Magic Sponge Review

Before I use the magic sponge around the house, I always had doubts in my mind about the cleaning effect of the magic sponge and magic sponge review. The message and voice I heard online or from my neighbors, like cleaning just with water alone, eco-friendly and cut into small pieces, shocks my fantasy of a sponge.

In a chance encounter, I experienced the magic feelings on the magic sponge. I can not imagine how a small white sponge block can do such big work for us. It looks like a normal cleaning sponge but has a different power. Now, I want to share with you how magic it is.

magic sponge review
multipurpose nano melamine sponge

Why Did I Go From Being Skeptical To Believing In The Enormous Cleaning Power Of Sponges?

If there was just one item I could have in my cleaning arsenal, the Topeco Clean magic melamine sponge would be it. Because magic melamine sponge can solve any cleaning problems for you. It is most definitely true that the topeco clean magic sponge can easily make your cleaning task more ease around the home. The versatile use appeals to me a lot. However, many voices imply that nano melamine foam is a kind of toxic material and harmful in our daily life. I totally understand people’s concerns about that, but I can sure you that the magic melamine sponge is non-toxic and safe to use. The reason why people post the message of it is toxic is that many articles online send us dangerous signals.

In fact, formaldehyde has the property of being extremely soluble in water. It’s purely the melamine foam that makes the eraser work as well as it does. The new cleaning sponge purchased by the public should be cleaned several times and placed in the ventilation for a period of time before use.

new style melamine sponge
magic sponge review

Magic Sponge Review-Use The Magic Sponge When It Is Dry Or Wet

Topeco clean sponge has good water absorption. I will use the nanosponge when I want to dilute the water stains on the countertop. For example, when you eat a sandwich and spill ketchup, take a dry sponge and wipe it gently. To clean the water stains on the sink counter in the bathroom, the sponge absorbs the water and then rinses it slightly with water and can be used to wipe the mirror. Two in one, very convenient. What’s more amazing is that the dry sponge can sweep away the fine hair on clothes, and animal hair.

For a wet sponge, there are even more uses. He can clean almost everything in the house. From cleaning the hood in the kitchen to the bathtub in the bathroom to the bedroom, the topeco clean nanosponge can simply help you.

magic sponge review
ecofriendly dishwashing melamine sponge

Magic Sponge Review-Fashionable Designs

The shape of the sponge is varied, and we can customize it to our liking. S-shaped is my favorite. Because the side S line is very comfortable to hold in the hand. Both sides of the sponge can be produced in combination with different materials and can be embossed on the surface with different patterns. I have also used a melamine sponge with scouring pad, two-sided design increases the cleaning power, but also enhances the use of the sponge’s good feeling.

I couldn’t help myself after using it once, and I was even a bit addicted. I didn’t feel tired after I bought the magic sponge and cleaned my house, but rather very happy because it was really healing. If my experience gives you the urge to use it, believe me, hurry up and bring it home. Because that’s how I am keen on it.

s sahped melamine sponge
fashionable design of magic sponge

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