Magic Sponge Material

What’s the Magic Sponge Material?

Magic Sponge Material? Do you really know ? I think you may list a lot of magic sponge material on the table, and which one is the most important that is integral to the material of the magic sponge. Which one is the best part when combining the magic sponge? Definitely is melamine foam. And what is the key information about melamine foam? The generic melamine foam is an excellent item for cleaning devices.

Magic Sponge Metraial enjoys non-toxic, innocuous, purely physical decontamination. Melamine foam or magic erasers are simply foam-like materials made of a formaldehyde–melamine–sodium bisulfite copolymer. The reason why magic sponges enjoy large applying devices is that their strong and clear cleaning effects are explored by people.

Magic sponge material made from melamine foam, like enchant magic on cleaning. This might blow your mind but Magic Erasers and generic melamine foam don’t have a chemical cleaner or detergent inside them, it’s literally just an abrasive foam that makes them work.

what is the magic sponge material?
magic sponge mainly made from melamine foam

Is it Safe to Use Magic Sponge Material?

As above, it is safe to use. Melamine foam is the integral material inside the magic sponge. Which is non-toxic, and harmless to people. Purely chemical cleaning without no harmful material. The melamine poisoning incident has given everyone the illusion that melamine must be toxic as long as it is. In fact, melamine is non-toxic and has a very good physical stability itself, it is insoluble in water.

It is flame retardant, heat resistant, and sound absorbent making it a popular and preferred material for insulation and soundproofing. Due to its special decontamination mechanism, it has a magical cleaning effect on many stubborn stains that cannot be wiped off by traditional cleaning sponges. Its cleaning power especially on uneven surfaces is the ideal replacement for traditional cleaning methods. The action principle of the magic nano sponge is that automatically absorbs stains on the surface. So, don’t worry about whether it is safe or not. A magic sponge will be an excellent helper in your home.

magic eraser is safe to use
safe to use

Is the Magic Sponge Only Used Inside the Home?

The answer is definitely not. A multifunctional magic nano sponge can be used in many situations. For example, office equipment cleaning such as desks, computer (keyboard), printers, copiers, fax machines, telephones, pens, sink, and other surface stains. Leather products cleaning, like cars and their interiors, leather furniture, sofas, leather bags, travel shoes, and other stains, need to use leather lubricant for maintenance after cleaning. Plastic products cleaning. Stains on plastic tables and chairs, plastic windows, shower rooms, children’s toys, plastic slippers, plastic garbage cans, etc., all can be easily removed.

multifunctional magic sponge
magic sponge can be used everywhere

Money Saving Tips

In the supermarket, a variety of cleaning tools are available for you. However, are they all suitable for your budget? I think the answer may differ from person to person. Traditional cleaning generally costs a large proportion of your expenditure. Also, the function of those cleaning tools may not meet your needs.. Recently, a magic sponge just showed up in time to solve this thorny problem for you. In comparison, the magic sponge stands out in the market and appeals to so many customers. It is of excellent cleaning power and cheaper. Only several dollars, a case of magic sponge back a cleaner home to you. In addition, if you want to cut your spending most, cutting it into smaller pieces as you like can be the best option for you will use.

cheap and useful magic sponge
magic sponge is a better option to buy

Magic Sponge Cleaning Tricks

Now, are you beckoning for magic sponge? If so, I also have some cleaning tricks for you. As for a traditional cleaning sponge, using it in combination with detergent can totally clean up stains. However, there is no need to use any detergent with the magic sponge, clean stuff like new back to you. So, some cleaning tricks that you should. Half the work, twice the effort.

First, wet the nano sponge with water under the faucet. This is important to start. If you think too much water will worsen the wood floor, just wring a little water not to dry will suit you best.
Second, gently scrub stains with a wet magic sponge. During this time, you will find how magic it is. The Sponge is just like an eraser, erasing stubborn stains easily and quickly.
Third, rinse the used magic sponge in the water. Stains absorbed by the magic sponge can be cleaned up without rubbing your hands.
In a word, hope this cleaning advice can help you more or less.

using tricks of the magic sponge
using tricks that you should know

The Special Design of Magic Sponge

Except for its distinguished function, Topeco Clean-Magic Sponge Material is also remarkable in the design of the product. Signal nano sponge can combine with compound material, such as nano sponge with PU, nano sponge with scouring pad, and nano sponge with non-woven fibers. Combining them into novel styles may be just what you want. Besides, gray, white, and pink are the most popular color in our store. Depending diversity of colors of compound material, a magic nano sponge also can be designed into many beautiful colors.

Another reason the magic sponge is so hot is the special shape of the magic sponge. Rich and diverse shapes stand out among many cleaning tools. Special shapes like the circle, octagonal, hexagonal, small waist, flower, S shape, and wave all lie in a high-density nano sponge. Apart from being designed into double-sides, the mezzanine design is also accepted by people. Composite material adheres to some logos or delicate pictures that you want. There are some samples’ pictures as flowing.

magic sponge with special design
magic nano eraser with special design

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