The Melamine Sponge On Skin

It is possible but not recommended features that use the melamine sponge on the skin. Magic sponges are recognized by everyone as a great furniture cleaning item. The multi-purpose use is everyone’s favorite. You may know that sponges can be used on many surfaces, but not all surface sponges work the same way. High-density magic sponge makes its cleaning power better on all gloss surfaces. Let’s find out today!

Although the sponge is a sponge that can wipe many surfaces, it is not suitable for use on the skin. The reason is not that the magic sponge is unsafe, but because it is not suitable for using melamine sponge on the skin.

the melamine sponge on skin
the white magic sponge for cleaning

Not Recommended For Using The Melamine Sponge On Skin

“The open-cell foam is microporous and its polymeric substance is very hard so that when used for cleaning it works like extremely fine sandpaper — getting into tiny grooves and pits in the object being cleaned.” The specific cleaning principle of the sponge is clearly stated in Wikipedia.

Magic eraser sponge is made of melamine foam, which is a porous element. It is abrasive and can result in rashes or burns even with gentle rubbing. So try not to use it on your skin.

cleaning sponge
melamine cleaning sponge

What Should You Do After Using The Melamine Sponge on Skin?

There is no need to rush if you have already used the melamine sponge on your skin, it is not necessarily harmful. It is not advisable to vigorously rub the skin with a sponge. Don’t worry after using it, rinse the skin surface with water and apply for some anti-inflammatory medicine on the skin. If it causes skin ulcers, please seek medical attention.

Topeco clean magic sponges sold online have received a lot of reviews. The cleaning products here have passed international quality recognition like SGS, CRS, and MSDS. We have been committed to creating excellent products to meet the needs of our customers.

nano sponge cleaning sponge
nano sponge with all purpose cleaning features

4 Things You Should Pay Attention To

Magic sponge adsorption ability is very good, to ensure that all kinds of items get better protection, then in the use of magic sponge need to pay attention to some issues, there are four aspects.

1.For leather and other items, the magic sponge applied to the leather above the effect is very significant. Artificial leather is slightly not very good because the magic sponge adsorption ability is very strong, easy to lose color or stained leather products are best first in an inconspicuous place to try to wipe, the effect can be used in a large area.

2.For painted electronic screens, such as computers, TVs, and lenses. Because of the concern that the wiping process will wipe away the coating will affect the viewing effect, so as far as possible avoid wiping such screens.

3.When applying to electrical appliances and other products, squeeze out too much water after wetting the magic sponge or unplug the power and then wipe. Prevent electric shock.

4.Heavy oil can block the pores inside the sponge, making it difficult to clean. Therefore, it is better not to use it in this condition. Use the cleaner to clean off the oil on the outside first, and then use the magic sponge to wipe the dirt in a deeper step.

melamine foam sponge
magic cleaning sponge

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