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White Magic Sponge Reviews

The magic sponge is known very well due to its miracle cleaning effect. But some friends can’t buy useful magic sponges. Now, I will tell you how to distinguish it. At first, we choose one white magic sponge from Topeco Clean at random. By the way, the magic sponge also has pink and gray. But white has broader clients and is easy to observe. So we decided to do white magic sponge reviews.

white magic sponge reviews
magic sponges for stain & mark removal

The Appearance of White Magic Sponge Reviews

Via observation with eyes, you will find the countless even holes it contains. You can clearly see these holes against the light. Also, there are so many fine fibers. Before, we consulted an expert from the factory of Topeco Clean with more than ten years of experience. He said what we see just loose spongy structure. The white magic sponge actually possesses nanoscale structures inside we can’t see, each one equivalent to 1/20000 of one hair.

white magic nano sponge reviews
fine open cells on surfaces of white magic sponge

The Sense of Touch of White Magic Sponge Reviews

Before this topic, I need to tell you one point. The white magic sponge has various density, from 8-32kg/m3. Getting through magic sponge reviews for different densities to prove that the higher the density is, the better the elasticity is. Also, no matter what density, they all have excellent resilience. Pinch it with hand, and it returned to their original condition immediately. Even you can wring it.

white magic sponge review
white magic eraser sponge with more resilient

White Magic Sponge Reviews About The Scent

The white compressed magic sponge has no scent. Then we did the white magic sponge reviews about burning it by flame, and the result indicated just some inert gas come out, no pungent smell. Besides, the burnt part of the white magic sponge will carbonize directly, not causing toxic droplets and fire spreading.

The Performance of Inferior Quality White Magic Sponge Reviews

Relying on looking at the surface, the inferior one has an unnormal looser structure with rough fiber. That is because these manufacturers don’t have professional technology. If you press it, the surface will sunken and break down. Additionally, the inferior white magic sponge has a kind of odorous flavor once you take it out from packing. The expert from the factory of Topeco Clean said it is because their production process leaves a lot of formaldehyde in the sponge. Therefore, the inferior white magic sponge not only delivers a negative cleaning result but also brings a health risk. I hope that these white magic sponge reviews can help you!

white magic cleaning sponge reviews
inferior-quality magic sponge easy to break

How To Use Correctly

However, the white magic cleaning sponge is one kind of consumable, disappearing gradually as the increasing of uses. So besides correctly identifying a high-quality white magic sponge, the proper method of using also should be emphasized to extend its service life. Through white magic sponge reviews of uses, I found some key points.
Soak enough water, don’t use it dry.
Wipe stains in one direction to reduce wastage.
Rinse it at once after use to avoid hiding dirt and bacteria.
Cut it into flat edges if need, don’t tear it apart by hands.
Don’t use it on very rough surfaces, like unprocessed wood.

magic sponges review use
how to use white magic sponge

Whether Or Not To Use With Detergent or Soap

Just water can indeed activate the powerful cleaning ability of the white magic sponge. For most surfaces, such as walls, tiles, hot tubs, sink, toys, the car interior, leather, sneaks, and so on, the magic sponge can clean them well like a miracle. Besides, the magic sponge absolutely can use detergent or soap. According to white magic sponge reviews about cleaning very sticky grease, it can unleash its power faster by adding a little detergent. By the way, no need for much detergent, a mass of cell openings will create rich bubbles.

The Review of Comparison With PU Sponge

The PU sponge seems like a rag, can eliminate dirt on surfaces, but not deep and stubborn stains. What’s more, PU sponge has excellent water-absorbing quality but will cause water messes sometimes due to excess water. However, the magic sponge can fix the two shortcomings. The PU sponge has its distinct points, various color, and firmer toughness. Topeco Clean has one kind of product just in time, combining them and playing the advantages of both. Hope our white magic sponge reviews and suggestion will help you to purchase and use of highly effective cleaning product. If you have more questions, such as types, other uses, price reference, you can leave us a message. Thank you!

compound magic sponges with good price
stronger white magic sponge with blue PU

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