Melamine Sponge Vs Magic Sponge Eraser

If you’re curious about how natural cleaning sponge products work or why melamine sponge is such a powerful tool or melamine sponge vs magic sponge eraser, you’ve come to the right place. Many people will confuse the magic sponge eraser and the melamine sponge. So that when you buy the sponge can not pick the right sponge. I’ll explain the science behind some of the most popular cleaning products such as magic sponge eraser and melamine sponge, so you can clean smarter—not harder. Besides, I will use the official information to help you to explain the difference between these two sponges.

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The two types of sponges are the same. There are many different names for the white sponge blocks sold in the market for household cleaning products. The most popular names in the market are magic sponge eraser, melamine sponge, white cleaning sponge, melamine foam sponge, kitchen cleaning cleaner sponge, and so on. As for how these two types of sponges are the same, let me explain to you one by one.

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Same Material

The internal material, behind the magic sponge eraser and melamine sponge, is the melamine foam. Melamine foam also called nanosponge, is safe melamine as raw material made by high-temperature foaming. Its stable chemical structure and three-dimensional mesh cross-linking system give it unique chemical and physical stability.

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Same Usage

Whatever the cleaning job how impossible it is, if you turn to Topeco Clean sponge, that will be much easy to do in life. From inside to outside the home, you can find every place where the cleaning sponge can be used.

  • Remove the scale inside the glass for you.
  • Clean away with rust marks on the metal.
  • Clean up your dirty sneakers.
  • Remove scuff marks from cars, lights, and skirting boards.
  • Destroy the gunk that collects on the computer keyboards.
  • Shine up the garden furniture.
  • Get rid of graffiti on the walls or glass.
  • Get glue residues off surfaces.

In addition, cutting into a much smaller sponge innovatively.

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melamine sponge vs magic sponge eraserSame Designs

The magic sponge eraser and melamine sponge look like the white sponge block. Many designs are based on it can be designed in nano sponge with PU, nano sponge with scouring pad, and nano sponge with non-woven fibers. Combining with other elements, the colors of the sponge are changeable. White, pink, and gray are the popular colors, changing with the colors of other materials.

melamine sponge magic sponge eraser
melamine sponge magic eraser

melamine sponge vs magic sponge eraserSame Appearance

Design types include rectangle, circle, octagonal, hexagonal, small waist, flower, S shape, and wave. Different shapes can be cut into different shapes for use. Moreover,magic sponge melamine also has different densities that we can design as 8kg/m³ ,10kg/m³ ,16kg/m³,24kg/m³,32kg/m³,48kg/m³. Popular design might be 8kg/m³ ,10kg/m³ ,16kg/m³. Don’t be surprised if you see these shapes when you buy online or offline.

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How To Get The Sponge As Your Cleaning Assistant?

There are many sponges on the market, with varying quality and prices. So how should we pick the right cleaning sponge? Press the middle of the sponge to see if the sponge test sponge is elastic. The more elastic the sponge is, the more absorbent it is. Check the edge of the sponge is soft or not. Finally, topeco clean has entered the household cleaning market for over 10 years. Cleaning sponges products here got international quality like SGS, MSDS, and CRS. If any questions, we feel free to meet your needs.

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