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Magic sponge factory all love the world is sold online extending its business on multiple platforms. The magic cleaning sponges from those factories is different from the quality. Today, l would like to deeply explore the magic sponge factory for you.

magic sponge factory
packaging of topeco clean magic sponge

Are Magic Sponge Factory Environmentally Friendly?

First, when it comes to the magic sponge factories, whether it is environmentally friendly will come into our mind. According to an authoritative report about its material-melamine foam, the secret behind the sponge are clear. If you often google it, melamine foam is not strange for you. It is the main raw material of all magic cleaning sponges, of strong cleaning effect, physical decontamination, and non-toxic. Moreover, melamine foam not only received great feedback from household cleaning areas but is also suitable for the industry well. After melamine foam is discovered by some scientists in the past, it gained popularity among magic sponge factories most.

The quality of magic melamine sponge from magic sponge factory experienced complicated international process. From material selecting to producing, only got international recognition, magic sponges factory can start making. If you consider weather the magic eraser are toxic or not, this post will relieve you a lot.

magic sponge factory
magic sponge in topeco clean is of physical decontamination

Price From Magic Sponge Factory

According to the above paragraph, the main ingredient of the magic sponge is melamine foam. It enjoys cheap and handy, receiving positive comments from magic sponge factories and consumers. From that, the price of the magic sponge is cheaper online or offline. Honestly, you can get a box of the sponge on some shopping platforms for several dollars. However, if you pursue high quality with lower prices magic sponges, magic sponge factory can meet your needs accordingly. In other words, wholesale prices from the magic sponge factory are lower than on a platform.

Furthermore, the price of magic household sponge depending on the product standard. Magic sponge with different size and density. One piece of high density with big size in wholesale price up to $0.09. Low and small size just cost $0.03 for one piece. After that, do you interested in magic sponge? If yes, Topeco Clean can support many price plans and products analysis for you. If you want buy magic sponge, Topeco Clean will also provide wholesale price in low cost for you.

high density melamine foam pads
all designs of topeco clean cleaning sponges

Magic Sponges Factory Recommendation

There are many magic sponge factories, today I would like to recommend an authoritative manufacturer and supplier for you when you compare the products. Topeco Clean, specializing in household cleaning tools for about 20 years, is a professional company with its magic sponge factory. The cleaning sponge from Topeco Clean is top-quality and eco-friendly and has received many good feedback from customers all over the world. Also, uninterrupted customer service provides overseas clients with professional support. The competitive price can save the expense of clients. Besides, Mr.Topeco is willing to share some profit with the new clients doing the magic sponge business. We wish that our good faith could be in exchange for your trust.

eraser melamine pads
topeco clean sponge factory

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