with same cleaning effect. You can also cut the magic sponges into many smaller pieces that meet any cleaning dead corners.

the magic sponge
multifunctional cleaner melamine sponge

The Magic Sponge Cleaner Melamine Sponge

The magic sponge is made of melamine foam, which is a safer cleaning material in the market.

Nanoparticles coated with red blood cell membranes remove toxins from the body and can be used to fight bacterial infections. The findings suggest that such nanoparticles can be used to neutralize toxins produced by many bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and can dissipate the toxicity of venom in attacks by venomous snakes or scorpions. A range of existing treatments have targeted the molecular structure of the pore-forming toxin, rendering it incapable of killing cells. Further improvements have since been made to use it in the cleaning field, where it is highly regarded.

magic cleaning stains melamine sponge
magic cleaning stains melamine sponge

Safe Magic Sponge Cleaner

Washing dishes with the magic sponge is not toxic. Although the melamine contained in the nano sponge is frightening, there is nothing wrong with just using it to wash dishes. However, if you are still mentally worried, you may want to use the magic sponges block only to clean shoes, furniture and other daily items, and not to scrub dishes with it. Bathing your child with a nano sponge is out of the question. After all, the nano sponge is listed primarily for cleaning objects. In addition to the fact that you cannot use the magic cleaning sponge to wipe your face and take a bath, it can also wash dishes, polish shoes, clean cups, clean glass, clean switches and car interiors, etc.

cleaning melamine sponge foam
cleaning melamine sponge foam

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