Magic Sponge Magic Use

The common use of the sponge must be very familiar to you, today we talk about magic sponge magic uses.

Magic Sponge Magic Use In Our Life

Magic sponge cleaning eraser is a household will use cleaning tool, in addition to washing dishes, it has many other wonderful uses, such as:

1.Scrubbing grid-like products
Using a knife to cut out a small grid on the sponge, and then used to clean similar grills and other grid-like products is very convenient.

2.Act as a soapbox
Draw the size of the fat emperor with a pen, cut it with a knife, and then cut out the hole for soap with scissors can be, when washing your hands directly pinch the sponge can be out of the foam. Used up the small soap head can also be cut in the cleaning sponge wipe a small opening, the soap head into it, used to clean is also very convenient.

3.Cleaning blinds
Topeco clean cleaning sponge side with a knife opening, food clip on both sides into the sponge, used to clean the blinds, blinds, etc. very convenient.

4.Remove nail polish
Take a small cleaning sponge, roll it up, and put it in a container, pour in nail polish remover, then put your fingers in it and soak it for a while to remove nail polish.

5.Wash clothes
Take a container into the water, fabric softener, and laundry detergent, and then put a few pieces of cleaning sponge, cover the container lid, and shake a few times to let the sponge fully absorb the laundry detergent and fabric softener can be used to take out a piece into the washing machine and clothes can be washed together, you can also reuse.

magic sponge magic use
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Magic Sponge Magic Use Tips

The Topeco Clean magic sponge has a very good natural antibacterial effect, and there are no chemical cleaning agents or other substances in it. There is no harm to the skin, and the only thing needed to remove stubborn stains is water. Very good for environmental protection, its advantages are very obvious, and its use is also quite extensive.

First, fully moisten the magic sponge with water, then gently squeeze it to squeeze out the excess water, do not twist. Keep it wet on the line.

Gently wipe the surface of the stained parts in the same direction, for stubborn dirt, you can increase the wiping strength.

After wiping and floating, that is, not absorbed by the dirt must use a rag or paper towel to wipe clean.

Put the magic foam sponge into the water inside the rinse or soak, no need to wring the operation, the dirt can dissolve out by itself and can be frequently used.

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Suggestions For Use

Cut the sponge to the appropriate size and wipe gently over the dirt until it disappears. Then wipe the surface with a dry/wet cloth. It can be slightly moistened for the best cleaning results. Discard if the sponge is too worn to use.

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